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Different Stages Live

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  • Different Stages Live

    Released November, 1998

    US Sales: Gold

    Album Credits

    Geddy Lee - Bass Guitars/Vocals/Synthesizers
    Alex Lifeson - Electric And Accoustic Guitars/Vocals
    Neil Peart - Drums/Percussion

    Produced by Geddy Lee and Paul Northfield
    Mixed by Paul Northfield
    Disc Three Engineered by Terry Brown

    Disks 1 & 2 recorded 6/14/97, except
    Disk 1 track 4, 4/30/94
    Disk 1 track 6, 2/27/94
    Disk 1 track 7, 5/24/97
    Disk 1 track 10 & Disk 2 track 7, 6/23/97
    Disk 2 track 2, 3/22/94
    Disk 2 track 6, 7/2/97

    Disk 2 track 10, 6/4/97 (Japanese release only)

    In loving memory of Jackie and Selena

    Atlantic/Anthem, November 10, 1998

    Set One:

    Dreamline (5.34)
    Limelight (4.32)
    Driven (5.16)
    Bravado (6.23)
    Animate (5.29)
    Show Don't Tell (5.29)
    The Trees (5.28)
    Nobody's Hero (5.01)
    Closer To The Heart (5.13)
    I. Overture (4.32)
    II. The Temples of Syrinx (2.20)
    III. Discovery (4.17)
    IV. Presentation (3.40)
    V. Oracle: The Dream (1.49)
    VI. Soliloquy (2.07)
    VII. Grand Finale (2.39)

    Set Two:

    Test For Echo (6.15)
    Analog Kid (5.14)
    Freewill (5.36)
    Roll The Bones (5.58)
    Stick It Out (4.42)
    Resist (4.27)
    Leave That Thing Alone (instrumental 4.46)
    The Rhythm Method (drum solo 8.19)
    Natural Science (8.05)
    * Force Ten (4:47)
    The Spirit of Radio (5.00)
    Tom Sawyer (5.18)
    YYZ (instrumental 5.25)
    set three (Hammersmith
    Odeon, February 20, 1978):

    Bastille Day (5.07)
    By-Tor and the Snowdog (4.59)
    Xanadu (12.32)
    A Farewell to Kings (5.53)
    Something For Nothing (4.01)
    Cygnus X-1 (10.23)
    Anthem (4.47)
    Working Man (4.00)
    Fly By Night (2.04)
    In The Mood (3.34)
    Cinderella Man (5.09)



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