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Rush's 2112 the centerpiece of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
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[Video: Rush on Bringing "2112" to 'Guitar Hero']

UPDATE - 7/21@9:52PM: The game is slated for a September 28th release and can be pre-ordered at this link.

A couple weeks ago I'd mentioned in a Friday updates post the rumor that the upcoming Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock video game would feature Rush's 2112 in its entirety. Not only has the rumor just been confirmed by Rolling Stone magazine, but the extent of Rush's involvement goes way beyond just the song being featured. Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson are also directly involved, providing narration for portions of the game which revolve around the storyline of 2112. From the Rolling Stone article:

It's official: Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock has the most epically prog-rock finale of any music video game yet. Rush have teamed with Activision for the fall release, which features a story-based Quest Mode that includes with hero wannabes playing the entirety of "2112," a seven-part suite from the Canadian band's 1976 album of the same name. The story of the game's final segment roughly follows Rush's opus, and will be narrated by lead singer Geddy Lee and guitarist Alex Lifeson. "In our story, the caves of 2112 are where our hero finds the lost guitar," says Lee. "This rediscovery of music is much like the Guitar Hero warriors' journey to find the Demi-God of Rock's Legendary guitar, which has been trapped in a cavern." Watch exclusive footage from the game above.

Peart, Lee and Lifeson join Kiss' Gene Simmons as Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock narrators. Simmons' contribution begins with an introduction asking players to "Come with me, and enter a world populated of Demi-Gods and Beasts. Transform from an everyday person and become the savior of rock & roll." ...

... The game retains the familiar Guitar Hero interface, with a few aesthetic changes - the imagery is filled with flames and molten lava, and the plastic guitars will come with detachable "axe wings" for gamers looking for a little more edge. The venues include Rush-inspired caves and a faithful rendering of the now-defunct CBGB. Additionally, Warriors of Rock will be the first in the Guitar Hero series to feature eight playable characters, each of whom will transform into rock warriors as players unlock subsequent challenges.

Despite added emphasis on storytelling and quest progression, however, the game remains focused on rock. "I think it's a great way to introduce people of all ages to music of various styles by all kinds of different bands," says Lifeson, "while providing a launching pad for kids who want to get into playing music."

And there's also this accompanying video previewing the game that includes interview snippets with Alex and Geddy.

Thanks to Robert S for the heads up.



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#51 - Posted 7/22/10 @4:45PM by Chris42wilts [contact]

I agree with islandrushfan43. I am not sure exactly how it is progressive to exploit monkeys for a video. It is cheap and degrading and condemned by right thinking people who believe primates should not be exploited in such a way.
#50 - Posted 7/22/10 @2:43PM by Chris42wilts [contact]

Watching the video with them reeling off corporate soundbites about the game supplied by the company was depressing. There goes music... into the abyss of corporate hell and merchandising. This to me is the end of Rush as the band I admired in the 70s.
#49 - Posted 7/22/10 @12:09PM by flofixer [contact]

#41 It's not just the Amazon ad that doesn't mention Rush, it's taken directly from the ad on, where Rush isn't even listed on the setlist. There is a link to the video where Alex and Geddy talk about it however. Very strange, perhaps a late addition?
#48 - Posted 7/22/10 @10:08AM by islandrushfan43 [contact]

And whats with Geddy introducing the concert as the "silliest show on earth"? and goofing about before the concert with the pre-concert video? and using monkeys and puppets in the videos?

I feel rush should have more respect for their music and their fans who take their music seriously. That music and especially the Moving Pictures album meant and still means a lot to me. To see it ridiculed like that is insulting to me.

Can you see Pink Floyd or Genesis introducing themselves as the silliest show on earth and making a fool of themselves on video?

Go ahead and flame me all you want :)
#47 - Posted 7/22/10 @10:03AM by islandrushfan43 [contact]

Why not go one better?

Why not get the animators to do a complete animated movie for 2112 side A in a serious way?
#46 - Posted 7/22/10 @10:00AM by Harry Satchel [contact]

I much prefer Rock Band over Guitar Hero but I'll definitely be preordering this!
#45 - Posted 7/21/10 @10:44PM by patrush

#38 - when you mention Rush to the average person, they probably think "Rush Limbaugh", and you being in the liberal-land of Los Angeles, the blank stares you got were probably states of disbelief.

Had you been in Berkeley, the liberals would have quite possibly reacted violently.
#44 - Posted 7/21/10 @10:42PM by patrush

#41 - this is totally outrageous! Someone should alert Amazon of this glaring omission.
#43 - Posted 7/21/10 @10:41PM by patrush

This Rock Band thing is really great news for Rush!!

Much more important than being inducted into the RRHOF.
#42 - Posted 7/21/10 @9:54PM by Sub-Xanadu Man [contact]

#35 - You hit the nail on the head. The music business is not what it once was. A majority of income these days comes from touring and not album sales. I'm certain that the guys are approaching all of this as a way to cash in on their music and I would never begrudge them for that. They certainly have earned the right to do so and they should be able to be well taken care of for all of the great music they have created and have yet to create. :-)

It's also a known fact, and they have mentioned that it's another way to just get their music out there to another generation of fans. I'm in the military and I can't tell you the number of young fans they have garnered by exposing them to their music through these types of products. I find it exciting. I love it when I can talk to a young person about Rush and them not look at me like I'm some old geezer. LOL

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