Tue, Sep 18 @ The Palace of Auburn Hills in Auburn Hills, MI

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#13 - Posted 09/22/2012 5:24 PM by rushfan1961 [contact]

it seems to me the older these guys get,the better they get,i thought the first set was a little different from what i expected,but was nice to hear the stuff they normally dont play or havent played in awhile,as for the 2nd set of clockwork angels,blown away the string section just made the show that much better and cool to see geddy and alex jam with them,videos once again hilarious,just what you expected from them,all around another great show by a great band,made for a great night.hope next time though they will play at joe louis arena or cobo hall,anyway see ya long the kings of rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#12 - Posted 09/20/2012 1:13 PM by Jullie

This is my 3rd show so far this year been to Ind,y Chicago, Detroit next Columbus, and finally St. Louis. I have seen 9 shows so far. My husband Darrell introduced me to Rush 3 years ago. This is 3rd tour I've followed. once I saw one show I was hooked. They are amazing I can see why my husband is so in love with this band. I will be in double digits after this tour 11 shows under my belt. Never thought I would ever say that about any band. But, they are worth it. Babe, (Darrell) thanks for letting me tag along with you to see Rush. Your the best. Love you, your Lil bear....
#11 - Posted 09/20/2012 1:03 PM by Darrell [contact]

Came in from Indy....Been to Detroit before....First time @ the Palace....Appropriate name for the building, it is immaculate....Seats were farther back than I'm used to....As far away from the stage as I've been in probably 20+ years....Audience was a bit subdued , I thought for a Detroit crowd....People around us seemed more interested in talking, drinking, or goin' to the restroom instead of appreciating the high quality goin' on right in front of 'em on stage....Nobody in our section even stood up until the encore, while I'm used to standing the whole time....I'm 6' 4" so I didn't stand so as to not block anybody's view behind me....Having said all that, as for the band they never disappoint....Different watching them from up where I was....Their quality musicianship is second to noone....Goin' to Columbus Thursday, & St. Louis Saturday....Can't wait....
#10 - Posted 09/19/2012 3:36 PM by liquidmuse3 [contact]

To the gentleman who critiqued "Working Man", an entire genre of music thanks you for insulting it. With the reggae opening, the song starts off mournful, which if you listen to the lyrics, it's actually a sad song. To pair the sentiment up with a musical style closely associated with strife & struggle (I'm talking the real reggae, not the cruiseboat version) is a nice little twist on an ancient, creaky song (not to mention the complete jam @ the end of it)...
#9 - Posted 09/19/2012 1:04 PM by jjmitch34 [contact]

The Show was incredible as always! I Have no problems with the set list as I think A Clockwork Angels is some of their finest work. Would it have been nice to hear The Spirit Of Radio or The Trees or La villa Strangiato? Of course it would, but it was pretty cool to see the guys go off the beaten path with the older stuff. The string section was amazing, it added a dimension to the old and new music. Plus they were clearly enjoying themselves on a rock and roll stage and it showed in their playing. Not sure about the comment about playing instrumentals for the old stuff. Geddy still has it. He was spot on and he can still take it to the rafters. Iv'e walked away from plenty of concerts with "older" bands, most recently Kiss, in the last few years shaking my head thinking "time to hang it up". Not with Rush, their playing and Geddy's vocals are still on par or better than any band out there. Only a couple little things to whine about tho: Issues with Alex's guitar going out and it was not loud enough. I know ticket prices are outrageous but attendance was below Detroit standards. This area (you too Ontario!:)) has always been huge for Rush so I was surprised at amount of empty seats. I had a great time with my son (first Rush show) and the people around me, can't wait for the tour!!
#8 - Posted 09/19/2012 12:26 PM by Toledo Rush Fan [contact]

...Thought the show was A-Mazing! Have seen the boys lots since S&A Tour. My highlight concert was Time Machine in Toledo's Huntington Center 2011. Didn't enjoy much of the music off S&A but give the boys grace in playing what they want to play (they work their tails off.) That said, I love Clockwork Angels and had listened to the new stuff before last night. We also got a ticket upgrade and came down from the Upper Bowl. First set was great, got everybody warmed up. 2nd set working through their new material was phenomenal! Strings were a great touch, vidoes, lights, pryos added nicely. Was disappointed in the attendance (really Detroit??) but the boys seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves. Some fans griped about the set list but I believe Rush has earned the credibility to create new music and then take it on the road to share with the world. I don't care what they play, I'm thankful they still go through the grind of hitting the road. We won't be able to see them forever. We're going to the Oct. 28th show in Cleveland as well.
#7 - Posted 09/19/2012 11:18 AM by graceygreen [contact]

absolutely amazing show! Every time I see Rush they blow me away & I leave me more in awe than when I arrived. The strings were an amazing addition to the sound and the depth of their music, had a couple of times when we couldn't hear Alex at all, but they got it fixed, & only one small problem with Geddy's sound. Neil as always was a machine- just amazing what he can do & that drum set is spectacular looking on stage. The music is amazing & the video & lights are extremely well done, & really all around I dont think you can get a better show. Thanks to the boys for all the hard work to put this one on for us.

