Sun, Nov 25 @ US Airways Center in Phoenix, AZ

REVIEWS AND POST-SHOW ANALYSIS: The show is over - what did you think? Give your review or just recount your experience.

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#23 - Posted 12/07/2012 5:00 PM by Babelfish [contact]

Only back a week from flying over from Ireland Dublin to see the gig in Phoenix. Loved the show as usual it was epic however too much emphasis on 80's in first set which was a shame....
Still will always enjoy seeing everything they do live but really feel it could have rocked more from the start. Have already booked London O2 arena for May so I am hoping they will shake it up a bit. The second half was really fantastic with all the Clockwork Angels stuff hitting the mark, the final 5 or 6 tracks were simply as ever mind blowing and I will never fail to enjoy YYZ and 2112.
Thanks for a great show, it was a blast !
#22 - Posted 11/28/2012 3:51 PM by BigHub2112

#21 - I totally respect your opinion regarding the disperate sets but I like the notion of easing into the show with tunes that for the most part are not as overdriven and balls to the wall as CWA. I view the first set and intermission as an auditory primer of sorts...a tremor before the impending earthquake of CWA. I usually don't spin any Rush album front to back (except for the first year following a new release) but rather constantly shuffle my Rush tunes so there is always an element of surprise. I could definitely handle three, four, five or more straight hours of the heaviest Rush has to offer but I'm fine with however they lay it out because my margin of appreciation from one Rush tune to the next is so razor thin that it makes me little difference.

In the end it is all Rush which means it is all good! :-)
#21 - Posted 11/28/2012 3:14 PM by Grand Designer [contact]

The problem with the setlist is that it doesn't flow. The first set is a bunch of 80s songs but CA is more raw and so the show halves are not synced. If you are going to play most of CA, and you want to play older songs that have not been played for while then throw in some songs in the first half that of the concert that complement CA like Jacob's Ladder, What you're Doing, Time and Motion, The Stars look Down ....
#20 - Posted 11/28/2012 2:11 PM by BigHub2112

I am not sure I understand all the fuss about the crowd in Phoenix. I was center stage row 4 and everyone around me was fully engaged in the show. Being a musician myself, I've always viewed Rush as a most cerebral experience and with that there is a high degree of focus and concentration required to absorb all their creative goodness. That is not to say that folks should look like statues either but the vast majority of the crowd is up there in age and I suspect many get as absorbed in the performance as I do. I see no reason for anyone to be hating on the crowd, because we all process music in our own way. Keep in mind this isn't Metallica or Megadeth. If you purchase a ticket you should be able to enjoy the performance anyway you see fit as long as it doesn't negatively impact others around you. (I wouldn't enjoy people passing back in forth constantly to get brews either but beverage and music are like peanut butter and jelly)

As far as the setlist and the performance...A+ on both accounts. I have never understood Rush fans that gripe about what they choose play. That attitude has always made me question the depth of appreciation those fans claim to have. They are still making new music and I personally want to see that. As much as I love the classics and always enjoy listening to them live, the new music is equally intriguing and after 20 shows the ommission of Limelight, Natural Science, Xanadu, etc. is of no concern to this fan. I love all Rush music because regardless of the era, the music is arranged exceptionally well and their artistic expression never fails to shine.

One final note, on this my 20th show, I was fortunate enough to score a meet and greet pass and get a photo with Ged and Alex. I hope the boys continue to perform for a few more years but in the event they hang it up in the near future, I've scratched the meet and greet of my bucket list! RUSH ON!!!
#19 - Posted 11/28/2012 12:30 PM by lisah [contact]

#18 I agree with you on the you tube video comment. I am a Rush Chick, Ihave to wait until the last couple of tour dates to get my yearly fix of the boys. I have sooo enjoyed watching the good videos from Manchester to Phoenix. It seems like a good way to sustain me until it's my turn. That comes this Friday and then Sunday. It is going to be a great start to my christmas season. The icing on the cake would be the announcement of more NA tour dates after the UK dates. Maybe Santa will come through on that wish, as I have been a good girl this year. RUSH ON!!!
#18 - Posted 11/27/2012 5:21 PM by 505RUSHFAN

