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Posted on Friday, June 13, 2014 at 11:33AM

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#32 - Posted 6/24/14 @8:22PM by cakes and sparrows [contact]

well done, nonetheless!
#31 - Posted 6/23/14 @10:11AM by Enigmaticus [contact]


Adrian Begrand is certainly entitled to his opinion, however dismissing two of Rush's greatest recordings did not solve the problem. While I can appreciate his enthusiasm for other albums, his ranking of "Exit... Stage Left" had guaranteed a less than supportive response from me.

My first Rush concert and first actual major rock concert was on June 7, 1992 in Phoenix, Arizona during the "Roll The Bones" tour. I had waited 13 years to finally see Rush live in concert. At that time, I was 30 years old. When I had started building my website, Rush had just finished their "Test For Echo" tour. I was online building webpages while they were on indefinite hiatus, after the passing of Neil's daughter, Selena. I had quite a bit of difficulty doing just that, but I had to continue. The way that I saw it, I had owed it to Rush's legacy. I had remembered reading about the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame and how Pink Floyd had been inducted. I had figured that if Pink Floyd was inducted into this esteemed institution, then Rush had deserved this honor also. A few months later, various individuals had contacted me about endorsing Rush's Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame induction; I was more than eager to comply. I had continued building that website for the next two years, then I had become so busy with work, that I did not really have the time to update it like I had intended to.
#30 - Posted 6/23/14 @1:06AM by cakes and sparrows [contact]

I think Dreamline and all the RTB songs work nicely live. Dreamline is perhaps the strongest opener, but Roll the Bones has always gone over well with crowds, including the much-maligned (by Stereogum) rap. He doesn't get that they new what they were doing at the time, and didn't pretend to be legitimate rappers. The writer also hates Rush's "horn synth stabs." I disagree; I think they work musically and that maybe there's some tongue in cheek there as well, perhaps a nod to hockey game organ music. But I love that the writer articulated "horn synth stabs," because few writers bother to analyze the music of Rush to that level of detail. That, in a nutshell, is why I love that article.
#29 - Posted 6/23/14 @12:58AM by cakes and sparrows [contact]

I also attended the first show of the Roll the Bones tour, at Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, Ontario, and was blown away. Later that tour I made it to the front row for the Buffalo show.
#28 - Posted 6/20/14 @9:32AM by Enigmaticus [contact]

Speaking of which, I had decided to listen to "Roll The Bones" yesterday afternoon on my car stereo while enroute to Best Buy, in order to purchase another HDMI cable.

By the way, I was listening to the version from the 1989-2007 Studio Albums set. Is it as specacular as I had remembered it being? I would have to say emphatically, "Yes!."

I also had to revise my list of Rush albums, to reflect how I had felt about "Permanent Waves," as well. Here is the revised ratings list:

#11 - Posted 6/15/14 @10:41AM by Enigmaticus [contact]

Okay, #10.

There is no such thing as a bad Rush album; even the worst album by Rush would be considered better than most other groups, if I were to assign a letter grade to each of Rush's studio albums, it would look somewhat like this:

20. Rush: (C)
19. Fly By Night (B-)
18. Feedback (B)
17. 2112 (B+)
16. Vapor Trails (B+)
15. Grace Under Pressure (B+)
14. Hold Your Fire (B+)
13. Counterparts (B+)
12. Caress Of Steel (A-)
11. A Farewell To Kings (A-)
10. Test For Echo (A-)
09. Hemispheres (A)
08. Snakes & Arrows (A)
07. Signals (A)
06. Permanent Waves (A+)
05. Moving Pictures (A+)
04. Clockwork Angels (A+)
03. Presto (A+)
02. Power Windows (A+)
01. Roll The Bones (A+)

As far as the live albums are concerned:

09. All The World's A Stage (C-)
08. Rush In Rio (C)
07. A Show Of Hands (B-)
06. Time Machine: Live In Cleveland (B+)
05. Different Stages (A)
04. Snakes & Arrows Live (A)
03. R30 (A+)
02. Clockwork Angels Tour (A++)
01. Exit... Stage Left (A++)
#27 - Posted 6/19/14 @2:53AM by Enigmaticus [contact]


Thank you for the clarification. I am glad that you are a "Roll The Bones" supporter.
#26 - Posted 6/18/14 @3:50AM by cakes and sparrows [contact]

Don't get me wrong, Enigmaticus, I'm a Roll the Bones supporter. That was the first album to come out after I became a fan, so how can it not hold a special place in my heart? That said, I don't hold it against the Stereogum writer for having his opinions, and if he thinks mainstream = bad, he's surely not the only one. Roll the Bones went platinum because it's good as well as accessible. Case closed. Was it "bloodless," as the Guardian recently called it and Presto? I can see that argument and it doesn't bother me a bit.

