Ole acquires Rush catalog

Posted on Wednesday, May 28, 2014 at 2:48PM

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#37 - Posted 5/31/14 @1:07AM by Enigmaticus [contact]

Nah, that will not work. Rush is Canadian, aren't they? Instead of gorgeous supermodels cavorting around in lingerie, picture fully bearded hairy lumberjacks chopping down trees in the video for The Trees. ;-)
#36 - Posted 5/30/14 @9:27AM by Enigmaticus [contact]

Throughout Rush's history, maybe they should have used scantily clad supermodels, in their videos instead. I think that the video for 'Nobody's Hero' is one of Rush's best videos, but it pales in comparison to this one, link by Duran Duran.

Rush has never been much of an image band, but they definitely could be. Now just imagine how creative Rush's videos could have been.
#35 - Posted 5/30/14 @1:14AM by HighFidelityRob [contact]

"Cut to the Chase" should have been made into a video where it cuts to Chevy Chase over and over and over again.
#34 - Posted 5/29/14 @6:24PM by Will Collier [contact]

Cut To The Chase should have been a single.

#33 - Posted 5/29/14 @6:10PM by Tom [contact]

I agree with earlier post about Rush's videos generally being sub-par. Not enough care with those (it would seem) compared to the music. Case in Point: Time Stand Still - a brilliant combination of lyric and music - but that video is seriously bad!

Also agree with what tracks they used to promote as 'singles'. Counterparts should have been massive - Animate rather than Stick It Out. Cold Fire rather than Everybody's Hero.

Not that bothered they did not become huge like the other acts - everything seems to be pretty much on their terms - but always good to hear people finding out about them.
#32 - Posted 5/29/14 @5:36PM by bakes7 [contact]

Sean #14 great post, very interesting...
#31 - Posted 5/29/14 @3:27PM by omegabrain [contact]

#30, Rush are not being exploited in any way. They voluntarily came to a mutually beneficial agreement. Exploited would be if they lost control of their work to another party without material gain. It's a business decision.
#30 - Posted 5/29/14 @3:18PM by What-A-Rush

For the record, I have NO problem with Rush seeking new "revenue streams" as they prepare for inevitable retirement. Understandable. However, I DO have a problem with the MUSIC of Rush being used ( i.e. EXPLOITED) to $ELL $OMEONE EL$E'$ PRODUCT$, integrity be damned! Overall, I'd say Rush, along with Ray Danniels, have built a VERY respectable AND profitable business and brand without whoring out the name. In MY opinion, the fact that Ott and Ole now have a stake in the publishing rights it pretty much gives them carte blanche to EVENTUALLY do with the catalog as they please. Not good!

I agree with #5 that it's rather PATHETIC for Ott to say that the only 'Big Money' he's willing to talk about is the...SONG? Give me a break! That's just simply going to be the end result...for Ott and Ole. Enough said.
#29 - Posted 5/29/14 @12:45PM by UnstableCondition

#24 - Ha! It seems I stole your comment without even reading it! What HE said...
#28 - Posted 5/29/14 @12:44PM by UnstableCondition

Just another step along the path to Rush retiring... Setting up revenue streams for the time when they decide that touring is too much of a pain for 60-plus dudes to bother with anymore. I'd imagine it would provide a more regular 'salary' than the feast or famine cash flow of touring too.
#27 - Posted 5/29/14 @12:42PM by omegabrain [contact]

#21- I agree with many of your points, but, as much as I'm a huge fan, they're not really "showmen" at all. Amazing players, people, etc., but they are reluctant rock stars.

In all honesty, because of their intricate playing, profound lyrics, unique sound and average looks, it's incredibly impressive they have done as well as they have. Simply because "high end" is a very tough sell.

Bubble gum, bikinis, and tongue sell seats and records.

Mick Jagger is a showman. David Lee Roth is a showman. Madonna is an entertainer.

Rush are brainy and sometimes awkward musicans.

And they rule.
#26 - Posted 5/29/14 @12:38PM by jaeger [contact]

"As far as Ray is concerned? Just ask Sammy Hagar. When Ray was destroying Van Halen, Sammy went to MTV and asked about Ray and they said they hardly knew him at all and that they got a few videos from Rush over the years but they basically ignored the network."

Didn't VH destroy itself?

Business should serve art and not the other way around. I think it is great that Rush were out being players and thinkers and not making videos to sell records. Sure, Ray should have been out doing what he could to get the band more airplay on MTV, maybe even do some videos using old footage or whatever, but I suspect the band's conditions tied his hands.
#25 - Posted 5/29/14 @12:32PM by jaeger [contact]

I like the way Ray is talking here...
#24 - Posted 5/29/14 @10:38AM by kevin [contact]

Rush began exploring their musics value long before this deal, but any rational artist in Rush's position would realize that time is about up and establishing a revenue stream after your playing days are over makes sense.

Tom Sawyer alone is going to be worth a lot of money in the advertising world..
#23 - Posted 5/29/14 @9:56AM by Enigmaticus [contact]

#39 - Posted 5/26/14 @12:46PM by Enigmaticus [contact]

Yes, #36.

When Kansas was still philosophical and searching for the meaning of life, as it were, they were a much better band, in my honest opinion. The one Kansas studio album which I do not own is "Drastic Measures." I was somewhat put off by 'Fight Fire With Fire.'

