Mon, Nov 19 @ Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, CA

REVIEWS AND POST-SHOW ANALYSIS: The show is over - what did you think? Give your review or just recount your experience.

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#11 - Posted 11/23/2012 1:47 AM by rg1 [contact]

Youre a fool if you think no one wants to hear The Necromancer live! I saw them twice on this last tour and I have no complaints but I do agree I would gladly give up some of the songs they play ever tour for some relics they havent played in years....of course Jacobs Ladder is on top of that list...
#10 - Posted 11/22/2012 12:55 AM by sgmcfarlane [contact]

Open letter to those wishing for all of the obscure Rush "classics" to come out of the annals ... heard a guy after the concert saying, "I can't wait 'til they bust out the Necromancer one of these shows!" And another yearning aloud for a playing of A Farewell to Kings in its entirety - LOL. Ummm ...(a) You're certainly entitled to your opinion, dropping $150 on a show and a beer, as I did ... (b) You're never gonna hear The Necromancer live unless you have a time machine back to 1970-whatever ... and (c) for good reason, because you, those 3 guys over there playing Dungeons and Dragons, and this deaf guy are the only ones that want to hear that song. They played 25 great tracks that we all know and love. One day they will be playing no longer and you'll look back and wish you could hear 2112 live, one last time.
#9 - Posted 11/21/2012 7:16 PM by HoldYourFire [contact]

VIP Nation did not disappoint. Bought my VIP package right when they went on sale and ended up front row right between Alex and Neil. Of course I didn't know where my seats were going to be until I picked them up right before the show. There just aren't words to convey the experience of being right up front, making eye contact and feeling like they're playing just for you. The guys were smokin' to say the least. Neil seemed like he put in an extra effort on the solos and even Alex and Geddy appeared to be impressed when they came back in. The string section was rockin it too and their sound was much clearer up front next to the amplifier. Thanks guys for an awesome show. Never thought I'd still be going to Rush concerts after 30+ years. Seeing them again in San Diego tonight. 12th row center section via the fan club pre-sale. Not too shabby. Looking forward to the possibility of a couple different songs changed out on the set tonight.
#8 - Posted 11/20/2012 3:31 PM by unit1001001 [contact]

review part 2 , from me , Unit 1001001
Happy to report Rush, my favorite band, are still musically on fire, and CA material was fantastic live. Headlong Flight was amazing, I was high on the holy Rush spirit- freaking out losing my mind w/ adrenaline high. Tears in my eyes freaking out hallelujah.
body electric was cool, territories was cool, red sector a always cool and one of my faves (10 years since they played it) .
sadly, I guess I've just seen one too many shows. I don't like to know the setlist going in b/c it's like knowing what you're getting for xmas as a kid, the anticipation of not knowing what's gonna be played and joy of unexpectedly hearing one of your faves (like analog kid for 1st time in 15 years) is the real fun of seeing them for me.
But, I'm just totally burnt out on Moving pictures side 1 , subdivisions, SOR, 2112 overture- I can't think of a time I haven't seen them play these songs in the last 27 years / 17 times I've seen Rush live.
So for me it's now a disappointment to have them pull out the 'greatest hits' and ride that old mare, yet again. And sorry 80's fans, PW and HYF are my least fave albums-(Marathon/Territories/Mystic Rhythms excepted) . I know it ain't 1980 anymore, and I aint asking for them to rehash 1974-1980 only, b/c I honestly love everything they've released from T4E on but, I'll say it again, FOUR songs from PW? FOUR? Plus 2 songs from the dreaded HYF. B tracks from B albums as one fellow fan put it.
So, sadly , from here on out I'll be checking the setlist and secretly unwrapping my xmas present early before I buy my ticket. Especially when it's gonna cost me $150 for a concert and one beer (not Rush's fault I know) I saw S&A tour 3x, that may've killed the big hits for me. When you're rolling your eyes and going to take a leak for 2112 overture, you may've seen Rush one too many times. Sigh...I'm saddened, there's no band I love more, but it's kinda like Kirk said to Uhura about the tribbles, 'too much of something, even love, can be a bad thing' . I guess I sound like a malcontent, which I aint, and I know I should be happy to grovel at their feet and see their incredible musicianship,
but...this was the 1st rush show i've left disappointed since 1987 HYF tour, and when you're leaving a rush show unhappy, it's time to take a break.
Unit1001001, signing off
#7 - Posted 11/20/2012 1:59 PM by Slough Feg Bass [contact]

I seem to recall they did circumstances a few years ago ?

Posted 11/20/2012 5:24 AM by unit1001001:

Hemispheres, last time anything at all from side 1 was played, 1994
#6 - Posted 11/20/2012 1:10 PM by SpiritWithAVision [contact]

I had an awesome time at this concert. I haven't been a Rush fan for long but was converted really quickly by my partner about 4 years ago (GASP! Gay Rush fans! A woman in the audience claimed she didn;t know we existed. Much like the Rush Fangirl we are among you, LOL) He's been to 30+ shows and was really excited for this show since we bought the VIP package and scored tickets that were basically front row center (AAA seats 10 and 11). It was fantastic. I personally like when a band does surprising songs on tour. I could do without Tom Sawyer and Limelight and all their "hits", I dig a lot of their deep tracks. Clockwork Angels sounded amazing live, though I will agree that the strings were drowned out much of the time, but that could've been a function of being so close to the stage. Geddy and Alex were both very animated and Geddy's voice was top notch. He's like a fine wine, his voice just gets better with age. All in all a terrific show and can't wait to see them on Wednesday here in San Diego (home). We got section A row 10 seats 1 and 2 for that show. Should be a great time!!!
#5 - Posted 11/20/2012 1:00 PM by Codackussell [contact]

For me, they didnt play ENOUGH 80s material. Hold Your Fire and Power Windows got me into Rush as a kid. Id love them to focus on one of those albums. I dig ALL of their music and naturally not everybody else does. But I was 11 the first time I saw these guys, now Im 22- I always hear a complaint at the show or after about this and that. Whether its "Tom Sawyer," too many new tunes, too many 80s tunes, etc. You're welcome to your opinion.

