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SPOILER ALERT!: rehearsal setlist
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A few days ago I revealed a partial setlist (SPOILER ALERT) from someone who had heard Rush rehearsing at the Hershey Center in Mississauga Ontario last week. Last night they were in Atlanta for opening night and rehearsed at the HiFi Buys Amphitheater. Speeding Wheels from the Mike Portnoy forum managed to sneak a listen and has revealed the entire (almost) rehearsal setlist. All the songs that I mentioned in my partial setlist post are included. Continue reading below to see the whole setlist. Thanks to Matthew V for the heads up.

*** SPOILER ***

*** SPOILER ***

*** SPOILER ***




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#166 - Posted 6/27/10 @11:24PM by GeminiRising79 [contact]

I love rush but this is an absolutely terrible setlist...absolutely terrible. They are going to have to diversify it before I pay $400 to see them. I couldn't have imagined a worse setlist :(
#165 - Posted 6/7/10 @9:51PM by bobmg [contact]

This is a great setlist, but if they're going to do the entire Moving Pictures cd, wouldn't vital signs, camera eye,and Red Barchetta be included? I'm really looking forward to The Camera Eye live.
#164 - Posted 6/16/07 @8:20PM by Another Lost Generation [contact]

It is essential that the boyz play Between The Wheels because of its anti-war significance.
I need to hear that song at the concert i'm going to. Also, I could use a Time Stand Still.
I severely love Subdivisions. It is not a "bathroom song."
In fact, if they launch into that song, and I need to go,
then I'm going in my pants. Maybe I should wear adult nappies.
"Conform or be cast out."
#163 - Posted 6/15/07 @11:40AM by jbfenderjazz [contact]

Well, it took me a while to get the egg off my face. I'll never doubt you again Lord Ed ;-)
#162 - Posted 6/13/07 @7:02PM by Prince Sphinc-Tor [contact]



We won't even notice you left!!!!
#161 - Posted 6/13/07 @6:30PM by SnowDoggy [contact]

maybe they went acoustic after "Dreamline"? hence the "long silence".
#160 - Posted 6/13/07 @6:18PM by max o'webster

Leave after the drum solo!!! You will be taken to the woods and shot (last bit in a German accent) I've already seen Spirit of Radio 20 times, think I'll stay.
#159 - Posted 6/13/07 @5:57PM by skl183

Wow, they haven't dropped this many albums since 96-97. Working Man might the first set closer, Xanadu or even Closer to the Heart. If they skip Kings THATS REALLY STRANGE since its the 30th anniversary.

Two from Signals, guess R25 is greater than R30, EH? ANH?

And no acoustic song? Summertime Blues was done acoustically, totally strange. I might leave after the Drum Solo. I've already seen One Little Victyr, YYZ and Passage to Bangkok isn't exactly my fave song either.
#158 - Posted 6/13/07 @5:40PM by GmooreDalas [contact]

RE: #148 Hey Analog Kid,

According to an old rockline i heard, Geddy said the name for Where's My Thing (Part 4 of the Gangster of Boats Trilogy) came from Neil. If they recorded a song for a Cd and couldn't come up with a title for it, he woudl always say "let's call it Gangster of Boats." So this apperently was the fourth time they couldn't come up with a title, so it kind of stuck. That's what Geddy said anyway. And why would he lie?
#157 - Posted 6/13/07 @5:38PM by rjmelody [contact]

Even with Summertime Blues its a damn good setlist, I was just hoping they would include 2112, Available Light, and The Pass... Oh, and 2 or 3 more drum solos!

I'll be traveling from Panama just to see these guys!

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