To clarify, when I say the writer was perhaps too easy on some of the more recent material, I'm referring to Snakes and Arrows and, to my ear, the *over*produced Feedback. I'm pro-VT and CA.
#25 - Posted 6/17/14 @1:39PM by Ripper62 [contact]

# 24 Could not disagree with you more. Geds voice was great in the 70's and one of the many aspects of the band that made them attractive to me at that time. Yes, I am a 70's Rush fan ( and really like SnA and CA) and one who skips most of the songs from HYF to VT, with the exception of Counterparts, but especially Presto and RTB. Say what you will, but for ME, I can maybe make one really good album out of the songs from that era. I do understand that several here really enjoy and prefer that era, but again, for ME, not my cup of tea.
#24 - Posted 6/17/14 @10:25AM by Enigmaticus [contact]


Really? Do you think this individual is insightful for condemning not only the albums, "Presto" and "Roll The Bones," but those individuals who like those recordings? By dismissing those recordings and those individuals, Adrian Begrand is not only dismissing the fans of those records, but he is also dismissing Rush. Do you really think for a moment that the songs from "Roll The Bones" would not resurface time and time again, amongst their repertoire if Rush themselves did not enjoy playing those songs? Look at "Retrospective 3," for example. Question: How many songs from "Roll The Bones" are on that collection? Answer: Four: 'Dreamline,' 'Bravado,' 'Roll The Bones' and 'Ghost Of A Chance.' What about "Presto?" Two songs: 'The Pass' and 'Presto.' This means that out of those 6 albums, 2/7 of those songs come from "Roll The Bones," and 1/7 come from "Presto," or in other words, nearly half of those songs come from just those two albums. Not only that, but on the "R30" compilation, at least 3 songs from "Roll The Bones" are featured there, as well.

A far less cynical view can be found here:


Honestly, I will not say that this individual has not written a good article, but I will say that he is biased in favor of the harder pieces. Neil Peart has stated in the documentary Beyond The Lighted Stage, that Rush's music prior to 1980 was kind of like their kindergarten and that "Moving Pictures" had represented the first time that all of those elements had finally come together, the way that the band had learned how to play together, the way that they had written the music and the lyrics, etc. I remember purchasing "Moving Pictures" slightly after my 19th birthday on cassette.

So why do I dislike 'Lessons' so adamantly? Other than because it hurts my ears to hear Geddy Lee scream for no apparent reason? Because it does not sound like Rush. It reminds me of AC/DC and I think that you all know, by now, how I feel about that group? In case you don't, I will mention that many decades ago, Rolling Stone Magazine had summarized them perfectly.

For over 35 years, I have been an aficionado of Rush's music. As I had said before, I was hooked on "Hemispheres." It is to this day, one of Rush's best albums. So why is it ranked lowest on my list of Rush's 5-star albums? Because of the fact that Geddy was still sceeching at that time. Once Geddy had stopped screaming, and his voice was in his normal range, everything had improved tremendously. Each new Rush album was a new gift; I was always excited to see which direction Rush would go in.

I will praise Adrien for his appreciation of 'Xanadu.' How can you not
#23 - Posted 6/16/14 @4:21PM by CraigJ [contact]

Had a tough time with that poll. Came down to CoS and FbN. Had to go with FbN. Because By Tor and Anthem, BB&B and In The End - the totality of which slightly eclipses CoS for me.

And I have to respectfully disagree with another contributor, but BB&B definitely belongs on ESL, and it's perfectly situated between CttH and Jacob's Ladder...
#22 - Posted 6/16/14 @3:48AM by freewilly [contact]

Typo, "thoughtS" and "oR maybe"... sorry.
#21 - Posted 6/16/14 @3:46AM by freewilly [contact]

"Lessons" is rather one of my favorite older Rush songs... I don't fully understand the lyrics but maybe I DIDN'T LISTEN (carefully) AGAIN!!! of maybe it's the English that's not my native language... (if someone will share their thought on the song's content please do, thanks).
#20 - Posted 6/16/14 @12:23AM by clockworkingman [contact]

That was a really tough poll to fill out for me, though I had to go with Counterparts as my favorite of the albums listed. The list of Rush albums presented there aren't most people's favorite albums, so there you go. HYF would be my second favorite album on that list. When the time is right, that album is an absolute pleasure to listen to!

