Tue, Sep 11 @ CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh, PA

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#30 - Posted 09/10/2012 8:08 AM by dingusdoofus [contact]

how do you not play 2112 in 2012?
#29 - Posted 09/09/2012 11:29 PM by tim2112 [contact]

hey anyone out that bought vip tickets, just wondering what kind of seats u ended up getting?
#28 - Posted 09/09/2012 8:53 AM by FirstFanInMichigan [contact]

This caravan thunders onward to Pittsburgh tomorrow!
#27 - Posted 09/06/2012 9:38 PM by Thoughtful Eyes [contact]

5 days... seems like just yesterday we were purchasing tickets... *happy sigh* Savoring the anticipation! RushON! Cheers, Peace
#26 - Posted 08/17/2012 3:01 PM by Thoughtful Eyes [contact]

25 days till we are rocking out with the Greatest Band in the Galaxy and i for one am READY!!! If my math is correct (which is a big IF with me...LOL) i do believe it till have been 437 days since i last saw the guys in Greenville, SC, and i am ready to get that count restarted for this tour! Happy Friday everyone!! Cheers, peace :)
#25 - Posted 07/04/2012 10:20 PM by Thoughtful Eyes [contact]

Hey ru2112, thanks for the invite... we will be looking for you all, always awesome to meet up with more Rushians!!! 68 days till the Greatest Band in the Galaxy graces Pittsburgh, and 67 days till our Caravan heads north for the occasion! Cheers, Peace and Happy 4th!
#24 - Posted 06/27/2012 10:26 PM by ru2112 [contact]

Thoughtful Eyes,
I don't know of any official/unofficial gathering locations for Rush fans before the show in Pittsburgh. I plan on being in the parking lot across from the Console (The Old Civic arena lots). Me, my wife and two teenage kids go to every Rush concert in the Burgh. I will have about eight people with me in the lot - stop by and have a drink, look for a conversion van with PA Plate "RUSH BUS". My wife and I will also be at the Buffalo show, 4th row in front of Big AL! I haven't missed a tour since 1978.
#23 - Posted 06/21/2012 10:56 AM by Thoughtful Eyes [contact]

Hi All...

A few of us (Dark Horizons, Trees76 and his Mrs) are heading to the Pitts show from NC/SC and wanted to find out from the local Rushians if a pre-show meet up is in the works, etc... We would love to hang out and have some good food/drinks and Rushian chats prior to rocking out to the Greatest Band in the Galaxy!

Any info is appreciated and looking forward to seeing you all!

Cheers, Peace
Thoughtful Eyes (Missy)
#22 - Posted 06/10/2012 11:03 AM by Son of a Mitch [contact]

Who here is ready to here Clockwork Angels played at this show?!

Can't wait.
#21 - Posted 05/17/2012 8:27 PM by FirstFanInMichigan [contact]

Got my tickets in the mail on Monday! Sec 102 Row M Almost the exact opposite from my seats on the 2010 show ...116 DAYS AND COUNTING!!!!
#20 - Posted 05/06/2012 12:02 PM by Thoughtful Eyes [contact]

Hi earthshine38! Not sure about the VIP pkgs, there seem to be a lot of those types of deals floating around. Sorry i am of no help :( But my husband and fellow Rushians Trees76 and his better half will be in Pitts to rock out with you all! There should be some info on the site here about the tickets and what it all entails. Ed is the BOMB when it comes to ticket info! Heck RIAB is just the BOMB of Rush sites! :) Hope the ticket page or a Rushian in the know gets you that info you are looking for! Cheers, peace and RushON!
#19 - Posted 05/05/2012 2:17 PM by earthshine38 [contact]

Greetings, fellow cells-of-Rush-awareness! I am a 46 yr old fan who got hooked on Rush when my record club automatically sent me Exit...Stage Left, because I forgot to return my card! Broon's Bane, The Trees, and Xanadu left me spent and helpless to resist! I have not missed a tour since the first one I could get to - ASoH, but I have NEVER had a seat near the front. This year, I used the VIP thingy, because I wanted the stuff in the package, and because it says it guarantees me a seat in the first 15 rows. Now I realize I'm not sure what that means in Pittsburgh, and I'm hoping someone can give me an idea. Is that on the floor, or, well, OTHER?? Also, wondering if anyone is having a fan-mingle before the show, as I am coming alone and would enjoy some company! (My wife is a wonderful gal, but Rush ain't her deal! LOL )
#18 - Posted 05/04/2012 10:11 AM by seth2112 [contact]

nailed it!
2nd row
on geddys side
same seats for every tour since signals!
moving pictures seats were in the blues in the garden!
#17 - Posted 05/02/2012 10:58 PM by Rushoholic [contact]

what is Rush 2012 Premium Seating Presale ??
#16 - Posted 05/02/2012 11:46 AM by seth2112 [contact]


too late, second orchestras coming up!

lets all say un unison....

this is bullshit!!!!!!!!!!
#15 - Posted 05/02/2012 10:51 AM by adlhaggis [contact]

Has anyone foud the passwords yet? I tried LIVENATION and VENUE
#14 - Posted 05/02/2012 9:36 AM by Thoughtful Eyes [contact]

And agreed Trees... a day to remember indeed. So happy to be making the trip with such fine Rushians!! :) The NC/SC brigade on its way!!!
#13 - Posted 05/02/2012 9:33 AM by Thoughtful Eyes [contact]

Helllooooo Trees and Pitts... indeed... me and my better half will be rockin out in the Steel City!!! So looking forward to the show... and meeting up with some awesome Rushians to celebrate! WOOOWHOO and yeah, ohhhhhhhhhh yeah!!! :) Cheers, peace
#12 - Posted 05/01/2012 4:26 PM by trees76 [contact]

Hello Pittsburgh!! I, my Better Half, and my fellow Rushian Partners, Thoughtful Eyes will be coming in from NC/SC for this leg!! A great place with the Greatest Band in the Galaxy!! I believe we are sitting in Sec 3 (Big Al's) Row L, which is 11 in most places!! Glad to meet and Greet all my Fellow Rushian Travellers where the plans will take us!!
See In Pitts on 9/11/12!! Lest we never forget!!
#11 - Posted 04/30/2012 1:56 PM by highwater [contact]

Thanks dingus. Congrats on scoring those seats in Section 2 - quite awesome. Now we wait until September ....

Might make the trip up to Toronto this year with a friend (did that for the Vapor Trails tour as well), but will opt for cheaper seats for sure!
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