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Thu, Nov 21, 2019

Vote for Rush! In the Q107 "Top 5" Classic Rock Long Weekend

Fri, Aug 4, 2006@9:42AM | comments

[Q107 "Top 5" Classic Rock Long Weekend]

Toronto classic rock station, Q107, has declared this weekend the "Top 5" Classic Rock Long Weekend. Starting this afternoon at 3 on the Kim Mitchell Show, they'll be counting down a number of top 5 lists including the top 5 singers, guitarists, album covers, instrumentals, etc. You can place your vote here. Rush is up for voting on several of the lists (and conspicuously absent from many that they should be on):

Rush up for voting in:

  • Best Live Album: Exit ... Stage Left
  • Best Bass Player: Geddy Lee
  • Best Instrumental Song: YYZ and La Villa Strangiato
  • Best Canadian Band: Rush
  • Best Singer: Geddy Lee
  • Best Drummer: Neil Peart
  • Best Keyboardist: Geddy Lee
  • Best Self-titled Album: Rush
  • Best Live Act: Rush

Should be on but absent from:

  • Best Driving Song (Red Barchetta?)
  • Best Guitarist (Lerxst?)
  • Best First Song On An Album (Tom Sawyer?)
  • Best Concept Album (2112, Hemispheres??)
  • Best Guitar Solo (take your pick)

Thanks to reader Scott T for alerting me of this.