My least favorite Rush album, these days, has become Presto. It's my most skipped Rush album on my playlist and a lot of that has to do with the fact that the album kicks off wih Show Don't Tell...and doesn't really get much better to my ears. Presto (the song) and Available Light are by far the two standout tracks on this album for me.

I really enjoyed the Stereogum list! I certainly couldn't organize this kind of list myself but I really enjoyed the fact that this guy clearly knows his Rush on a deep level and makes a very strong case for what does or doesn't like about all of the bands albums. Best list of this nature that I have ever read.
#19 - Posted 6/15/14 @11:00PM by Rushian Roulette [contact]

Enigmaticus are you a Terminator sent here from the future? If not, you are a monster on the keyboards (well, computer keyboards, that is).

Kudos to Denny Crane for, well, you know...
#18 - Posted 6/15/14 @10:44PM by 1-2-bucklemyshoe [contact]

I personally can't make a list of Rush albums or Rush songs from best to worst, or from most favorite to least favorite.

I could do that with pretty much any other band: the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Trio (yes, I had to slip in my favorite German Dance/Rock band of the 80's -- which is easy, they only have 1 album). But not with Rush.

If we look at the current RIAB poll, we notice that Rush, the debut album, has got 0 votes as being the favorite of the albums listed. I picked HYF (and even that was a hard decision) but "Rush" also has a big place in my evaluation of the band. When I have my iPhone on "shuffle", I almost never fast-forward a song when a song from the debut album comes on. But I will fast-forward almost every song on HYF, if I don't feel like listening to it at the time.

So why would I pick HYF rather than Rush as my favorite. I don't know. It's a mystery. And to me, that is what this band is: a musical mystery, one for which we can thank Donna Halper who has chimed in on this thread. Thanks Donna, for helping to unleash the musical mystery of Rush.

And I hope we soon have a "Musical Mystery TOUR!!!!!" (with an album, of course)
#17 - Posted 6/15/14 @9:24PM by cakes and sparrows [contact]

Wow, if anyone wanted to know Enigmaticus's biased opinion, they came to the right place haha. Seriously, though, what's remarkable about the stereogum article is how insightfully he discusses Rush's progression over the course of time, from album to album. If you can't recognize this as quality writing, whether or not we agree with each of his terms and opinions, then please go back to your rankings ;)
#16 - Posted 6/15/14 @5:06PM by donnahalper [contact]

Happy Father's Day to all Rush dads, grand-dads, step-dads, mentors, and Big Brothers. Btw, according to Geddy's sister (with whom I spoke earlier today), it is true that Geddy has become a grand-dad. Pretty amazing. Seems like only yesterday, I met Geddy for the first time... but it was nearly 40 years ago, in August 1974...
#15 - Posted 6/15/14 @1:03PM by Enigmaticus [contact]

My favorite songs on each studio album and my least favorites:


favorite: 'Working Man'
least favorite: hard to determine, but everything other than 'Here Again' is fair game.


favorite: 'Fly By Night'
least favorite: 'Rivendell'


favorite: 'The Fountain Of Lamneth'
least favorite: 'I Think I'm Going Bald'


favorite: '2112'
least favorite: 'Lessons' (This is truly wretched and my least favorite song in Rush's discography)


favorite: 'Xanadu' (My favorite song in Rush's entire discography)
least favorite: 'Cygnus X-1,' or 'A Farewell To Kings' tie each other. Neither are truly wretched, however.


favorite: 'La Villa Strangiato'
least favorite 'Circumstances' although it is still a very good song.


favorite: 'Natural Science'
least favorite: 'The Spirit Of Radio,' although it is truly a great song


favorite: 'The Camera Eye'
least favorite: 'Witch Hunt'


favorite: 'Losing It'
least favorite: 'The Analog Kid'


favorite: 'Red Lenses'
least favorite: It is still difficult to determine, no songs stand out as truly wretched, but they are not that memorable either.


favorite: 'Mystic Rhythms'
least favorite: 'Emotion Detector'


favorite: 'Prime Mover'
least favorite: 'Mission'


favorite: 'Available Light'
least favorite: 'Superconductor'


favorite: 'Ghost Of A Chance' (although every song on this record is great, not unlike "Power Windows').
least favorite: 'Face Up'


favorite: 'Nobody's Hero'
least favorite: 'Stick It Out' (another truly wretched song, runner up to 'Lessons')


favorite: 'Time & Motion'
least favorite: 'Virtuality'


favorite: 'Ghost Rider'
least favorite: 'One Little Victory'


favorite: 'For What It's Worth'
least favorite: 'Summertime Blues,' or 'Crossroads.'


