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2112 video from the Snakes & Arrows DVD
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[Rush: "2112" from Snakes & Arrows Live] has posted the entire 2112: Overture / Temples of Syrinx video from the Snakes & Arrows DVD which you can watch at this link. This is the first taste of the Atlanta show bonus footage that we've been treated to thus far. A couple of weeks ago we got to see YYZ from the DVD and on the Rush Hashanah special which aired on VH1 Classic a few weeks ago they aired 2 other video teasers from the DVD both of which are now up on YouTube; The Spirit of Radio and Far Cry. The DVD will be released on both DVD and Blu-ray on November 25th and is available for pre-order from Rounder, the Rush Backstage Club, Amazon and other online vendors. For complete details and tracklisting check out the official press release in this post. Thanks to Gary O for the heads up.

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#71 - Posted 11/8/08 @1:00PM by GedHed [contact]

#68, #69, #70: Let's hope they jump on that wagon! I know I paid $40 for the flash drive they sold on line (bought mine at the Indy show, though). I guess I'm greedy, but man...all those shows...that would be a whole *slew* of rat pellets! I think that plus whatever live stuff they release could keep me going for a while between tours. Well, for a while, anyway... ;) And we all know that live is really where it's at where this band is concerned. The studio albums are great, but man...nothing like a live Rush show, even if it can't quite be captured on a recording. If you were *there* when it happened, a soundboard can take you right back to seat whatever, row whatever...

ITA about Mission. Secret Touch (man, that last wail still gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it!) is also a fave of mine off the Live CD--and Circumstances as well--which makes me so grateful to have been fortunate enough to have seen the guys on the first leg of the tour as well as at the shows I wheedled out of my husband on the second! I think Ged's in fine form. IMHO the man can do no wrong. Could be because I really didn't get into the band (whacks self in head a la Ged) until the R30 tour, but I am still just *so* impressed by these guys! I still get a Rush (yeah I know...trite) every time I think about having seen them (especially that show in Bonner Springs, second row, Ged's side), or hear rumors that there may be a 2009 tour! I don't think that will ever go away. Not if I live to be one hundred. I realize that Ged's vocal cords aren't quite the bungy-cords they were in the '70s, but I still think the man is amazing considering his age (he just plain looks great) and what those vocal cords have been asked to do for all of these years. Those three dudes never cease to amaze me with what they accomplish up there on that stage, show after show. They're the best! November 25th can't get here soon enough for me! The only thing that could make that day brighter for me would be if I was able to go to MMB's RIAB get-together to watch it for the first time. But I guess one can't have everything...
#70 - Posted 11/8/08 @11:44AM by lilvictory [contact]

#66 GedHed - Boy do I love that idea! I would definitely ante up for that one! Sure hope they consider doing something like that. And just think, then everyone would have something different to bitch about! Ha j/k

#44 Rush.KA - Speaking of songs off of S&A live that really showcase Geddy's vocals, how about Mission. The live version absolutely blows the studio version right out of the water IMHO. You hold YOUR fire are smokin' hot!!! Damn, I love that man's voice...
#69 - Posted 11/8/08 @10:43AM by necromancer 2112 [contact]

gedhed-that is a great idea about the sounboard copy! i dont know why the guys dont do that!!
#68 - Posted 11/8/08 @10:02AM by Wall05 [contact]

GedHed- They do the same type of thing at the Allman Bros. shows. You can purchase a copy of the show right after you saw it.

I would love if Rush did that. It would be awesome to be able to have a soundboard copy of all the shows I attend
#67 - Posted 11/8/08 @8:40AM by oddtimesarcasm [contact]

Thanks for the no-look assist rocinante5m!

I've never be a contributor, much less a good one. I have, however, been a moron, idiot, and balding Rush geek on a consistent basis. I'm sure the DVD will be fine and dandy, whoever said Rio spoiled us pretty much hit it on the head. That show, with its ripe, rainy crowd was both sacred and divine. Almost anything in comparison is doomed to seem somewhat mundane. Such is life. T

Thank God good memories are safely kept in the past, otherwise we would find a way to ruin them sooner or later.
#66 - Posted 11/8/08 @2:56AM by GedHed [contact]

Just a thought...last night we attended a Crosby/Nash concert here in KC and they sold flash drives containing a recording of the show we'd just seen, afterwards. $50 each, but *more* than worth it. I sure do wish Rush would do that. I'm sure they'd sell like crazy. We paid before the show and were given a ticket-type voucher to redeem after the show and collect our *soundboard* recording. Brilliant. Here's hoping the guys will do that next tour. I love concert t shirts & I wear them all the time. But if I had to choose, I'd choose a soundboard recording, no question. It would be great to have one of the Indy show!
#65 - Posted 11/8/08 @2:47AM by GedHed [contact]

#34: Sure wish I could attend. I'm sure a good time will be had by all. Can't wait for our attending Rush-Rats to tell us all about it! I so envy them! :)
#64 - Posted 11/7/08 @10:37PM by necromancer 2112 [contact]

roc-im doing good,how bout you? just got done watching allen iversons debut for my pistons!

i think this is going to be a great dvd! as far as those people who have commented on alex and neils demeanor on stage, i think sometimes people mistake these guys expressions on stage for boredom or not being happy!! its not that at all,its called concentration people! just because alex isnt goofing around every time doesnt mean that he is bored! ive heard him several times say that he enjoys playing everything that was in the setlist! its just sometimes he is in a more goofy and playful mood than other times! go back to "exit stage left" and you will see moments of seriousness from alex along with some playfulness! just because he is concentrating doesnt mean he is bored or unhappy! same with neil,he has always had "that look" when he plays,total concentration! i mean,he's not playing charlie watts parts back there!! lol
#63 - Posted 11/7/08 @10:14PM by Hakky [contact]

Having read and said all that....
t'was a fine friday to BLAST the RIO dvd.

Ahh.....major goosebumps...koolaid...(well whiskey and ginger ale)...Earthshine is soo rad, I love the guy in a cast who shakes his broken arm at the skycam!!! LOFL!!

Oh ya, I wanted to see if Free Will on RIO was great, ("cell of awareness...")
and ya know, people, People?
Geddy sang Free Will better this tour (SA) than ages!!

Having played drums at dozens of gigs, I know that each show is different, and so I think its really hard to please most (RUSH) fans most of the time, e-ven.
(Though the crowd certainly infects +/- )

...Rio-Resist into 2112 in moments...
Syrinx does rock severe.

What was my point again? Oh ya, its so easy to rip on things.
But try joking around on stage without hitting the wrong splash, Em#7, vocal etc.
Its freaking nerve-wracking!

Point 1(b)-
Ged/Alex have long been tussling with "and the meek shall..."
remember the bad Lerxst cue in ASOH ?

1(c) I often assume our forum is made up of people whose #1 band is RUSH, but I have to think that when some of the comments like today arise, there may be infiltraitors (sic).

To me, there is no other band to me that is as meaningful and undying.

Peace 2allz!

CLUBROSL- The 2 guys who won Vancouver's XBOX Guitar Hero play-YYZ contest got special CLUB seats at Ged's side, Rush On Stage Left.
**With or without the koolaid, they went zonkers!**
#62 - Posted 11/7/08 @9:55PM by rocinante5m [contact]

i was just joking dude.......congrats on getting the roof done, now all you have to do is hope it doesn't leak or blow away...... ;)

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