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Far Cry open thread
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UPDATE - 3/12@9:04PM: This is nuts. I'm having trouble keeping up. But it's fun. :)

Looks like took down the clip for a little while in order to swap out the Flash with a version using an encrypted mp3. So the direct link to the mp3 file no longer works. Not a big deal though - the file is all over the place. I'm taking my snazzy little player away for now just because I have nowhere I can host the file that can handle the traffic. Plus there's really no need at this point. Just listen to it at or grab a copy from one of the message boards like Counterparts... or just ask somebody here to email you a copy.

According to many readers, several radio stations seem to be playing a shortened version of the song. I can't vouch for that but I've heard it from enough people to think it could be true. Whether this is a truncated version or an altogether different version (or a mass delusion) is unknown at this time. :)

There was a poll up on Q107's website with some very interesting results.

I know I'm forgetting something else... I'll think of it later. Oh yeah - and be nice to Nick.

----- snip -----

UPDATE - 3/12@11:53AM: Alright... not much more to be said here. I've finally had some time to sit back and attempt to digest all this. Wow. Comments are pouring into this thread faster than I can keep up. I also appreciate all the emails. Far Cry is all over the net and is now in rotation on several radio stations. There's even this homemade video for the song up on YouTube. If you haven't had a chance to check out the revamped then do so. It's a vast improvement over the old one and there's a great little gallery of pics from in the studio. No tour dates yet though. More on that later.


UPDATE - 3/12@6:43AM: Wow. Rush completely trumped everybody with how they released this. Well played! For anyone who hasn't already downloaded the mp3 directly from, the file is here. Or, if you prefer, use my snazzy little player below. New Rush! Wooohooo!!

UPDATE - 3/12@6:24AM: I guess I should have stayed up a little later. Go to! It's there - the whole song... along with a completely revamped site. Very cool. Rush is really doing a stand-up job of leveraging the internet for this album. This song rocks!

Tomorrow is the big day. We get our first taste of a complete new Rush song in 5 years. We heard the 15-second clip ... then we heard the 45-second clip ... then we merged the two! Now ... the whole thing!! Stations are supposed to be able to obtain the song at 6AM. Soon after this the bootleg copies will no doubt appear and spread like wildfire throughout the net. This thread is here for the sole purpose of tracking the release of the song throughout the day. If you hear the song, let us know where you heard it and what your thoughts are. I'll be updating this post throughout the day too. It's gonna be a fun ride.

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#536 - Posted 6/18/07 @1:02PM by rushisaband [contact]

Due to server load issues, I'm closing down this thread and instituting a 500-comment threshold on comments.
#535 - Posted 3/18/07 @2:16AM by Dave [contact]

It's "Electrical changes are charging up the young."
#534 - Posted 3/17/07 @9:58PM by choose freewill [contact]

oops weren't not weren,t!
btw- forgot to mention post I was refering to was #475
#533 - Posted 3/17/07 @5:29PM by patrick star aka choose freewill [contact]

Thanks Gregory. I was primarily apologizing to all of you who weren,t even involved in it. It's your vibe I was bringing down.

Also, the name patrick star as most of you are well aware is a character from the Spongebob cartoon. Yeah, I watch it with my kids and I love it. Unless you've been "living under a rock" (you'll get it if you watch it), you know that patrick is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and I was just using it as part of the (bad) joke. You won't be hearing from him anymore. (unless, of course, it's an imposter.)

Yes I have posted here under another name. ONCE. (sorry, "I'm Broonskey")
It was "Choose freewill", and in regards to the radio edit. Just wanted to say I noticed one more part cut out.. the instrumental portion of the second verse section.
(goes from end of chorus right into second verse vocals)

Peace and happy St. patty's.
green beer in moderation!
#532 - Posted 3/17/07 @4:30PM by Gregory [contact]

Hi Patrick,
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Just wanted to let you know I realize it takes strong character to apoligize. I personally don't think you need to, but I can only speak for myself. I do however believe that most reading this thread would feel the same.
We are Rush fans & we're the luckiest people on earth! They've given us a lifetime of music & precious memories, more than we could ever have hoped for.
I can't wait to hear "Far Cry" and the rest of the album! Anybody know if they're putting it out on vinyl?
#531 - Posted 3/17/07 @9:59AM by patrick star [contact]

Apology due here folks..
I was out of line as a newcomer in here to start flinging arrows (pun intended).
Honestly my original post (#491) was meant in jest and I was trying to show how silly all this bickering actually is! But then, well, I got caught up in it myself. I was just shocked by some of the sniping going on, especially since we're all (presumably) Rush fans here. Aren't we kind of a small and "misunderstood" group to begin with?

My only other point was that knowledge/education and intelligence are not necessarily the same thing, and there is no need to put down others just because we perceive them as being less intelligent.
I don't know anyone in here well enough (the POSTS, let alone the real people) to start making personal attacks and I'm sorry it came off that way.

I didn't mean to get involved in bringing down the vibe. After all I LOVE Far Cry (more each listen) and I'm PSYCHED about the new album.
And yes, I know there is probably hardly anyone still following this thread.
#530 - Posted 3/17/07 @8:59AM by cpb [contact]

Gregory: love it in theory, though I wonder if it's dynamic enough for dem crazy kids today. Maybe as a replacement for the acoustic portion of the program... :)

Happy happy joy joy...
#529 - Posted 3/16/07 @10:40PM by Gregory [contact]

I'd like to send a shout out to Tony from Sarnia. We used to stand in line all night at the CTC outlet in Port Huron to get Rush tickets. Remember that long haired drummer from "Detour"? Remember the "ooh la la" girls from Quebec? Michelle, "Mmmmwwwwaaaaa!"
I know your a die hard Rush addict, as am I, so I'm pretty sure your viewing this thread. Tony, let me know it's you by telling me the gift you gave me, I still have it!
Far Cry kicks a**!
Thank the gods we love Rush, a band still thriving and relevant after all these years!
Peace to all
P.S. CPB, How would you feel about "Camera Eye" being back in the set list?
#528 - Posted 3/16/07 @6:44PM by Hoek [contact]

Jeez you guys, I didn't read all of your vain attempts at defending yourselves, but you just proved broons point again just by the mere act of posting and whining about what he--if it was even him--said. It just shows how right he is and how shallow you all are. I mean who cares? How can some online stranger hurt you this much to carry on like this? I just don't get it.

Ed: close the thread already, another ruined by immature bickering. Totally annoying. Find something else to do guys.
#527 - Posted 3/16/07 @4:41PM by jediyyz [contact]

#525...what point are you making?...I like Dream Theater...and you found this cite somehow,and read the posts...I read what were you trying to say?

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