Thursday, May 24, 2007

Video of Geddy Lee appearance on Bob & Doug McKenzie anniversary special now online
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Geddy on Bob & Doug 24 specialEarlier this week I reported that Geddy Lee had made a surprise guest appearance on the Bob & Doug McKenzie's Two-Four Anniversary special which aired on the CBC this past Sunday. There is now video of the appearance available on YouTube. You can check it out here. Thanks to Power Windows for the heads up and for the screenshot.



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#69 - Posted 5/25/07 @11:44PM by maestro [contact]


Oooooooooooooooooooppps!! (lol)

When I typed: "...Someone earlier in the thread mentioned Chronicles..."

It should have read: "...Someone earlier in the thread mentioned 'Archives' :)

{Speedreading has its disadvantages.
If I don't slowdown a bit, I guess I'm going to have to ask someone to volunteerto help me shave my head.
It MIGHT teach me a lesson :) }

Thank You Spindrifter:

Reason I asked: I saw the thing on Amazon for $153.00
There was no description, no photo, no information whatsoever.

Thanx again.

OBQ: "I know that my goal is more than a thought."

All: Excuse me, please, as I sip on my Trichako.

#68 - Posted 5/25/07 @9:14PM by Malnar [contact]

Funny show, eh.
#67 - Posted 5/25/07 @7:29PM by Liverpool.78

Re #66 - Oh, I know, but when you've been a Rushian for almost as long as the band has existed you begin to think like a veteran. I'm actually a very healthy and virile specimen (girls), just ask my wife! You are only as old as the woman you feel and the barmaid in my pub is 26!!

I know what you mean though about not feeling old. I think Rush probably keeps you and me young at heart :-) Put on Your Bravest Face

#66 - Posted 5/25/07 @7:20PM by Nettie [contact]

Liver, you're not that old, I'm about to be that old! And I don't feel a day over 30!
#65 - Posted 5/25/07 @6:10PM by Spindrifter [contact]

Jaytee... How could you? Dammit! I know that you're married as I am. But, I was about to ask you to marry me and be my cyber 'Rush-bride'! But, now I'm having second thoughts!

Rushkid.... You get to 2112 posts in a month and Liver will buy you the beer!

Liver, I had to laugh about the nurse putting you back in the bath chair!
#64 - Posted 5/25/07 @6:02PM by Liverpool.78

RushKid, that's all well and good while you are a young whippersnapper [at least I assume you are, given your tag] but when you get beyond 40 the eyesight starts to go, the mental agility starts to go, the bladder starts to go, and worst of all the brain to hand co-ordination starts to go, making Rush karaoke very difficult...just can't do that Limelight solo so good any more *sigh*

Spin, if I try to talk to three people at once my vision swims and I fall over.. then I wait ages for the nurse to come and put me back in my bath chair :-))

#63 - Posted 5/25/07 @5:54PM by RushKid [contact]

Nope. As I explained to SF just the other day, I just try and remember where I posted last, then go check out what number I left. Simple as that!

101 posts lifetime
#62 - Posted 5/25/07 @5:41PM by jaytee578 [contact]

um... smithwicks sucks!

*ducks and runs*
#61 - Posted 5/25/07 @4:27PM by Spindrifter [contact]

Rushkid, make it 101! Do you have a piece of paper next to the keyboard so everytime you write, you put a checkmark?

Liver, I started doing that 3 threads at once the other day, its kinda fun as you are talking to the person to your right, your left and the bartender all at once!

Deb, I'd like one of those pods if you ever find em!

Ah, a Friday and all is friendly in here without any debates kicking off the weekend. Hmm, who wants to get into a pissing match?
#60 - Posted 5/25/07 @4:10PM by RushPrincess [contact]

#48 Jaytee578~ high-five back atcha!
One of the things I appreciate the most about discovering this site is my fellow RushGirls!!!!!!
I have never personally met a female rushian till I found this site a few months ago. All you ladies rock!

Cheers!! :)

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