My suggestion is to be happy and just enjoy the fact that you get to see one of your favorite bands. If and when I have kids or you do or, if you do, when their kids have kids, they won't get to see this band. Don't be ungrateful. Quit waiting until the show to see the set just to bitch about it after. Check the set before you go and auction your tickets off if you don't like it! Sheesh. Didnt you get to see "Camer Eye" on the last tour? I didn't! Feel lucky.
#4 - Posted 11/20/2012 5:24 AM by unit1001001 [contact]

sorry guys, but this was a bummer show for me . i've seen em every tour since 85, oftentimes multi times per tour.
For 27 years now I'm hoping for JAcobs Ladder and A Farewell to Kings. Nothing from Hemispheres side 1 played since 1994....

Instead I get ;
80's blowout- dullsville '85-'91 tracks, plus pull out all the standard crowd pleasers;
. Subdivisions, again, Force 10, again.
Body Electric was nice, but 4 songs from power windows? Analog Kid , for the 1st time since '96, was absolutely awesome. But,
not one song before '82 in the 1st act. 3 tours in a row for Far Cry.
2nd act
Clockwork Angels stuff was fantastic, like 9 songs, perfect , just what I was hoping for. But the string section seemed a bit of a novelty, sound was terrible , I could barely hear them .
let's head back to the 80s - Manhattan Project, sorry, I loved it in 85 and all, but its a wimpy song. Wouldn't the strings have been cooler on JAcobs Ladder , or AFTK ?
YYZ , yet again, w/ novelty strings , every tour since 1981
spirit of radio, yet again, every tour since 1980 now I think?
TOM SAWYER, YET AGAIN, so now we're at the same standard 3 songs from MP side 1 , despite having seen them on the Time Machine Tours last tour,
2112 OVERTURE , YET AGAIN , every frikcin show ...

in other words, fall back on Moving Pictures Side 1 ,again, plus a bunch of other tunes they've played pretty much every tour for 30 years, but let's focus on Power Windows above all albums?

AFTK , not played since 1979
Jacob Ladder , not played since 81
Hemispheres, last time anything at all from side 1 was played, 1994
Anthem , 1992

Last Time anything from Caress of Steel was played.....? Ya got me....
#3 - Posted 11/20/2012 5:04 AM by sanjoseRUSHfan [contact]

A much better show than San Jose and Anaheim. Geddy had his voice together tonight for the entire show and they were much more elevated for the venue. The Gibson was the first venue for them in a while that was a music venue and not a hockey venue and it showed. Crowd was fantastic and the Gibson has proved time and time again a can't miss location to see the boys. Best indoor location in all of the US with out a doubt.

They had more time left at the end and it would have been cool if they did the entire 2112 to finish but no cigar.

See you guys in the summer of 2013.
#2 - Posted 11/20/2012 3:44 AM by Codackussell [contact]

So, this show was freakin' great! Dad surprised me for my birthday! My first Rush show was on the VT tour at Staples Center- I was 11 and it was my dad's 11th show. Now I'm 22 and the only show we missed over the years since was their stop here on the Time Machine Tour!

Opening with "Subdivisions" was a good way to set the mood. "The Big Money" carried the torch forward, the band began to fit into the venue. I couldn't help but draw a parallel to Hurricane Sandy watching the footage the band displayed during "Force Ten." Added a different dimension to the meaning of the song. "Grand Designs" was a wonderful treat- I've long been anxious to hear the band dive into its 80s catalog. "The Analog Kid" got everybody amped. "The Body Electric" and "Territories" grooved beyond my expectations. "Bravado" was beautiful, as always. Alex soared. Glad they changed things up a bit and played "Where's My Thing?"

I like that the band has been ambitious in playing a healthy segment of their latest album like they did in 2007. "Clockwork Angels" was sheer magic! Loved "Seven Cities of Gold"- that lick is sick! After they played their Clockwork material my dad said, he liked "The Garden," particularly. "Manhattan Project" was my personal favorite of the evening. Everything came together perfectly at this moment. The strings were most magnificent here, I thought. Even better than on the new tracks. Such a powerful message in that song, too. "Red Sector A" kept the pace up. "YYZ" was tight. The band ended the main set nicely with "The Spirit of Radio" and "Tom Sawyer." Rounding the night out with "2112: Overture/Temples of Syrinx/Grand Finale" was a good decision.

Overall, another great show!
#1 - Posted 11/20/2012 2:59 AM by theholytriumvirate [contact]

What can I say? The guys are 60 years old and they put forth effort and quality that most bands half their age or younger can only dream to do. It was another solid show all the way around without going into specifics. Their obvious joy and workmanship shows even while playing the oldest songs in the sets. Rush is truly one of the great live bands of all time, bar none. It's a shame they haven't received better recognition by the mainstream audience. The caravan thunders on!
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