Friday, January 23, 2009

Alex Lifeson Modern Guitars interview now online
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[Modern Guitars Alex Lifeson Interview]

Back in early December I'd posted several preview excerpts from an interview with Alex Lifeson that Skip Daly had conducted for Modern Guitars magazine. Skip is the cofounder of BOS Music as well as the creator of the infamous Rush Petition site. The complete article is now online at this location. You can read several of the better excerpts below the fold but here's my brief summary of some of the highlights. Alex talked about his and the band's disappointment with how the Vapor Trails album was recorded. He also discussed the possibility of remixing the entire album because Richard Chycki's remixes of One Little Victory and Earthshine for Rush: Retrospective 3 turned out so well. Alex talked about the existence of some old pre-1974 tapes that might have some interesting stuff on them such as recordings of songs like Run Willie Run, Slaughterhouse, Garden Road and other songs that they wrote and played during the early bar days. He also pretty much debunked the rumor that the next tour would be their last, essentially reiterating what he had stated in his Toledo Blade interview and what Geddy had intoned in his Billboard interview. They also touched on songs that almost made recent set lists such as The Camera Eye and A Farewell to Kings and how sites such as the Rush Petition (which Skip created by the way) help influence their choices. Be sure to read the whole interview.




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#14 - Posted 1/23/09 @1:27PM by digitalfries [contact]

#12: My impressions of the band from hearing them in interviews on Rockline and such is that Geddy and Alex are probably very approachable people...I think as long as you're not a frothing fan-boi or whatnot. Neil has said that recently he's been better about being approached--but he admits to being shy anyways. Hanging out with Alex would be hilarious. He seems to have a very bent sense of humor. He's Canadian...of course he's down to earth.
#13 - Posted 1/23/09 @1:21PM by PetieLee [contact]

#5: mommy_of_zuzu, "not retiring" is all I needed to hear, too! Life is good - no, it's great!!! Get to see more Geddy playing live! Eeeek! So happy!

I want to see "The Camera Eye" live!!! I'd love to hear "Nocturne" played live waaaaaay more!!!! I don't care what Rush plays live though - just THE EXPERIENCE OF SEEING RUSH LIVE AGAIN is good enough for me! They can play anything they want and I'll be there, front row (Geddy side, of course!), smilin' and thoroughly enjoying it all!!!

I'm so happy!!!! Great news! Thanks Ed for such a great update today! When is the next tour? Ha ha ha! Yes!!!! *tee hee hee*

Happy, happy, joy, joy!!! :)

Love da Geddy! Miss da Geddy!
#12 - Posted 1/23/09 @12:15PM by dedlift [contact]

#10 & #11
Agree 100%. That was very cool. Great insights and easy to tell Alex is a very down to earth, likeable guy.

How fun would it be to hang out with Lerxst?
#11 - Posted 1/23/09 @12:04PM by Wall05 [contact]

Now that's an interview
#10 - Posted 1/23/09 @11:30AM by freewilly [contact]

PS thanks Ed
#9 - Posted 1/23/09 @11:30AM by freewilly [contact]

Alex rules! Geddy rules! Neil rules! RUSH rules!!! Alex has sooo much style. Always love to read and hear the things he says about (his) music as well as other things... cool.
#8 - Posted 1/23/09 @11:14AM by Kelly D [contact]

Not much! I'm eagerly awaiting Ed's third post of the day ;) "The Camera Eye" must be their most-requested song. . . they're eeeeeevil for not bowing to our whims! ;D I say this with a big helping of jest, of course!
#7 - Posted 1/23/09 @11:09AM by mommy_of_zuzu [contact]

LOL! I'd love to hear "The Camera Eye" next tour, and I know I'm not alone. What's shakin', Kelly D?
#6 - Posted 1/23/09 @11:05AM by Kelly D [contact]

Alex hinting that they almost played "The Camera Eye," I suspect, is nothing but a cruel joke ;)
#5 - Posted 1/23/09 @10:50AM by mommy_of_zuzu [contact]


"not retiring" - that's all I need to hear!

"for a gig that I'm doing next week" - really, where?!

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