On the other hand, Rush has a multitude of great songs throughout their nearly 46 year long history:

As far as greatest Rush songs are concerned, they have a plethora of them:

'Working Man,' 'Fly By Night,' 'Bastille Day,' 'Tears,' 'A Passage To Bangkok,' 'The Twilight Zone,' 'Xanadu,' 'Closer To The Heart,' 'Cinderella Man,' 'The Trees,' 'La Villa Strangiato,' 'Freewill,' 'Different Strings,' 'The Spirit Of Radio,' 'Jacob's Ladder,' 'Natural Science,' 'Tom Sawyer,'. 'Red Barchetta,' 'YYZ,' 'Limelight,' 'The Camera Eye,' 'Vital Signs,' 'Digital Man,' 'Subdivisions,' 'Chemistry,' 'Losing It,' 'Countdown,' 'New World Man,' 'Afterimage,' 'Between The Wheels,' 'Red Lenses,' 'Red Sector A,' 'Manhattan Project,' 'Grand Designs,' 'Marathon,' 'Territories,' 'Middletown Dreams,' 'Mystic Rhythms,' 'Time Stand Still,' 'Open Secrets,' 'Second Nature,' 'Prime Mover,' 'High Water,' 'The Pass,' 'Scars,' 'Presto,' 'Anagram (for Mongo),' 'Red Tide,' 'Available Light,' 'Dreamline,' 'Bravado,' 'Roll The Bones,' 'Where's My Thing,' 'The Big Wheel,' 'Heresy,' 'Ghost Of A Chance,' 'You Bet Your Life,' 'Animate,' 'Nobody's Hero,' 'Leave That Thing Alone,' 'Double Agent,' 'Cold Fire,' 'Everyday Glory,' 'Test For Echo,' 'Time & Motion,' 'The Color Of Right,' 'Totem,' 'Half The World,' 'Carve Away The Stone,' 'Resist,' 'Vapor Trail,' 'Ghost Rider,' 'Peaceable Kingdom,' 'How It Is,' 'Ceiling Unlimited,' 'Earthshine,' 'Sweet Miracle,' 'Out Of The Cradle,' 'Far Cry,' 'Snakes & Arrows,' 'Workin Them Angels,' 'The Larger Bowl,' 'The Main Monkey Business,' 'The Way The Wind Blows,' 'Faithless,' 'Bravest Face,' 'Good News First,' 'Caravan,' 'BU2B,' 'Clockwork Angels,' 'The Anarchist,' 'Carnies,' 'Halo Effect,' 'Seven Cities Of Gold,' 'The Wreckers,' 'Headlong Flight,' 'BU2B2,' & 'The Garden.'

Posted by Enigmaticus on Saturday, 06.1.13 @ 14:25pm

I think that History will eventually recognize that after The Beatles, Rush had been one of, if not the most influential band of the Rock era. What do you think?
#22 - Posted 5/29/14 @9:50AM by Gedfan [contact]

Rush can do what the hell they like - it's their music.

What it does tell us is that they expect both to tour and record in future.

Finally, that blue jacket is horrid! Makes Ged and Alex look even cooler!
#21 - Posted 5/29/14 @9:43AM by Enigmaticus [contact]

I am sure that if Rush had decided to exploit every single opportunity to promote themselves over the past four decades, like KISS did, their album sales would have huge and their concerts would have been gargantuan. They probably would have outsold the Beatles. But, would you have still respected Rush, as much as you do now?

The way, that I see it, Rush has written a plethora of timeless songs, which in due time, will be remembered more for their greatness overall, than for being the latest fad.

In the final analysis,

The members of Rush are impeccable musicians, magnificent songwriters, superb composers and amazing showmen.

Now as far as their videos are concerned, some of them are good, but most of them, unfortunately are horrible. Rush's team of creative consultants has never created great videos. But there is still plenty of time for them to do that, if they still want to. Rush songs, other than perhaps 'Tom Sawyer,' 'Limelight' and 'The Spirit Of Radio,' have never been overplayed.
#20 - Posted 5/29/14 @9:09AM by joerock213 [contact]

How DARE you talk about Tai Shan like that.
#19 - Posted 5/29/14 @3:07AM by tasman7 [contact]

If you think it was bad in the US, it was worse in the UK where they had built up a pretty solid fan base. Limelight wasn't released as a single then the Grace Under Pressure video wasn't released. No tour until Hold Your Fire in 1988 so the fan base sort of drifted away. The Big Money was released as a single with video but you wouldn't have known it as was Time Stand Still which charted, Lord knows how.
#18 - Posted 5/28/14 @11:21PM by OotS [contact]

#14 Not sure I have ever read some of the "the label said" and "then Rush said" stuff that you are speculating about.

Agree with you on:

A video for New World Man would have been good since it was at the time when MTV was just launching and it was their only charting hit. But then again, Subdivisions is a great song and had a proper video and I rarely saw it. Bottom line is that Rush was never a mainstream (as in guys AND girls) band. Geddy's voice turned a lot of people off and they didn't look or act as "cool" as the Van Halens and the Aerosmiths of the rock world.

I agree that no video for Dreamline or Cold Fire was odd. Counterpoint: MTV was playing out by then (moving toward shows like Bevis and Butthead, game shows, etc.) and certainly wasn't interested in 40 year old rockers who were 10 years past their commercial peak. The only videos that got significant airplay were Tom Sawyer (from ESL video), Distant Early Warning, and The Big Money, the rest were blips. Rush didn't diss MTV, MTV dissed Rush. They weren't an "image" band.

Disagree with you on:

I'm tired of the "the band didn't want to get too big" stuff. Really? The idea that Rush purposely limited the popularity of their music is laughable. Although it would explain Tai Shan...

Rush's shorter tours were still 50-70 shows across North America. Whether they did a couple Mexico dates or did 5 or 6 dates in Europe didn't make or break the band.

Where's My Thing video?! That would have fit into the MTV playlist in between "Baby Got Back" and "I'm Too Sexy" videos? lol
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