Sat, Nov 3 @ 1-800-ASK-GARY Amphitheatre in Tampa, FL

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#53 - Posted 11/06/2012 5:09 PM by underdog64 [contact]

Headlong Flight... something very suspicious happened.

I was front row, literally right in front of Geddy.

The bass line started, and he wasn't playing the bass...

He looked down and said what? And then proceeding to play along.

I tried to not let this ruin my night, but it stuck around in my mind for awhile.

Here is a video, unfortunately not that close up...

#52 - Posted 11/04/2012 1:06 AM by The Analog Kid [contact]

I've seen 6 shows with my Dad since R30, 4 of which have been at the amphitheater in Tampa. Along with being the bests seats we've ever had (3rd row center) it was the best concert I've ever been to. Of course, us Rush-ans say it every time, but this time I MEAN IT. Geddy's voice was the best I've heard. Alex looked at my dad and I and smiled just as they kicked off Subdivisions, and even Neil caught a glimpse of me air-drumming to 2112 and started laughing (I SWEAR!) Surreal is an understatement. The boys were spot on tonight, but what stuck out the most was how much fun they were having. I've never seen them enjoy themselves so much on stage as I did tonight. It's truly amazing what these guys can do at this day in age. And not to get all sentimental, but with my Dad going on his 36th show since he was 11 years old at Ivor Wynn Stadium, to me seeing my first show at 11; and now tonight, going to see this band has become more than just a concert. It's very special to be able to have those moments with your Dad and experience the bonding that comes from being together witnessing such a meaningful part of your life...Rush. It's a blessing these guys can keep on rocking and we can be there to witness it. Knowing the end has to be at least somewhat near, you really cherish these types of moments and will never forget them. As they say, nothing lasts forever! RUSH ON
#51 - Posted 11/04/2012 1:05 AM by shaggydoo [contact]

Incredible show!The place was packed,and most of the crowd seemed to be on their
feet most of the show.YYZ with the string section joining in!!!Great time!Hopefully got a few decent picks to upload tomorrow.
#50 - Posted 11/04/2012 12:02 AM by msadovsk [contact]

Amazing show in Tampa... of the 7 shows I've seen since T4E, Geddy's voice sounded the best this evening and Analog Kid was the highlight of the night. The newer material looked seamless and people that didn't know alot of their newer stuff were dancing and getting into the material. Does anyone have a copy of this show that they would be willing to trade? If so, please e-mail me to work something out, I would be very grateful. msadovsk1@yahoo.com
#49 - Posted 11/03/2012 2:21 PM by underdog64 [contact]

just snagged front row seats off ticketmaster


If anyone needs my old tickets... orquestra 1, row R!
#48 - Posted 11/03/2012 10:32 AM by bravado [contact]

it's RUSH night in tampa. can't wait to hear manhattan project. RUSH ON
#47 - Posted 11/02/2012 5:58 PM by shaggydoo [contact]

one more day!! I'm in section 7,about the middle on Geddys side.Cant wait!was at ste venue last wkend for Manson & Rob Zombie.My seats are not bad at all!!!25 1/2 hours to go!!!
#46 - Posted 11/01/2012 3:53 PM by craig [contact]

Hey guys, I'll be on geddy's side with my STEELER keisel jersey on (again!). Anyone want to chat, come say hello, and mention RIAB. I'll have Yuengling, thanks! See you there

#45 - Posted 11/01/2012 9:18 AM by gna2112 [contact]

T-58 hours till showtime!!!!!!
#44 - Posted 10/30/2012 5:34 PM by bdrew [contact]

Almost show time ! cannot wait excited to be heading to the show with high school bud Scott haven't seen RUSH with him since '82 !
#43 - Posted 10/30/2012 8:51 AM by gna2112 [contact]

4 more days my fellow RUSHIANS...time is standing still for this RUSH fan!!!!! Excitement so thick you can cut it with a knife!!!! C'mon Saturday will you please get here...
#42 - Posted 10/26/2012 9:11 PM by LarDog [contact]

Looks like we might get to hear them do Limelight based on them playing it at Buffalo.
#41 - Posted 10/19/2012 1:19 AM by dennisfp [contact]

On board for Set List A! Was also emailed by a reputable source who concludes an A night if they keep up the current alternations.

:O "A to b / Different degrees"

...which happens to be an A night song I can drum & air drum pretty much note for note. Whoop!!
#40 - Posted 10/18/2012 7:20 PM by bravado [contact]

if they continue alternating set lists, it looks like its set list "A". hoping it works out that way . it doesn't matter but i would love to hear manhattan project. RUSH ON
#39 - Posted 10/18/2012 4:46 PM by LovinDaRush [contact]

I agree bravado, I believe "our" night will be setlist "A"...but I'm not picky, just counting the days!
#38 - Posted 10/18/2012 4:37 PM by bravado [contact]

great question dennisfp , i think i'll try to figure it out now. i had vip tix in indianapolis and they played "B" set list. hoping this one is "A" set list.
#37 - Posted 10/17/2012 7:17 PM by dennisfp [contact]

Has anyone calculated (if it's even possible at this point) whether the Tampa show will be "Night A" or "Night B" set list?
#36 - Posted 10/16/2012 8:46 AM by bravado [contact]

lawn tickets just released
#35 - Posted 10/09/2012 3:43 PM by bravado [contact]

they will not be selling lawn seats. it's all reserved seating and not many tickets left
#34 - Posted 10/08/2012 11:06 PM by Weezy [contact]

When will lawn seats go on sale for Tampa?
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