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2013 Clockwork Angels Tour

Sun, Apr 28: Amway Center - Orlando, FL

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Show Number: 3

Show Time: 7:30 PM

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Sun, Apr 28 Amway Center Orlando, FL
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#66 - Posted 05/02/2013 11:51 AM by LerxstGirl [contact]

I just wanted to say that I had an amazing time at the show. I was absolutely thrilled to meet Susan and Bravado! Rush fans are a very special breed. I relish the feeling of camaraderie that exists between us fans. It's an inexplicable bond really. Just mutual respect for each other and a shared love of OUR band. Next time, I'd love to get in town early enough to make a pre-show get-together. Sounds like a great time was had by all!

Take care, everyone. And as Geddy would say, "I hope to see you all again sometime down the road!"

Oh and if any of you are into Facebook, my "contact" info on here links to my Facebook page. Feel free to add me as a friend...or "take yourself a friend" if you'd prefer :)

#65 - Posted 04/30/2013 12:52 PM by susanlynn40 [contact]

Hi. I hope everyone had a great time at the show. I had the pleasure of meeting Lerxstgirl -- so if you read this, it was great to meet you! We were hanging out at "Drafts" before the show, and 2 guys walked up..."Lerxstgirl?" (they read the forum) and I said "no" and introduced myself. But it was great --- they ended up being two guys that know or work with some of our best friends. Talk about a small world...so Brad Beard or Paul Popovich, if you read this...it was so wonderful to meet you both.

I have never in my life encountered such a great group of people. Rush fans are definitely some of the best people - kind, nice and just awesome to know.

I loved the show...and I hope and pray they do another tour in the future.

Best wishes to everyone....for a great summer and life in general.
#64 - Posted 04/29/2013 1:30 AM by drcos

So we got Set B, and a shirt from Geddy.
#63 - Posted 04/28/2013 3:05 PM by nalweng [contact]

As of about 1:30 this afternoon there was paving repair occurring at the railroad crossing on Church St. in downtown Orlando one block east of the arena. Do not know if it is a quick fix or a longer operation. No real problem for access just reeked of asphalt as I was passing by. See y'all there , have a great show!
#62 - Posted 04/28/2013 2:17 PM by Snaked [contact]

I'm kickin it in Orlando right now ;)
Hated the drive from WPB...seemed like it took forever! Good thing I have a hotel near MCO tonight.

Will be dining somewhere on Church St. at some point... tall guy.. RUSH t-shirt... you can't miss me! 0.o
#61 - Posted 04/28/2013 9:19 AM by bravado [contact]

everyone would gather on april 28th, sitting in orlando to watch the greatest band on earth, dancing fires on church street,singing songs together, tho it's just a memory,THIS memory will last forever. no more sleeps, it's RUSH day RUSH ON
#60 - Posted 04/28/2013 8:25 AM by afght19 [contact]

Sunrise was amazing. I think the general rule is stand on the floor and sit in the bowl for the most part. Which is why I would never be anywhere than the floor for rush. I don't stand so much as move, clap, air play, and jump. I listen to a lot of music new and old, but no other music does it for me like a Rush show. Heading up from Miami today for the Orlando show. First time seeing back to back tour dates. About time I did this!
#59 - Posted 04/28/2013 12:45 AM by oriongal [contact]

#55 sounds good - won't be able to make it to Harry Buffalo but with any luck should have enough time after picking up tix to check in at Magic Grill. Also plan to hit there after the show.
#58 - Posted 04/27/2013 4:35 PM by vaporsdad [contact]

@#57 I have NEVER sat at a RUSH concert.
#57 - Posted 04/27/2013 11:54 AM by LerxstGirl [contact]

So I went to last night's show in Sunrise. It was awesome EXCEPT the two dudes sitting behind me were not impressed that I was standing. Being the considerate fan that I am (they were wearing Time Machine shirts so I was assuming they were there because they wanted to be) I promptly sat and remained seated throughout the show. At least until they left. Before the encore. Who DOES that? Is there some sort of concert protocol that I'm unaware of wherein you only stand if you're on the floor or if you're in the first 5 rows of the lower section? This is the first time I've ever encountered this. Of course i don't normally sit in the lower section either. Anyway, tomorrow night I'll be back on my feet...on the floor...where I belong.

Can't wait to see y'all there.

One more sleep! Omg :)

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