Wed, Oct 10 @ Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport, CT

REVIEWS AND POST-SHOW ANALYSIS: The show is over - what did you think? Give your review or just recount your experience.

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#12 - Posted 10/16/2012 4:50 PM by 505RUSHFAN

hard to understand the negative comments regarding the setlist, i think it looks awesome with a great mix of 80's hit and new material. I personally cannot wait for the Sunday after thanksgiving. #7 how can you not like Presto, one of my all time favorite Rush albums
#11 - Posted 10/16/2012 10:12 AM by chrisaug [contact]

RUSH Clockwork Angels Tour, October 10th, 2012, Webster Arena, Bridgeport CT

I have been a fan of RUSH since 1976 (2112, All The World's A Stage and Farewell to Kings were my introduction). I have seen them in concert 15 or 20 times in the last 30 years. I thought this show was a total deviation from norm for them. I have seen a couple of reviewers stating how great the show was, but I have not at all yet been able to find any that believe, like I do, that this was totally DIFFERENT STRINGS for them (in more ways than one). The obvious of course is the orchestra playing with them. Next shocker for me was NOT seeing a single, expanded drum solo from Neil but rather having it parsed into 3-separate "mini-solos". I thought too, Neil's drum kit was MUCH SMALLER than I have ever seen. I've gotten used to seeing Alex take a greater role with background vocals over the last few tours (which continue with this tour), but (I may be wrong on this) I don't recall him playing keyboards so prominently as he does during the song "The Garden". Another unusual site for me, was seeing a somewhat "uncluttered" stage/set. This too, over the years, has seemingly gotten bigger and bigger with every tour. For this tour however, it seems a little "back to basics" where there are less props on the stage and the band is actually closer to each other than I think I've ever seen (my first show was 1979). There were multiple times throughout this show where all 3 of them (Alex, Geddy & Neil) were within 10 feet or so of each other (making for some great pictures)! Finally, as much as I loved the show, it was NOT my favorite RUSH show. I intentionally did not want to know the setlist in advance of show so I was quite surprised with the flurry of songs from the 80's (Aside from "The Analog Kid"--Alex's solo in that song is amazing---this is my least favorite period of the band). Given their recent return to a "heavier rock" sound (reminiscent of FBN/CS/2112), I had been hoping to hear "Anthem" or "Bastille Day" and maybe even "Bytor". Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE the band and enjoyed the show. In fact, the new music is FANTASTIC (I like it much better than the 80's synth driven stuff). BUT I was disappointed that in the year of 2012, that we did not get the entire "2112" epic. Am I spoiled? Perhaps. Will this prevent me from going to see them again next week in New Jersey? NO WAY!
#10 - Posted 10/14/2012 12:15 AM by kootz [contact]

I let a few days pass to digest the show. All in all it was the best RUSH show I've seen by far, and no, the most recent show is not always the best. This must have been my 10-14th show, and like many of the other comments, I found the three of them at the very top of their game, and the overall production was leaps ahead of where they left off on the last tour - from the visuals and props to the string section. Amazing energy, great sound from my place mid-floor, and my only complaint is that it ended.

Setlist was well received, would have preferred the alternate night setlist of the two, but was very happy with what I got; know the songs intimately. Towards the very end of the show when we were all warmed up and the lights were in full glory, La Villa would have hit the spot.

All of Clockwork Angels was superb live, and Manhattan Project/Red Sector A and the drum solos stood out.

To geek out for a moment, whenever I hear Temples of Syrinx live, I wish Geddy would use the same vocal delay effect on the chorus that I've heard on the boots from '79-'80.

Anyways, the show was simply a treat, intimate, intense and deeply moving to be close to the stage; placed inside the soundtrack of your life.
#9 - Posted 10/11/2012 12:57 PM by presto28 [contact]

Another observation... All you need to know about how RUSH feels about the RRHOF is there was not even a slight mention of it at the show. Good for them.
#8 - Posted 10/11/2012 11:29 AM by sportzfan76 [contact]

previous post should have said Sect 114. This concert was totally awesome !
#7 - Posted 10/11/2012 11:21 AM by sportzfan76 [contact]

From our vantage point (Sect 113)the sound mix was great, not muddy at all. We could hear all instruments and vocals very clearly. Analog Kid rocked the 1st set and Anarchist & Manhatten Project were the highlights in the second set. Great Show all around !
#6 - Posted 10/11/2012 10:06 AM by bytorandthesnowcone

My initial thoughts...well the main takeaway is though you've heard how these guys are just in peak shape, when you see it you're still blown away in disbelief. Musically they are at the top of their game. Geddy's voice is spot on. Shutting my eyes and listening to Analog Kid and thinking, wow this sounds like the studio version from 30 years ago...unbelievable. For me the musical highlight of the show was Headlong Flight, as they are so into the solo that they blew the top off the place. They just rocked. To think they wrote an album good enough to play 9 songs in a row. Also was great during The Garden to watch Neil rotate around to simply watch the strings section behind him and nod his head in approval during the part where he's not playing. What a feeling of satisfaction it must be for him. Stood right in front of Alex and I don't think he missed a note the whole night.