favorite: 'Faithless'
least favorite: 'Spindrift'


favorite: 'The Garden'
least favorite: 'Wish You Well'
#14 - Posted 6/15/14 @12:17PM by Enigmaticus [contact]


I had just realized that I had mistakenly listed 'The Larger Bowl' twice, therefore here is what I had meant to say:

Snakes & Arrows

1. Faithless
2. Bravest Face
3. Far Cry
4. Armor & Sword
5. The Larger Bowl
6. Workin' Them Angels
7. The Main Monkey Business
8. Good News First
9. Hope
10. The Way The Wind Blows
11. Malignant Narcissism
12. We Hold On
13. Spindrift
#13 - Posted 6/15/14 @12:03PM by Enigmaticus [contact]

My favorite songs from each album, therefore are as follows:


1. Working Man
2. Here Again

Fly By Night

1. Fly By Night
2. Making Memories
3. By-Tor & The Snow Dog

Caress Of Steel

1. The Fountain Of Lamneth
2. Bastille Day
3. Lakeside Park


1. 2112
2. Tears
3. Twilight Zone
4. A Passage To Bangkok

A Farewell To Kings

1. Xanadu
2. Closer To The Heart
3. Cinderella Man
4. Madrigal


1. La Villa Strangiato
2. The Trees
3. Cygnus X-1 Book II Hemispheres

Permanent Waves

1. Natural Science
2. Jacob's Ladder
3. Different Strings
4. Entre Nous
5. Freewill
6. The Spirit Of Radio

Moving Pictures

1. The Camera Eye
2. Red Barchetta
3. YYZ
4. Limelight
5. Vital Signs
6. Tom Sawyer


1. Losing It
2. Chemistry
3. Digital Man
4. Countdown
5. Subdivisions
6. New World Man
7. The Weapon
8. The Analog Kid

Grace Under Pressure

1. Red Lenses
2. Between The Wheels
3. Red Sector A
4. Afterimage
5. Distant Early Warning

Power Windows

1. Mystic Rhythms
2. Manhattan Project
3. Territories
4. Middletown Dreams
5. Grand Designs
6. Marathon
7. The Big Money
8. Emotion Detector

Hold Your Fire

1. Prime Mover
2. High Water
3. Second Nature
4. Time Stand Still
5. Open Secrets
6. Tai Shan
7. Lock & Key
8. Force Ten
9. Mission


1. Available Light
2. Scars
3. Presto
4. Anagram (for Mongo)
5. Red Tide
6. The Pass
7. Chain Lightning
8. Show Don't Tell
9. War Paint
10. Hand Over Fist

Roll The Bones

1. Ghost Of A Chance
2. Dreamline
3. Bravado
4. You Bet Your Life
5. Roll The Bones
6. Heresy
7. The Big Wheel
8. Where's My Thing
9. Neurotica
10. Face Up


1. Nobody's Hero
2. Animate
3. Cut To The Chase
4. Cold Fire
5. Double Agent
6. Everyday Glory
7. Leave That Thing Alone
8. Between Sun & Moon
9. Alien Shore

Test For Echo

1. Time & Motion
2. Test For Echo
3. The Color Of Right
4. Totem
5. Resist
6. Carve Away The Stone
7. Limbo
8. Half The World
9. Dog Years
10. Driven

Vapor Trails

1. Ghost Rider
2. Vapor Trail
3. Peaceable Kingdom
4. Ceiling Unlimited
5. Freeze
6. Earthshine
7. How It Is
8. Sweet Miracle
9. The Stars Look Down
10. Nocturne
11. Secret Touch
12. Out Of The Cradle
13. One Little Victory


1. For What It's Worth
2. The Seeker
3. Mr. Soul
4. Shapes Of Things
5. Heart Full Of Soul

Snakes & Arrows

1. Faithless
2. Bravest Face
3. The Larger Bowl
4. Armor & Sword
5. The Larger Bowl
6. Workin' Them Angels
7. The Main Monkey Business
8. Good News First
9. Hope
10. The Way The Wind Blows
11. Malignant Narcissism
12. We Hold On
13. Spindrift

Clockwork Angels

1. The Garden
2. The Wreckers
3. Clockwork Angels
4. The Anarchist
5. Caravan
6. BU2B
7. Halo Effect
8. Carnies
9. Headlong Flight
10. Seven Cities Of Gold
11. BU2B2
12. Wish You Well
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