I think the setlist was awesome and this show has to be one of the best I have ever seen. Rush never disappoints. I agree with some of the comments regarding the use of cell phone cameras during the show, but I have enjoyed all of the youtube videos leading up to MY chance to see the show in person, so I have a hard time complaining. I am glad that I/we still have the chance to see the band live, and we should all be very thankful for that and hopeful that we get many more years to enjoy their awesome performances. RUSH on!!!
#17 - Posted 11/27/2012 9:05 AM by O.Hardy [contact]

btw.........Read the book "Clockwork Angels" before you go to the SHOW*.....
#16 - Posted 11/27/2012 9:04 AM by O.Hardy [contact]

btw.........Read the book "Clockwork Angels" before you go to the who. It will greatly enhance your experience of this tour. The book comes to life during the show, and you'll appreciate the genius behind this tour.
#15 - Posted 11/27/2012 9:01 AM by O.Hardy [contact]

My ultimate set list would be the entire Hemispheres album for the first set, followed by intermission, and then the entire Clockwork Angels album for the second set. A little disappointed they left out BU2B for this tour, as it is one of the most powerful songs on the new album. We don't live in a perfect world tho, and I am happy that some of you enjoyed the first set. Not my fav but I did talk to and saw alot of people who enjoyed it. I am looking forward to seeing the DVD of the PHX show, and also eyeing airline tickets now for the shows across the pond. Might be a good excuse to visit Europe again. All is for the best....
#14 - Posted 11/27/2012 8:55 AM by O.Hardy [contact]

Just finished a 7 show tour of RUSH. Manchester, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, Tampa, San Diego, Las Vegas, Phoenix. Second set was my favorite. High energy and the strings were a great addition. I wish that I could live it all again!!! All is for the best........ :-)
#13 - Posted 11/26/2012 7:57 PM by frankf

It was weak. Stop kidding yourself and being so subjective. I've been to 33 Rush shows and for a live recording it was weak. Everyone should have been standing and participating. There should have been minimal people leaving their seats during the performance and yet myself on the aisle of the side section closest to Geddy witnessed hundreds of beer runs and was tapped on my shoulder over 15 times at least to move so someone could run to the concession/bathroom area just in my row. Multiply that by hundreds and you get the idea. Did you watch the Cleveland DVD? If you did, then wait t'll this comes out and then get back to me.
#12 - Posted 11/26/2012 7:29 PM by Okirushconnection [contact]

Not sure why so many negative comments about the crowd at the Phoenix show last night. I was there, on h floor in section F. Everyone around me, and as far as I could see we're going crazy for most of he show. The only time I noticed any people taking breaks from it all was maybe during The Garden and/or intermission. The band was spectacular, h sound was incredible and the crowd was energized an electric.

All of you who think the crowd was a weak point at the Phoenix show lat night........I wonder exactly what show you were at, it certainly was not the RUSH show.
#11 - Posted 11/26/2012 4:07 PM by What-A-Rush

Actually, after all my previous rambling, I forgot to add that after looking at some previous setlists today I have to say,thankfully, they dropped 'Dreamline' for this show and played 'Manhattan Project' instead! No offense intended, but 'Dreamline' is probably one of the WORST "well-known" Rush songs ever recorded. Thanks guys!
#10 - Posted 11/26/2012 3:51 PM by What-A-Rush

I have to respectfully disagree with #1 regarding the setlist. I think it's great that they showcased more of their 80's catalog on this tour. I was shocked that they played 5 songs from 'Power Windows', an album that deserves FAR MORE recognition than it's received over the years. 'Grand Designs' and 'Middletown Dreams' left my jaw on the ground! 'Territories' as well! Along with some more well known 80's gems, I think they really spotlighted a decade that's been very overlooked in recent years, most notably in 'Beyond The Lighted Stage'. As great as it is, I think it's very fair to say that Dunn and McFayden both have some not-so-subtle disdain for "80's Rush". To the band's credit, I think they really made an effort to find a "happy medium" with songs they want to play as well as more obscure songs that the diehards love to hear, In this case, they just happened to choose more from the 80's, and understandably so. All this said, I can see where #1 is coming from. Their first decade together produced some incredible music that, in some ways, even the band has downplayed recently, or at the very least, Neil. I agree, that is unfortunate. But I think that they could get away with playing even more obscure songs and still pack the place! Frankly, I think they would pull in fans who haven't seen them in years if they did that, especially first generation Rush fans. So, overall, this tour was just as good as the 'Time Machine' tour, despite being in the 15th row this time as opposed to the front row last time! Great gig, thanks RIAB!
#9 - Posted 11/26/2012 10:56 AM by lisah [contact]

