Max Mobley's new Rush FAQ book now available for purchase

Posted on Tuesday, June 3, 2014 at 12:03PM

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#19 - Posted 6/15/14 @4:59PM by donnahalper [contact]

Regarding #18, I was totally shocked when Max contacted me several months ago and asked if I would write the foreword. Needless to say, I agreed to do it. This was an honor, and not just because it was a book about Rush-- it was an honor to work with Max. He is a well-respected rock journalist and when I saw the book, I was very pleased with the quality of the writing and the depth of the research. I believe Rush fans will also be pleased-- it contains a wealth of information.
#18 - Posted 6/6/14 @8:53PM by What-A-Rush

It would be interesting to hear Donna's comments on the book, especially considering she chimes in on RIAB occasionally. I'm sure Mobley is honored and humbled that she wrote the forward. Overall, the 'FAQ' series of books I've read are pretty good. The authors for the most part are TRUE fans yet have no problems with criticism of their subjects either. And rightly so. Look forward to reading it.
#17 - Posted 6/4/14 @10:56PM by chuteski [contact]

Yes we know, it's nothing new. It's just a waste of time.
#16 - Posted 6/4/14 @6:08PM by Rush Islander [contact]

D'oh...Geddy. ;)
#15 - Posted 6/4/14 @6:06PM by Rush Islander [contact]

The Camera Eye...

Unknown voice from control room: E`llo?

Greddy: Right gov'!

#14 - Posted 6/4/14 @11:23AM by chutch15 [contact]

FAQs are questions, not facts.

"Get busy."
#13 - Posted 6/4/14 @10:15AM by LaVillaRules [contact]

Mark Dailey was a tv news guy in Toronto with a deep voice who also did a lot of voice over work.
It was just a rumour that it was his voice on subdivisions and he always denied it too. It is np's
#12 - Posted 6/4/14 @9:14AM by bucklemyshoe [contact]

#10 - Witch Hunt - The mob - everyone at Le Studio at the time.
#11 - Posted 6/4/14 @7:59AM by Doom2112 [contact]

RE: #10

Cool post but I have a few questions.

For The Camera Eye are you referring to "burp" and the "we recorded that" line? I'm pretty sure that was Geddy. I know there are all kinds of theories on what the noise was and what was said. But that's what it sounds like to me. And it is definitely Geddy.

Who is Mike Dailey on Subdivisions? I believe Neil is the one saying "Subdivisions". I've never heard of Mike Dailey.

And on Limbo the two spoken lines are from the Monster Mash song. I'm not sure if it's Alex or the actual line from the song. I believe they are from the song itself.
#10 - Posted 6/3/14 @10:51PM by OotS [contact]

Which Rush songs feature a voice other than Geddy Lee? (besides generic backing vocals)

Let me see...
Neil Peart (Necromancer, 2112 Grand Finale, Witch Hunt)
Terry Brown (Cygnus X-1)
Some random guys in the control room (The Camera Eye)
Mark Dailey (Subdivisions)
Random NASA Dudes (Countdown)
The Power Windows Choir (Marathon)
Aimee Mann (Time Stand Still)
Rupert Hine (Superconductor)
Whoever says something at the very beginning of Alien Shore
Alex Lifeson (Limbo)
#9 - Posted 6/3/14 @10:28PM by Unit one [contact]

#4) Whatever happened to my Transylvania Twist?
#8 - Posted 6/3/14 @7:37PM by limelighter [contact]

geddy does not play bass on red sector a.
#7 - Posted 6/3/14 @6:48PM by joerock213 [contact]

#3 During Rush songs, what instrument does Geddy NOT play?
#6 - Posted 6/3/14 @6:48PM by pete


Q- Why does it happen?
A- Because it happens.
#5 - Posted 6/3/14 @6:40PM by spirit with a vision [contact]

"Faqs" are not necessarily facts - and rarely travel from Nome to Rome.
Enduring obvious Fact_
Rush has always and shall always assume control.
#4 - Posted 6/3/14 @6:30PM by joerock213 [contact]

#2 Is Neil Peart the drummer/lyricist or lyricist/drummer of Rush?
#3 - Posted 6/3/14 @6:11PM by Denny Crane [contact]


Q - Is Rush the greatest band ever?
A - Yes.



(Lets keep this going)

#2 - Posted 6/3/14 @5:01PM by musicofthespheres [contact]

Rush reference on The Takeaway today, re: the healing power of music. Closer to the Heart plays at the 26 minute mark, and a taped caller describes that she "listened to Rush -- for relief, inspiration, and hope".

#1 - Posted 6/3/14 @2:28PM by Alexfan [contact]


Looking forward to hearing if this is worth getting.
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