Re the sound, I was up close where they have about 8 or so mini-stacks in a row across the front of the stage. The bottom 2/3 of each mini-stack is a woofer or sub-woofer that I think is supposed to cover the whole floor. So when you're right in front of it, you feel each bass drum kick right in your heart. The top is a regular speaker with a nice mix of the whole sound. So I actually liked it, but it wasn't representative of what everyone else heard. I got to appreciate Neil's drumming even more as each bass drum kick hit me right in the chest.

Re the set list, it is what it is. Didn't bother me since I knew it was coming and had spent a lot of time listening to the new album since it was clearly the focus of the show. I imagine they are OK with the criticism since they could have changed a song or two during the 10-day break they just had, but didn't. Personally if I were them I'd just throw one classic into the keyboard blitz that hits you in the first set, which would quiet a bunch of the complainers. But if they didn't do it yet probably not going to happen. The Bridgeport show seemed mostly sold out.
#5 - Posted 10/11/2012 1:25 AM by PoundofObscure [contact]

Just back from the show and it was an incredible experience. As stated previously, and accurately, the sound took some time to sort out unfortunately. I never would have an issue with any setlist they decided to play, but i would not describe myself as a casual fan. For those who only have Chronicles CDs, yeah, you're not going to know the vast majority of what they played. They are artists, and it is THEIR music and they need to deliver and perform with conviction those tunes they choose to play each tour. They are a wondrous,living work in progress as a musical entity, still gracing audiences with fresh, resonant music. The CA stuff came across well live and the String Ensemble was a great touch, especially for Manhattan Project and even YYZ. Here's to the guys and hope they keep on keeping on and bless us with shows for many years to come!!
#4 - Posted 10/11/2012 12:45 AM by presto28 [contact]

This was my 22nd RUSH show. I had seen the set lists (or potential for a setlist) from this site over the last few weeks, so I knew what to expect. I am a huge fan and love the music from all of their eras, so the setlist did not bother me that much. The only problem I know that some people will have is that if they have not purchased the new album and their love is tied up with Limelight, Freewill, Closer To The Heart and Working Man, then they will not enjoy this show at all. I like all the songs in the first set list. From a live performance perspective though, it is a very mellow set. Aside from Analog Kid, Where's My Thing and Far Cry, there is nothing really driving you to cheer. Speaking of Far Cry...

It wasn't until Far Cry that the sound was at all easy to deal with. The first reviewer described it perfectly. Geddy's voice was pretty clear, but you couldn't distinguish a note he was playing on the bass. It improved in the second set and honestly YYZ through 2112 it was spot on and excellent. In fact, Red Sector A and YYZ were the first times I could actually hear the strings separate form the keyboards and guitar.

The positives...
Geddy's voice sounded fantastic. Really it was the best I had heard him sing in a long time. The new stuff sounds really good live. Halo Effect and The Garden in particular were fantastic. Again, if you have not listened to the new album, 9 straight new songs is a bit much and all in a row is really alienating your hard core fans form your Tom Sawyer/Sprit of Radio crew. And to come out of the new stuff into Manhattan Project was another curious choice after loading the first set with similar type songs. Neil was his usual professor-like self and his 3 shorter solos of varying styles was a nice change.

I had read some reviews form earlier shows regarding the sound and this pretty much matched what I had read. The first set is way off and it gets better in the second set. I think in the these arenas they are having a hard time mixing in the keyboards, background synths and Geddy's bass. There was one point during I think Body Electric or Bravado that the bottom line just became a very long and loud low hum that made you want to cover your ears.

So this was random. It is late. They played great. The sound was not good and the setlist is going to have people arguing all year.
#3 - Posted 10/11/2012 12:38 AM by Astroboy [contact]

so Rush plays Rush songs and it's awful? They do have more cds than the Chronicles cd you have at home u know?
#2 - Posted 10/10/2012 11:53 PM by Joeg14 [contact]

An absolutely awful playlist. Section 114 finally stood up 2 hours & 45 minutes into the show when they finally played Spirit of the Radio. 75% of the people were on their smart phones for the majority of the show. I understand they want to play some old obscure stuff & their new album, but not play any well known classics is a slap in the face to the fans who saw them for the first time tonight. My wife and I left early, first time I've ever done that at a concert.
#1 - Posted 10/10/2012 11:51 PM by Monas Hieroglyphica [contact]

Hi there.

I have bad news.

My wife and I (a Rush fan for 30 years and this was my 7th show)
attended tonights show.

The band hit the stage and the sound in this venue was unfortunately
an unintelligeable acoustic mayhem that was painful to our ears.

We sat 40 feet behind the FOH console manned by Brad Madix.
Alex's guitar was on top of everything. Geddy's vocal was clear but his bass was buried. Niel's drums were hit or miss...good bottom but no real definition in general. The 1.5kHz to 4.5kHz portion of the sound beamed us so hard from the powerful midrange horns in the speaker arrays that our ears were fatigued after Subdivisions. There was lots of reflection happening as this venue probably didn't have ideal room geometry or dampening and the dB's were just too high. So, it was synth and kick drum bottom, Alex's guitar and Geddy's vocals. Other than that, things were really hard ti distinguish.

So, we left, disapointed and out $200.

Setting up the mix while playing back the sound check is a great way to get it sounding nice. Isn't it a bummer that everything has to be louder than Niel's drums? What happened?
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