Mon, Sep 24 @ Target Center in Minneapolis, MN

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#8 - Posted 09/27/2012 4:10 PM by ragingbullge [contact]

PART 2: RUSH - CLOCKWORK ANGELS TOUR REVIEW 9-24-2012 Target Center Minneapolis (CONT.)

I thought the inclusion of "Manhattan Project" and "Red Sector A" at this
point in the show was a little strange and out of place. But with Neil's
"formal" drum solo splitting the two, it was an interesting sequence
nonetheless. As an aside, I always like the "Enola Gay" nuclear bomb video
clips during "Manhattan Project". I just think it's cool. Not quite as cool as
the "Dr. Strangelove", kid riding the atom bomb, video typically used for
"Distant Early Warning", but still cool.
At this point in the show, it was time to feed the restless, classic
Rush-heads, and this particular live version of "YYZ" alone was worth the price
of admission, particularly the powerful keyboard part in the middle with the
overhead TV screens lowering, and showering white light bathing the stage...
truly magnificent! Ending the second set with Spirit of Radio was almost
anti-climatic. But the exclamation point was added with the encore of "Tom
Sawyer" and the standard, opening two parts of "2112", with the "Grand Finale"
thrown in to slam-dunk the show to a perfect completion.
Yes, there was the humorous intro videos to start both halves of the show, and
the outro video after the band has left the stage, as we have all grown
accustomed to in recent years. Rush die-hards will no doubt notice the omission
of "Limelight" from the setlist, and I would have preferred this to "Tom Sawyer"
in the encore. But, the overall impression left on me was the sheer balls Rush
displays in playing nearly all of their new album in the second set, and it
worked. It really worked. It was visually beautiful, musically emotional, and
it was something that all true Rush fans have grown to realize about this band,
it was different from the last tour, and it pushed the envelope of musical
creativity once again!

RATING: 9.5 out of 10 (0.5 point deduction for no green lasers)

Set One:
The Big Money
Force Ten
Grand Designs
The Body Electric
The Analog Kid
Where's My Thing? (with Drum Solo)
Far Cry

Set Two (with string section)
Clockwork Angels
The Anarchist
The Wreckers
Headlong Flight (with Drum Solo)
Halo Effect (with extended Guitar Intro)
Seven Cities of Gold
The Garden
Manhattan Project
Drum Solo
Red Sector A
The Spirit of Radio

Tom Sawyer
2112 Part I: Overture
2112 Part II: The Temples of Syrinx
2112 Part VII: Grand Finale
#7 - Posted 09/27/2012 4:08 PM by ragingbullge [contact]

RUSH - CLOCKWORK ANGELS TOUR REVIEW 9-24-2012 Target Center Minneapolis

Why are all the people wearing Twins jerseys at the train platform? Oh yeah,
the Yankees are in town, at Target field on a Monday night, no less. I'm glad I
didn't just decide to drive downtown. It would have been hell getting to the
It always stikes me as a little strange just how polite the crowds at a Rush
show typically are. Everybody is a little older, a little more mature, a little
more appreciative that they are there to see a band that just keeps getting
better and better with age. There generally aren't any assholes pissing in the
sinks or any fist-fights breaking out on the floor, nothing of the sort. Well,
at least not until you ride the light rail back to Fort Snelling with a
trailer-trash couple, hopped up on who knows what, engaging in oral sex and
spewing profanity laden rants and proclamations about how much they are into
each other. But I digress. At the venue, we're all here to enjoy a superb
3-hour show, and once it again, it was.
The first thing that struck me was the openness of the stage. There was only
a single large screen behind the stage, not the 3 screen layout from previous
tours. Apparently it's a tour of change for Rush, because gone are the
dinosaurs, Barbie dolls, and chicken roasters, and instead they continue on with
the steam-punk motif started on the Time Machine tour from two years ago. It's a
very simple, open, sparse stage setup. Geddy does have a steam-punk popcorn
machine on stage left, and Al has some sort of steam-punk, futuristic art-deco
amp stack of some kind over there. Neil's massive drumkit seems a little
farther forward than usual, probably to make room for the string ensemble riser
at the rear of the stage. No lasers on this tour, but nice bits of pyro and
exposions sprinkled thru the set, and much like other bands this year, a lot of
emphasis is placed on the creative, animotion stage lighting. A large matrix
of several TV screens lived overhead in the light riggings, and decended at
several parts of the show lit with images to accent the song. Many times the
band members were projected real-time into futuristic steam punk city sets on
the big screen, a very nice piece of creative video magic that could go
unnoticed by many. Overall, a very different twist on recent Rush staging
A lot of people probably didn't like the first setlist. I'm not one of them.
I loved the emphasis placed on the 80s vintage Rush albums. Geddy even made
mention of a tribute to the Signals album, now 30 years old, at the start of
"The Analog Kid". I hadn't seen "Grand Designs" performed live since the Power
Windows tour of 1986, and it was fantastic The opening salvo of "Subdivisions",
"The Big Money", and "Force Ten" was a powerful sonic sequence.
Neil decided to split his usual 12 minute drum solo into 3 parts, and
interspersed it throughout the show. The first part came in the first set, much
to the delight of the crowd, in the middle of the instrumental "Where's My
The second set was dominated by the "Clockwork Angels" album material. Not
exactly in order of the album, but seemingly a more workable sequence for the
live show, the first 9 songs were new material accompaned by a live string
ensemble. I've been listening to the album "Clockwork Angels" for about a week
now, and I feel it is Rush's Magnum Opus. Stop laughing.. I'm serious. I haven't
liked a Rush album as much since "Counterparts" was released. There's simply not
one bad song on here, not a single song that I would say "this sucks" and hit
the forward button, unless you count the interlude of "BU2B2" near the end.
Alex's guitar work throughout this entire album and this live set is simply
stellar. Some fans had accused him of taking a couple of albums off, but not on
this one.
"Caravan" was a perfect opening song to set two, the 7-minute "Headlong
Flight" contained Neil's second drum solo of the night, and "The Garden" ended
the new material perfectly. In fact, the song "The Garden" is Rush's "The Wall"
(Kansas, not Pink Floyd), a beautifully crafted, emotion provoking song that
reaches a perfect climax and resolution, in which I have never heard a better
vocal performance by Geddy. Simply phenomenal. The string ensemble, which on
the surface one may roll his or her eyes at, really added warmth, breadth, and
many powerful sonic layers to this entire segment of the show. And to see Alex
playing keyboards with his hands for a change during this song was quite unique!
#6 - Posted 09/25/2012 10:06 PM by bkieks [contact]