YEAH BABY!! You know how it feels, the last few days of waiting are a "bitch". Hope all had a bountiful Thanksgiving. I always say, "this year i'm not going back for that second peice of pumpkin pie, or as we southerners always have the pecan pie too. But like previous years I decided I would try to start that tradition next time. We all have so much to be thankful for in this great country. T he best is all of the rush shows we can possibly attend. Now for that alone, we should truely be thankful.RUSH ON!! 4 more days and counting. Longest week of my life, or so it seems every time there is a tour happening!
#8 - Posted 11/26/2012 10:05 AM by kjbird [contact]

Hi Lisa! Your days are almost here - i'm sure you're beyond excited! Looking forward to hearing YOUR feedback on your shows!!
#7 - Posted 11/26/2012 10:01 AM by lisah [contact]

As a Texan and a freaking Rush Chick, I am strongly emploring my North Texas Buds to show these wonderful boys that you can't "Mess With Texas" when it comes to representing ALL of us worshipers that would die for this opportunity of being a part of history,immortalized on the CA DVD.The Houston TMT show had the largest number of people out of all the 2010 show dates. You can't tell me that Rush isn't popular and adored by texans. So Dallas go out there and "rock your Texas asses off". It will be my turn in a few days. Until then, I know I won't be thinking about anything else the rest of the week.Let's "rodeo" boys and girls. Afterall, us texans know how to "rodeo" like nothing else! Everything is bigger in Texas, that includes Rushians too.
#6 - Posted 11/26/2012 9:24 AM by BigJohnAZ

Since we were in the nosebleed seats I didn't notice people with their cameras in the front rows.

Again, had a great time watching the best band in the world strut their musical stuff, thoroughly enjoyed CA live. It took me quite a few listens to like the new album, but seeing/hearing it live helped a lot.

Sure, seeing Spirit of radio and Tom Sawyer again does get old, but while you're in the moment, it doesn't matter. I never tire of 2112, glad they added the Grand Finale. Not my all time favorite setlist of the 80's stuff, but Analog Kid was great, Subdivisions and Red Sector A are always great live or otherwise. I have been a fan for about 35 years and would love to see some deep cuts from the pre-2112 era, but maybe when they decide to perform their farewell tour, they'll treat us to some of the tunes that made guys like me stand up and take notice of this band back in the day.

Sound sounded decent way up top, the strings weren't overly obtrusive, Geddy's bass got lost in the mix at times, but then again, a Fender is no Rickenbacker 4001 lol

All in all, I'm tired this morning, my throat is sore from singing along and screaming, so that means another great Rush show.
#5 - Posted 11/26/2012 9:20 AM by kjbird [contact]

I will add, that the savings grace to the yawning fans during the CA portion of the 2nd set is the background lights/imagery and videos during the majority of those songs. I would love to see more full stage shots on the DVD during those songs, as opposed to other prior DVD footage. Clockwork Angels, the Garden, the Anarchist, etc - phenomenal production for the background.
#4 - Posted 11/26/2012 8:51 AM by kjbird [contact]

frankf-thx for your review....but i have to tell you, leaves me in a pissed off mood. Seriously..Michael had to come out and push arms down? What the hell is wrong with people? One word - selfishness. YOUR recording on your piddly iphones/recorders is more important than showing enthusiasm for the official footage that the band wants to capture not only for themselves, but the fanbase. I would have LOVED to have been in the front row for this show and i know so many others would have as well, not concerned about getting OUR footage, but purely enjoying a fantastic production and rocking it out.

I second the motion that Dallas needs to rescue the sorry asses in Phoenix (and my apologies for those in AZ that DID rock it out, i know there are a few)but those in the first few rows in Texas. Show the boys and the fans what it's like to truly enjoy a Rush concert and fricken don't keep your arms up the whole time with your cameras!! It's disrespectful to the band and to those fans around you that would like to see the stage and not your nubby hands!! You all in Dallas have a rare opportunity - recognize that and do something about it!!! Chickrant over.
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