Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Far Cry featured on iTunes Canada site
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Far Cry on iTunes CanadaUPDATE - 3/16@9:58AM: Far Cry is finally available on iTunes US. Thanks to reader Gary M for the heads up.

UPDATE - 3/14@1:45PM: Reader batperez just let us know in the comments that Far Cry is now available on at this link.

UPDATE - 3/14@9:54AM: Bug iTunes US here.

UPDATE - 3/14@9:27AM: According to a couple of the comments it's up on Napster. Still no word on iTunes outside of Canada though.

Far Cry is now available for download on iTunes in Canada. I'm not sure about the US and elsewhere though. It's even one of the features on their homepage. So buy a copy if you are able and so inclined - if for no other reason than to support the band. And if you haven't heard it yet - where the hell have you been?! ;) Go to and give it a listen. Thanks to reader Andy G for the heads up.

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#40 - Posted 3/16/07 @9:29PM by Broonskey [contact]

Since I don't have iTunes here's the link I get for Far Cry:


Hopefully that helps. :)
#39 - Posted 3/16/07 @3:37PM by Tom [contact]

Search either "Rush" or "Far Cry" -- not both in iTunes search window. Upon return of results, if you searched "Rush," click on the "Name" windown to sort the songs by alphabetical order. If search "Far Cry," sort by Artist.
#38 - Posted 3/16/07 @2:51PM by unstableconditoon [contact]

I don't think it's on iTunes or if it was, it's gone now...
#37 - Posted 3/16/07 @2:49PM by unstableconditoon [contact]

Got it from Real!! Yeah booooooooooooooooooooooooooooiiii!!

I love it!!
#36 - Posted 3/16/07 @2:40PM by unstableconditoon [contact]

Just checked Napster.. it's been pulled by "the artist"... Checking Real...
#35 - Posted 3/16/07 @1:55PM by unstableconditoon [contact]

Please call me an IDIOT!! I cannot find Far Cry on iTunes US.. HELP!!!
#34 - Posted 3/16/07 @10:02AM by Tom [contact]

Far Cry is now available on the U.S. iTunes store!!! Just purchased, and it sounds amazing.
#33 - Posted 3/15/07 @10:00AM by Rushfan6588 [contact]

The new far cry single is about to go top 15 on iTunes Canada..awesome, Nelly Furtado better get the hell out of the way!!! RUSH IS BACK
#32 - Posted 3/14/07 @8:41PM by Edisonbaggins [contact]

Downloading real player store right now. What I won't do for Rush...
#31 - Posted 3/14/07 @5:23PM by Redlinedrummer [contact]

I have to disagree with you on VT, sensi. Far Cry is better then anything VT.........

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