Rush to receive honorary degrees from Nipissing University

Posted on Wednesday, June 4, 2014 at 11:07PM

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#18 - Posted 6/6/14 @8:35PM by What-A-Rush

Good for them! Not many can say they got to graduate college with all three members of Rush! I think they'll show up, and who knows, maybe they'll do some occasional guest speaking lectures or something in the future. Congratulations gentlemen!
#17 - Posted 6/6/14 @10:50AM by jiminseattle [contact]

Jupe: Good to have you back. As far as the thread is concerned it would be nice if they showed up for the honor of it all but man the demands must be pressing on the boys.
#16 - Posted 6/6/14 @7:15AM by jupeguy [contact]

God damn it! Find (on youtube) Spock's Beard-Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep Full Album. Listen right thru if you have the time! Pretty good stuff imho.
#15 - Posted 6/6/14 @7:11AM by jupeguy [contact]

#14 - Posted 6/6/14 @12:54AM by chuteski [contact]

#11 has the pronunciation as, NIP-uh-sing. I guess we can all stop giggling.
#13 - Posted 6/6/14 @12:25AM by Lamb Saag [contact]

When I was in 10th grade, I wrote a letter to Rush's management, inviting them to my house for one of my mom's home-cooked dinners.

My reasons for the invitation were exactly similar to Nipissing's: "The honourees are remarkable Canadians who have helped make our world better. It is very rewarding that they each recognize the distinct value of (my mom's pot roast) and support our mission and vision to the extent that they are accepting our highest honour (again, pot roast), solidifying their connection to our institution."

For a 10th grade boy in 1984, I didn't think they'd accept my invitation either. And pot roast isn't exactly an honorary degree. But we both bestowed the honor, so ...

: )
#12 - Posted 6/5/14 @11:45PM by CraigJ [contact]

Well doesn't that just take the piss!

#9 DUDE!
#11 - Posted 6/5/14 @11:27PM by RushInHawaii [contact]

Just wondering -- how does one pronounce the name of this University?
#10 - Posted 6/5/14 @8:47PM by chuteski [contact]

#9 I really don't know what that means, but, it is good to see a post from you.
#9 - Posted 6/5/14 @8:06PM by jupeguy [contact]

Spock's Beard- Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep :)
#8 - Posted 6/5/14 @6:29PM by Ajax5 [contact]

Generally, honorary degrees are not bestowed unless the recipients agree to attend. That doesn't mean they all will, but chances are about 100% that at least one will.

Nipissing is a nice school of about 5,000 students, known for its faculty of education. I have a friend who is a professor there.
#7 - Posted 6/5/14 @1:20PM by conniemack99 [contact]

My guess is that either Alex or Ged will show. Probably Alex --- he will want to hit all of the graduation parties!
#6 - Posted 6/5/14 @12:48PM by e2 [contact]

I wouldn't say that Peart doesn't care, but it's likely a tremendous inconvenience for such a small school. It's not like it's McGill. (Canadian friends, please chime in)
#5 - Posted 6/5/14 @12:23PM by Alexfan [contact]

My guess is none of them will show. I don't know, it just seems like anyone anywhere could create some kind of honor for them, and they would be expected to go. Not that they wouldn't appreciate it, but it sort of could become an inconvenience....
#4 - Posted 6/5/14 @12:22PM by joerock213 [contact]

The Professor with some "official" credentials now!
#3 - Posted 6/5/14 @11:54AM by PetieLee [contact]

They're being recognized for being edumacated. Heh.

I just think it's kinda sad how everyone already knows Neil couldn't care less and won't show. Geez. . . C'est La Vie!
#2 - Posted 6/5/14 @7:26AM by Denny Crane [contact]

Yeah, Neil will be out in Lost Angeles. I wonder if the other two will even show up.

#1 - Posted 6/5/14 @6:29AM by limelighter [contact]

neil will be a no show.
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