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Clockwork Angels

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  • Clockwork Angels

    Released June, 2012

    US Billboard Peak: 2

    Album Credits


    GEDDY LEE bass guitar, keyboards, bass pedals, vocals
    ALEX LIFESON guitars, keyboards
    NEIL PEART drums, cymbals, tambourine

    Recorded by Richard Chycki
    Mixed by Nick Raskulinec
    z an d recorded at Blackbird Studios, Nashville TN, April 2010
    Assisted by Lowell Reynolds
    All other songs recorded at Revolution Recording, Toronto ON, October-December 2011
    Assisted by Stephen Koszler and Jason Dufour
    Mixed at Henson Studios, Los Angeles CA, January-March 2012
    Assisted by Martin Cooke
    Mastered by Bria n Gardner at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood CA

    All songs composed by Lee and Lifeson, with lyrics by Peart
    Arrangements by Rush and Nick Raskulinecz
    Piano o n by Jason Sniderman
    Strings o n an d arranged and conducted by David Campbell
    Recorded at Ocean Way Studios, Los Angeles CA, January 18, 2012
    Engineered by Paul Fig
    Assisted by Rouble Kapoo
    r new intro recorded on Lerxst Mobile, West Hollywood CA

    Management: Ray Danniels
    Executive Production: Andy Curran
    Associate Production: Pegi Cecconi, Liam Birt
    Equipment supervision: Lorn e Wheaton, Joh n McIntosh

    Art direction, design, and illustrations: Hugh Syme
    Band portrait: Andrew MacNaughtan


    Geddy would like to thank the good people of the following companies for their technical contributions and support: Fender Musical Instruments and the Fender Custom Shop, Tech 21, Orange Amplifiers, Moog Synthesizers, Tom Brantley, James Hogg, Rotosound Bass Strings, and Jim Burgess of Saved By Technology. I would also like to thank Nancy, Kyla, Julian, and Lauren, for their constant and complete support, love, and understanding - and it is my pleasure to introduce ... The Wassermans ^..^ ^..^

    Alex would like to thank: Pat Foley and the crew at Gibson Custom Shop and Gibson Guitars, Hughes & Kettner Amplification, Dean Markley Strings, Paul Reed Smith Guitars, Joel Singer and Audio Technica, Universal Audio, Dave Welderman at the Guitar Center, Hollywood, and especially Adrian, Charlene, Dylan, Justin, and Taylor. Farewell, Barbara and Paul.

    Neil would like to thank: Don Lombardi, John Good, Louie Garcia, Garrison, and everybody at Drum Workshop and Drum Channel; Mark Love, Chris Stankee, and everybody at Sabian; Promark drumsticks, Remo drumheads, Darren Schoepp at Roland, Jeffery at KellyShu Industries, Greg Russell at, Brutus at Bubba's Bar 'n' Grill, Freddie Gruber RIP, Peter Erskine, Lorne "Gump" Wheaton, and on the home front, Keith, Jeanette, Jennifer, Adela, Katie, Winston, and - lastest and mostest - Carrie and Olivia.

    Our collective appreciation goes to: John McBride and all at Blackbird; Joe Dunphy, Tanya Coghlan, and Amanda Pearl at Revolution (and Rene Lesko at Kindred Spirits Catering). At Henson, Martin and Faryal; Barry and Clint at BZ Brokers; and - Oselect * from rush_albums limit 5

    Extremely special thanks, as always, to our great support group at SRO/Anthem: Ray Danniels, Pegi Cecconi, Sheila Posner, Meghan Symsyk, Bob Farmer, Andy Curran, Cynthia Barry, Tyler Tasson, Emma Sunstrum, and Randy and Frances Rolfe.

    Brought to you by the letter U

  • Track List

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    1) Caravan (5:40)

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    2) BU2B (5:10)

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    3) Clockwork Angels (7:31)

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    4) i. The Pedlar 1

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    5) The Anarchist (6:52)

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    6) Carnies (4:52)

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    7) Halo Effect (3:14)

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    8) Seven Cities Of Gold (6:32)

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    9) The Wreckers (5:01)

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    10) Headlong Flight (7:20)

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    11) ii - The Pedlar 2

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    12) BU2B2 (1:28)

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    13) Wish Them Well (5:25)

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    14) The Garden (6:59)

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