Tue, Apr 23 @ Frank Erwin Center in Austin, TX

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#21 - Posted 04/23/2013 3:44 PM by tr1gger [contact]

Anyone got two good tickets going spare ?? Arriving late into Austin but pretty sure we could fix up to meet.
#20 - Posted 04/23/2013 3:12 PM by edgeofthewind [contact]

#18 - I have sold the single. Thank you for your interest!
#19 - Posted 04/23/2013 2:45 PM by beekay20 [contact]

Have an extra ticket for a suite from someone who bailed. Includes a parking pass.
Suite 16 has a near-straight on sight line to the stage. Plenty of room to stretch out. AND a private bathroom!

Asking $78 face OBO.

email beekay20@mac.com
#18 - Posted 04/22/2013 10:26 PM by edgeofthewind [contact]

Available: One VIP ticket (guaranteed seating in first 15 rows) - package not included. Purchased in first 2 minutes of first day sales. Will not know exact seating until pickup at VIP counter. Asking face value. Please contact me ASAP if interested.
#17 - Posted 04/22/2013 11:45 AM by starstuff [contact]

posts #7 & #8 - I have sold the pair and found the single. See y'all at the show!
#16 - Posted 04/21/2013 5:24 PM by denise_crews [contact]

I have two tickets, section 45, row 25--need to get rid of as an emergency came up. Email at denisemariegalloway@gmail.com. Thanks.
#15 - Posted 04/20/2013 10:03 PM by mojostars [contact]

Post #12- I have sold this ticket.
#14 - Posted 04/20/2013 1:10 PM by acesprez [contact]

I have one ticket in Section 34 Row 18 seat 4. e-mail with offers. Will meet before show. acesprez@gmail.com
#13 - Posted 04/20/2013 9:52 AM by chrxtopher [contact]

I have a pair of floor seats to sell - Sec. 4, row 12. $75 (Less than face) Email me at Schneberger@gmail.com.
#12 - Posted 04/19/2013 10:49 AM by mojostars [contact]

38 yr fan has 1-VIP ticket for sale with all the stuff that goes with it. I was online the minute they went on sale and bought them in the first minute. I'm expecting they will be great tickets. I will be sitting there also. I will sell it for what I paid. Thing is, we don't get the seats until we pick them up at will call. We can meet you at will call when they open and make the deal. Let me know and thanks.
#11 - Posted 04/19/2013 10:10 AM by drumkit13 [contact]

I don't think Alex will be edited out...it was a mini hisotry of the band...being rejected from the hall...and the eventual invite...for those paying attention...it was pretty funny actually ...

From the looks of it RUSH absolutely OWNED the night....although some of the fans could have refrained form yelling out "Geddy" or "Neil " at times...that was kinda lame.

Dave G And Taylor were great.
#10 - Posted 04/17/2013 2:32 PM by lisah [contact]

Floor 6 Row 5 just came up on Erwin Ctr. website! RUSH ON TO AUSTIN IN 6 DAYS!!
#9 - Posted 04/17/2013 11:20 AM by mstmompj [contact]

Floor section 6, row 2 seats now coming up at Erwin Center website.
#8 - Posted 04/11/2013 1:06 PM by starstuff [contact]

Any good single tickets for sale? Hit me up.
#7 - Posted 04/09/2013 10:38 AM by starstuff [contact]

I have a pair of good tickets for the Austin show to sell at cost. Section 20, row 20. These are two seats together, on the side, Geddy's side, bought during the pre-sale.
#6 - Posted 04/03/2013 5:33 PM by 31yearfan [contact]

31 year rush fan in need of a great floor seat.
#5 - Posted 03/09/2013 10:19 PM by mstmompj [contact]

Seats showing up today (March 9) in riser sections 33 and 22. They must have just opened these up. I was pulling up row 13 pretty repeatedly.
#4 - Posted 01/29/2013 10:48 AM by voodoosuzyq [contact]

Would like tix in sect 21 or 34 in rows 1-15, will pay fair price!!
#3 - Posted 01/28/2013 7:30 AM by Major-YYZ [contact]

Same problem here, why aren't there tickets easy for us to actually buy without the major tix companies buying everything good??? I would like 2 but will go with 1 if anyone here has them. Thanks
#2 - Posted 01/26/2013 2:22 PM by Snowdog 2212 [contact]

Can't believe I missed the news until this morning (Saturday 1/26) when it was too late to buy any pre-sale tickets. Even the $300 VIP tickets were sold out already.
I need 1 to 4 good tickets for the Austin show and willing to pay the fair rate but not scalper prices. If you have tickets on the floor in the first 15 rows or in the first 10 rows of section 21 or 34 I will gladly buy these tickets.
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