Friday, July 13, 2007

A Nice Morning Drive author recounts cycle ride with Neil Peart
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Richard S. Foster and Neil[The Drummer, the Private Eye, and Me (Rush Fans Take Note)]

Most Rush fans are aware that the epitome of driving songs - Rush's Red Barchetta - was inspired by a short story titled A Nice Morning Drive - it's right there in the liner notes on Moving Pictures. Originally published in the November 1973 issue of Road and Track magazine, the story was written by Richard S. Foster in 1972 and tells a futuristic tale which involved Modern Safety Vehicles (MSV's) that could damage older, pre-safety-bumper cars without incurring any harm themselves. Foster also happens to be, like Neil Peart, a BMW motorcycle buff. He recently posted a long article to the BMW Bikers of Metropolitan Washington Message Board where he talks about how he finally got to meet Neil Peart a couple weeks ago after all these years. He went for a bike ride with him and Rush's head of security (and Neil's riding partner) Michael Mosbach between the Bristow and Pittsburgh shows. He also recounts the entire tale of how A Nice Morning Drive came to be, how it inspired Neil Peart and how he finally got around to meeting him. The article is a very interesting read and chock full of great photographs. You will definitely want to check it out for yourself at this link. Many thanks to apoorvag for the heads up.



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#169 - Posted 7/15/07 @12:52AM by Lamb Saag [contact]

re #1:

THANK YOU, Howie, for not commenting on your status as first to post!

It was such a refreshing change to read an intelligent comment -- instead of reading a list of who can count off like kids waiting for the school bus on field trip day...

Again thank you, HFC.

On the topic of Red Barchetta, anyone remember Masseyeof's post a few months back regarding his science fiction short story "Red Barchetta Pt II"?
#168 - Posted 7/14/07 @8:59PM by Bravest Face [contact]

Liver, I can do nothing but second your viewpoint on this! I found this to be one of the most interesting posts in some time. To be honest, on many articles I just scan for the important points, but with this one I read word for word and thoroughly enjoyed the pictures of the wonderful scenery as well! To put a face to the man that inspired lyrics for a Rush song is a very good thing and to hear of the experience of the man who wrote those lyrics meeting up with the man who insprired them is indeed a tremendous thing indeed!

I don't know if I agree with Mr. Foster that it is one of the ten best Rush songs, (I believe he says that) of course he also says that arguing the point of what are the best Rush songs is an exercise in futility! lol!! I will say I think in may be in the top 20 though! It is also one of the very early songs that turned me on to Rush, after Working Man and Freewill.

Very much enjoyed this post and this article!!
#167 - Posted 7/14/07 @5:33PM by Liverpool.78

This is one of the most interesting threads that I have seen on this site.

There seem to be a lot of younger fans out there who don't have too great a handle on the band's history, their lyrical/musical inspiration, or the reasons why their works came in to being.

The little slice of history on this thread is important; it completes a circle for Neil and puts some of us older fans back in touch with our roots.

Yes, this thread is history, but it is very significant. What a shame it has only attracted 166 comments so far, and a lot of those comments will have alerted the interest of the Blog police :-)

#166 - Posted 7/14/07 @4:33PM by permanentsignals [contact]

This thread is history
#165 - Posted 7/14/07 @2:04PM by permanentsignals [contact]

only two weeks left until Vegas show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#164 - Posted 7/14/07 @2:02PM by permanentsignals [contact]

anyone left out there in Rushland ?
#163 - Posted 7/14/07 @1:43PM by necromancer 2112 [contact]

well said,glortiz!!!
#162 - Posted 7/14/07 @1:43PM by glortiz [contact]

That is what happens when you hang out with a great bunch of people.
#161 - Posted 7/14/07 @1:42PM by necromancer 2112 [contact]

never quite realized i could relate so many different subjects to RUSH,even in a small way!!!lol
#160 - Posted 7/14/07 @1:37PM by permanentsignals [contact]

So this site has been around for five years how did I miss it for all this time?

mouuswon- I had a fight with my wireless mouse.

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