Neil Peart's new book Far and Near: On Days Like These coming October 14th

Posted on Friday, May 30, 2014 at 8:09AM

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#12 - Posted 6/1/14 @12:15PM by OotS [contact]

#9 is the most well written post I've read on this or any other Rush website. Makes my posts look like kindergarten stick figure drawings compared to #9's Mona Lisa.
#11 - Posted 5/31/14 @7:44PM by musicofthespheres [contact]

"labyrinthine and playful" -- I like it #9!

I'll buy it -- cuz it gets everything in one place, and it's pretty.

HOWEVER, when I'm trying to remember "what did he say in that one N,W,S???", a quick, strategic google search can usually find it -- even cached (?) old updates not listed at his current site. But that isn't possible with his hard copies. I've always wished he would in some capacity index his books. I know the topics are way wide-ranging, but maybe at least indexing proper nouns (Rush songs, literary authors, politicians, national parks, etc.) -- something else to help us remember and reflect upon what he's written...???

But, like a modern mix/recording that rivals MP or Signals, it'll probably never happen.
#10 - Posted 5/30/14 @7:48PM by jiminseattle [contact]

DebSanders: That was some fine prose. Well said. I still won't buy said book. Is prose the correct word to use in that sentence?
#9 - Posted 5/30/14 @7:18PM by DebSanders [contact]

If all readers are doing is mining these letters and books for Rush content, then I can understand the discontent. But I look forward to Neil's blog posts. Like his lyrics, his prose is profuse with meaning and style. He may be telling an everyday tale in minute detail, but close reading reveals beautiful and surprising complexity. Complexity that comes not only from his words but the form the writing takes. I know you'se guys know what I mean. Take a look at any set of Rush lyrics at any given time, and a hidden gem of a word trick or turn of phrase opens up more depth.

I don't understand how Rush fans could think that a mind as labyrinthine and playful as Peart's could produce the mundane. He may not be writing tell-alls about the band's writing process, but is he ever revealing so much about himself. These missives are invitations to ride along with Neil as he quite literally finds his place in the world.
#8 - Posted 5/30/14 @4:21PM by HighFidelityRob [contact]

Agreed. These are free "popular stories" so I have no idea why anyone would want to pay for these. I do enjoy reading his updates on his site just because it's interesting to read about what goes through his mind. If he exclusively put them out in book form i would pass.
#7 - Posted 5/30/14 @1:24PM by CheeseCorn [contact]

"These popular stories, originally posted on Peart's website..."

So if these stories are available for free on his website, why would someone pay $23 for them? Or have they been removed from the site thereby making them available only in the book?
#6 - Posted 5/30/14 @12:50PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Agreed with all of the sentiment here. More about Rush and less about the ride.
#5 - Posted 5/30/14 @12:47PM by Alexfan [contact]

Anything but more letters to Brutus...
#4 - Posted 5/30/14 @11:56AM by Will Collier [contact]

What kills me is, there are occasions in those books when you really wish he'd tell you more. The bit about watching Alex record solos in the studio (I forget which book it was, but it's a great half-a-page or so), notes about how Geddy will build a new song around one line in a set of proposed lyrics... I'd love to hear more about that! Picking out a dozen songs from Rush's past and telling the stories of how they evolved lyrically and musically would make for a wonderful book.

But instead what we get is pages and pages (and pages and pages and PAGES) about his GPS and motorcycle buddies. Hey, his books to write, his decisions on what to write in them. And mine not to read any more...
#3 - Posted 5/30/14 @11:41AM by Runkerry

Agree. I read Ghost Rider which was excellent, Masked Rider which was good, and Travelling Music which was a bit of a slog to get through.

Wish him well also, but the recent writings have been a bit turgid, so I too will pass.
#2 - Posted 5/30/14 @11:02AM by kevin [contact]

#1 - Agreed.

His references to being regular guy and riding into some town and nobody knows who is and he feels like a regular guy... ad nauseam ..

To me, I enjoyed hearing about traveling and the little towns but after awhile it just sounds the same and overly embellished.

Wish him well though..
#1 - Posted 5/30/14 @8:25AM by Will Collier [contact]

I'll pass. It's a shame because, "The Masked Rider" is a fine book. Wish Pratt had lived up to its promise later on, but he's gotten more and more self-indulgent as each new book rolls out.
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