Thursday, June 5, 2008

Geddy Lee donates baseball collection to Museum
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Negro Leagues Baseball Museum[Rush vocalist makes donation to Negro Leagues Museum]

UPDATE - 6/7@12:15PM: Here's a video of Geddy presenting the baseballs at the Museum (thanks Brian K).

It's no secret to Rush fans that Geddy Lee is a huge baseball fanatic. Last year Geddy paid a visit to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City and was so impressed by it that he recently donated about 200 baseballs from his collection to the Museum. All the balls are autographed by former Negro Leagues baseball players or backers such as Cool Papa Bell, Hank Aaron and Lionel Hampton. From the Kansas City Star:

Close to 200 baseballs, all autographed by former Negro Leagues baseball players or backers, have been donated to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum by a somewhat surprising fan ... Rush singer/bassist Geddy Lee ...

... Lee, whose band performs Saturday at Starlight (see Page 39), dropped by the museum last year unannounced, Kendrick said.

"I wasn't here, but another employee walked him through the museum, and apparently he fell in love with the place," Kendrick said. "He already had a huge respect for the Negro Leagues, as the collection shows, and this brought it home to him."

Kendrick said the museum still needs to figure out how to display the baseballs, but just having Lee make the donation is a big plus for the museum.

"It opens us up to another audience that may not have thought about the Negro Leagues prior," he said. "And again it shows the wide range of folks who have been struck by this story."

Yet another random act of kindness from our favorite frontman. Many thanks to John at for the heads up.



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#32 - Posted 6/8/08 @10:05AM by nms [contact]

Just another incredible gift of generosity by the band. It never ceases to amaze me what great guys they are.
#31 - Posted 6/6/08 @9:15AM by LovLee [contact]

Odd #29

Geddy is way cool :)

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when he was going through the museum. Man how cool would that have been!

I liked your Analogy regarding the baseballs...

Given the historical relevance of the entire situation, those baseballs are much more than weathered leather and laces... They are art.

very true
#30 - Posted 6/6/08 @8:55AM by Rayzer2112 [contact]

Just another in a long list of reasons to love and espect these guys....

#24 El Queso, I believe you are mistaken about the Canadian tax laws...we do not get 100% of our charitible donations back from the government. We can claim it all but definately don't get the entire amount back. On top of the fact that baseballs are not legal tender...

Only 6 more sleeps until 3rd row centre in Montreal!
#29 - Posted 6/6/08 @8:43AM by oddtimesarcasm [contact]

LovLee #16 ---

You hit it right on with your reaction. I, too, was reading this story thinking to myself "another typical Rush goodwill act", but by the time I was done with it I was speechless myself.

To me, this is a more touching gift than any amount of money. To give away part of a beloved collection - one that has taken a lifetime to aquire I'm sure - is truly a great gift indeed. And it's so appropriate. Thats the beauty of it. So many people, ecspecially those with wealth, hoard items of importance just because they can. Given the historical relevance of the entire situation, those baseballs are much more than weathered leather and laces... They are art. I think a lot of us would think about donating our collection in similar circumstances, but I doubt many would follow through. I would like to say I would, but its easier said than done.

Geddy is a cool guy. He just is.

Can't you just imagine Geddy having the time of his life snooping around that place? Watching interviews and stuff, I can always tell when something really catches old Ged's attention.
#28 - Posted 6/6/08 @1:52AM by GedHed [contact]

#24: Yep! I remember that jersey! Pretty cool. :)
#27 - Posted 6/5/08 @9:56PM by Rob [contact]

I think any baseball fan that knows the history of the game has got to have enormus respect for the negro leagues. It would be safe to say that the greatest of the greatest played in that league.
Great move by Geddy to reconize that history. I'm kinda of a history buff...and baseball history is one of my favorite subjects.
#26 - Posted 6/5/08 @7:59PM by ghost__rider [contact]

Who ever said Geddy didn't have any balls??!!
#25 - Posted 6/5/08 @6:32PM by i think im going bald

There is nothing overtly generous about Rush donating money here and there. Under Canadian tax law this gives a 100% deduction on income. They are doing it to give the money to charity instead of paying tax. It's clever tax avoidance.
#24 - Posted 6/5/08 @5:50PM by El Queso [contact]

I am glad I gave Geddy a Stan Musial autographed baseball when I met him at the Meet & Greet in Albuquerque. Maybe he is just continuing to pay it forward. Cool jesture from a cool dude.
I do remember Geddy wearing a KC Monarchs shirt when they came on for the encore in Bonner Springs last summer.
#23 - Posted 6/5/08 @3:46PM by LovLee [contact]

I'm not really big on baseball, but it would definately be a hightlight to see all that history. It just boggles the mind to see how much things have changed in a few years.

Everyone has a story...

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