The show was great, however unlike many others in the comments section, I felt the guys were fighting it a little in the first set. Target Center has NOT solved its poor sound problem (at least were we were sitting). The mix wasn't very good in the first set but they made some adjustments in the second and it sounded much better. The setlist was interesting and I loved hearing those songs. Loved seeing Territories again but I didn't feel they played it as well as they could have. My only regret was that they didn't play Freewill. I could've lived without Tom Sawyer instead. The visuals and pyro were phenomenal! The string section was like none I've ever seen before. Full of enthusiasm and they were great to watch. They added a lot to the show. They really "kicked it" with the new material! Overall, a wonderful show, as usual. I was not disappointed.
#5 - Posted 09/25/2012 7:34 AM by Gardener [contact]

Skip the lazy, inaccurate review in the Star Tribune and go straight to the comments. I love Rush fans.
#4 - Posted 09/25/2012 3:13 AM by mookyyzed

Wow, waited 6 years to see Rush again. They did not disappoint. Thought they had a little trouble with Manhattan Project, Alex being Alex just smiled at the end and laughed it off. Strings sounded awesome! Really gave man. project a push and helped that song! The light show with the moving screens was friggin phenomenal! For years it seemed like the light guys were always a split second behind what the band was doing, like they didn't even know the songs. But tonight they were perfect! Pyrotechnics were also pretty sweet. Feel bad for the orchestra though... Must be blazing hot for them. But then again, they get the best seat in the house, right behind the greatest drummer around!
The thing that really excites me though is just HOW different tonight's show was from what I've grown pretty used to seeing rush do over the years. The choice of songs really is surprising, but in a very good way. Seeing them bring back Territories, Designs, Manhattan, and Analog was so cool. And even though I hate Body Electric, I thought it actually sounded good live... Much better than on album. Not so sure how I felt about 3 separate solos from Neil, but in the grand scheme of the show, I'd say it made sense. It was a fun and unexpected way to showcase the Profesor.
Overall, I'd give this show an A-. Not an A+. Take Body Electric out and tighten up Manhattan, and you'd have yourself the perfect show.
#3 - Posted 09/25/2012 1:36 AM by Ghost Of A Chance [contact]

What a show! I can truly appreciate the new material even more now, after seeing it live.

Anybody see the exchange between Alex and the fan in the 1st row? It appeared to us in section 111, Alex went back and grabbed a stick for him.

Hope to see the band down the road!
#2 - Posted 09/24/2012 4:22 PM by IowaLerxst [contact]

errr... tons of meat, that is. : )
#1 - Posted 09/24/2012 4:21 PM by IowaLerxst [contact]

I had dinner next to Jack Secret last night in downtown Minneapolis!!! I sad hi and he was very nice. Then again, who would not be in a good mood when enjoying wine and tons of mean at Fogo de Chau! Can't wait for tonight!
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