Tim McGraw wears a Rush Hold Your Fire t-shirt at Indianapolis tour stop last night

Posted on Sunday, June 8, 2014 at 10:33PM

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#12 - Posted 6/10/14 @7:53PM by jax2112 [contact]

"Music for morons."
#11 - Posted 6/10/14 @9:35AM by bucklemyshoe [contact]

Doesn't surprise me. After all country is the new direction the band is taking anyway:

#10 - Posted 6/9/14 @11:55AM by jiminseattle [contact]

I think it is quite cool that Tim is wearing that shirt, end of story for me.
#9 - Posted 6/9/14 @11:26AM by Rubinowits [contact]

Let the non-sequiturs rain.
#8 - Posted 6/9/14 @10:17AM by Rubinowits [contact]

#5's statement: Seems incongruous with logic.
#7 - Posted 6/9/14 @8:42AM by OotS [contact]

Did he play a country version of Cygnus X-1 at his show?
#6 - Posted 6/9/14 @6:53AM by Rob1855 [contact]

#2 - Tim McGraw wrote a book? And you wanted an autographed copy? Or are you, yourself, some famous author? That's a strange story.

#5 - A belief in God does not preclude the enjoyment & appreciation of the greatest band in the world.
#5 - Posted 6/9/14 @3:11AM by e2 [contact]

Interesting. Seems incongruous with the "Jesus fish" tattoo.
#4 - Posted 6/9/14 @1:43AM by cpb [contact]

That's the HYF shirt I had for YEARS! Good times.

Really hoping the comments don't devolve here. So far only one classless knobhead on the FB site; I hope it stays that way.
#3 - Posted 6/9/14 @1:31AM by rush21122 [contact]

is that a real rush shirt. never seen this one before
#2 - Posted 6/9/14 @1:29AM by rush21122 [contact]

no bullshit here. I was at a book signing and he was all plastered over my rush shirt, and he asked what I thought of clockwork angels. and we talked for 10 mins about rush and he knew things that us fans would know. so hes for real still shocked..
#1 - Posted 6/8/14 @10:45PM by cagster [contact]

Nice shirt Tim.

Cagster sucks more than Super C.
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