Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dream Theater covers Rush's The Camera Eye at Toronto show
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UPDATE - 8/18@5:28PM: Here's another one (thanks amoderndaywarrior2112).

UPDATE - 8/15@7:11PM: Here's another video with slightly better sound quality and different angle (thanks DigitalMan745).

Progressive metal band Dream Theater played the Molson Amphitheater in Toronto last night. It's no secret that all members of the band are huge Rush fans and often discuss in interviews how much of an influence Rush has been on their music. They've also been known to cover Rush songs in concert from time to time. Last night they started out their encore with a cover of Rush's The Camera Eye with a backdrop of the Moving Pictures album cover. Rush hasn't performed this song live since the Signals tour. Here's a bootleg video of the performance:

If you are aware of any better quality videos, please let me know. Thanks to DigitalMan745 for the heads up and the video link.



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#35 - Posted 8/30/09 @11:57AM by Hold.Your.Fire [contact]

After 20+ years DT is finally starting to get the attention they deserve. I love how they have the openness and talent to play covers from amazing bands (like RUSH!) at nearly every every show. All the DT bashing here is childish and uninformed - most likely from people who haven't heard nearly enough (or any) of DT's work. Just go buy the "Score: 20th Anniversary" DVD and get blown away.
#34 - Posted 8/24/09 @2:57AM by jal2112 [contact]

I'm sorry but I consider this a sacrilege. Yeah they may be able to play Rush ok... Ok they may be paying homage to Rush but they were using all kinds of Rush images, icons and making them their own! Don't like that.. Don't like that at all! BTW it took 5 of them to do what the 3 guys can do. I bet they do camera eye on the next tour. F--- dream theater....
#33 - Posted 8/19/09 @1:57PM by LaVillaFreeze [contact]

Jeez, whats with all the DT bashing. FYI GedHed, if LaBrie's voice hurts you so much stop by Best Buy and pick up the 3 disc edition of the new album. It has a disc of the whole album minus the vocals. I have been a Rush fan since 1978 and a DT fan since 1992. The are by far the most talented band to come along in a long time-probably SINCE Rush. Open your minds a little, OK? Or you could go listen to the dreck that is on Top-40 radio. Here in LA radioland KLOS doesn't even play anything past Moving Pictures, it'as like Rush stopped making music about 1981!Just support the bands that actually know how to play their instruments, OK?
#32 - Posted 8/18/09 @2:46PM by Runkerry

Sorry to hear your news Cygnus; its a rough deal. Hope you find some comfort in Rush songs. I have to say that I dont rate this cover of The Camera Eye; sounded way off key, or maybe it was just me. I do like some of their stuff, and James La Brie has a tremendous voice, but the last album was poor (Systematic Chaos), and Black Clouds and Silver Linings sounds like a copy. Don't rate it at all. Sorry.
#31 - Posted 8/17/09 @9:40PM by JohnnyTRacer [contact]

Dream Theatre did a very good job here! I think they are very talented and are very different from Rush. They are actually Progressive Metal. I was turned on to them in the 90's with their song, Pull Me Under. I have not listened to them since except for recently as they are making a surge again. Here is a video of their 2009 tour going on now.....Could do without the language, but it's Really cool after the 4:45 mark!

Queensryche is my #1 Progressive Metal band and Rush is my #1 band. :-)

#30 - Posted 8/17/09 @9:17PM by necromancer 2112 [contact]

post #14- I really have a feeling Rush will finally do "The Camera Eye" next tour,but I have been hoping for them to do "The Necromancer" or part of it for 28 years so who knows! lol
#29 - Posted 8/17/09 @9:10PM by necromancer 2112 [contact]

I also think Dream Theatre is an excellent band and I think their Rush influence is apparent but they don't try to be copycats! Whenever they cover a Rush tune it is done very well and they stay pretty close to the original version! When I heard their cover of "The Necromancer" I honestly got goose bumps and almost had to remind myself it wasn't Rush- I said "almost" ! lol It made me yearn for Rush to do it in concert one more time , I would go nuts!! lol
#28 - Posted 8/17/09 @6:20PM by GedHed [contact]

#22: ITA about LaBrie. Wish they'd get a different lead singer. He's what keeps me from listening to DT. His vibrato is way too wide for my taste. Plus, he's a bit pitchy, especially comnpared to Geddy. Must be hell to listen to LaBrie for those who were born with perfect pitch. I wasn't blessed with it, but I do find him pretty annoying. Such excellent musicians in that band, though. I love Portnoy. He's good at what he does (he's cute, too!;)).

#5: I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. You're in my prayers, hon. {{{}}} I'm so happy you've turned to music for comfort. Aside from the love of family and friends, it's some of the best medicine there is.
#27 - Posted 8/17/09 @2:48PM by Xanadu_2112 [contact]

#23 - The Greatest Hit album by Dream Theater is a more "commercial" compilation of songs by DT. I would not recomend this album to Rush fans, as it is missing their greatest progressive masterpieces as Metropolis Part I, A Change of Season, the full length version of Take the Time, Learning to Live, The Glass Prison, among others.

I would recomend getting Images and Words first, then the A Change of Season EP, and move from there if you like what you hear on those two cds.
#26 - Posted 8/17/09 @2:43PM by Xanadu_2112 [contact]

First, I have to say I've been a huge Rush fan since 1996, and a huge Dream Theater fan since 1997. A friend of mine introduced me to Rush music, and a few months later he introduced me to DT music.

DT tradition was that whenever they played in the same place for two nights in a row, the encore would be a "classic album" by one of their inspirations. They've done Iron Maiden, Metallica, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple... The last couple of tour the haven't had to night stands, so Mike Portnoy (who pretty much controls the bands setlist) decided that they would include one cover song of their big influences everyonce in a while, playing it in a city that is representative of that band (Queen in London, Pantera in Texas, etc.) Doing Rush in Toronto is kind of an obvious, but this means that they probably won't get a chance at performing any full Rush album this year. Portnoy is a huge Rush fan, and I'm sure that just like each and everyone of us, would love to see Rush play The Camera Eye... this information should give anyone not familiar with DT a good explanation why they did this cover.

To the lucky bastards who got to be on that show, I really envy all of you... hope you guys enjoyed it!

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