Also great to see all the other women that attended & enjoyed the show- the ladies next to me were definitely enjoying the show as much as I was & all of the crowd around us on the floor were fully rocking out to the show. We were in row 7 & had a great time! Makes me want to go see the show again later in the tour-
#6 - Posted 09/19/2012 10:53 AM by markdemers [contact]

Girls, Girls, Girls! what the heck has happened, I never seen so many girls.. and Hot ones too at a Rush concert.. they think it was Bon Jovi in concert? What a great night in Detroit.. looked like a poor crowd size though, hmm.. wish local radio would play even something off the new record, local radio here is pathetic. Oh well. The boys were awesome! loved the 2nd set of new stuff. I thought it was great how during the 2nd set Geddy was able to just concentrate on Slappin' the Bass, all the other stuff he would have labored over on the keyboards were filled in nicely by the Live Strings.. which sounded awesome! 10th show, see them everytime they hit the D.
#5 - Posted 09/19/2012 9:18 AM by rockytoprushfan [contact]

I was hoping for another variation on Setlist B, including maybe Limelight as the closer of second set, as this will probably be the same setlist I'll hear in St. Louis on Saturday. Oh well, good times will be had none the less.

My two cents....drop the stupid reggae opening to Working Man!! The opening to this tune is a CLASSIC opening. Why screw it up and make it a JOKE?!?!

I feel better.

#4 - Posted 09/19/2012 9:14 AM by zipperneck29 [contact]

The best part of my experience at this show was the ticket upgrade. We originally got the $60 seats in the rafters (I think the first time I saw Rush in '79 the tickets were maybe 8-9 bucks?), then a Palace employee came around and offered seats in the lower level to a lot of folks 'up there'. So, we were now about 10 rows up from the floor, center stage. The section was initially mostly empty...figured they had to get the $120 seats filled so it wouldn't look so bad.
The sound quality initially started like that of hearing the window shattering bass from the car next to you at the stoplight with the massive subwoofer...but, it was quickly corrected. The lighting configurations were pretty good. My favorite was the 'rain'. The video...well, I'll put it this way...as straight and nerdy as alot of the crowd seemed, they probably liked it. I for one thought it would have added to the show much more if I'd smoked two or three fat ones(maybe that's what the band was thinking also). At times the the massive Geddy heads seemed a little 'big brotherish'.
Musically they still have it..but they should stick to instrumentals for 'old stuff'. Enuf said on that. So, if you're an oler fan like me, and am looking for some good old Rush on this tour, stay home. The first set was ok, had some moments when the crowd got going. The Clockwork Angels stuff was pretty boring in my opinion tho. Maybe that's the reason for all the video and pyro...their songwriting was much more melodic pre-mid 80's.
Overall the show was fairly entertaining. However, in this day and age, arena concerts seem so sanitized. Instead of fans being able to go a little crazy, show's like this are now seem to be about 'family entertainment(in a sense) and making money...to the tune of $15 parking, $8 beers, $30 t-shirts and yes, the outrageous ticket prices.
#3 - Posted 09/19/2012 8:23 AM by The2112guy [contact]

The Palace Of Auburn Hills has always been the spot in Michigan for rock shows, and concerts in general. Rush came in last night and blew the doors down! the first set was almost flawless, there were some problems with Alex's guitar solo during "Territories" his guitar cut out throughout the whole solo. Other than some minor issues the show was pretty much in the clear. Throughout the whole show we felt that Alex's guitar was mixed way to low, the bass dominated everything last night.
The videos were funny and entertaining much better than what we all saw during the Time Machine Tour, we enjoyed the concepts altogether. The 1080P screen projection was a great addition to the show, along with the 10 or 11 small screens hanging down during the second set. The lighting was spectacular as always, very flawless.
Once the Clockwork Angels String Ensemble came in and started playing with the boys, my jaw literally dropped. It was so beautiful and great sounding, everything blended well, and the Ensemble looked like they were having such a blast. It was really an amazing experience hearing them play along with the band, especially on some songs outside of Clockwork Angels.
Overall this concert was a real treat, I was on the floor section 16 and I was slightly disappointed in the how everyone was so stiff. The seats were crammed and uncomfortable throughout the whole show. Being a hardcore Rush fan I enjoy rocking out when the boys are in town. But it can be quite hard to do this when you have other maybe not so hardcore fans sitting in front or next to you.
If Rush comes back to Detroit, we will be there! With better seats.
#2 - Posted 09/19/2012 8:14 AM by sandman12456 [contact]

This was the first Rush show i've ever been to, and I thought it was just amazing! Watching Neil play the drums is awe inspiring, especially when he plays the solos! Ghetty sounded great too; it's crazy that he sang so well through the entire setlist! Alex too was terriffic! I loved the overall setlist as it had a ton of my favorite songs, particularly the ones from Power Windows! The Clockwork Angels set was sweet too, and the string ensemble played very well and complimented the songs nicely! I only wish they would've played BU2B but overall, best concert i've ever seen! Can't wait to see another!
#1 - Posted 09/19/2012 12:16 AM by sixthofeleven

Fabulous show. Will not complain about the set list, as the guys seemed to enjoy what they were playing, and it showed. Alex was absolutely on fire, and the Clockwork Angels set sounded great. This was show #20 for me since 1978, and they never cease to amaze. Rush are still going strong at nearly 60; bless you boys!
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