Rare autographed baseball owned by Geddy Lee awaits Derek Jeter's signature

Posted on Monday, May 26, 2014 at 8:21PM

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#17 - Posted 5/30/14 @1:33PM by conniemack99 [contact]

During the Time Machine Tour, I sent my original Power Windows Tour Book ahead to the concert venue (along with a pre-paid return envelope, and a passionate letter requesting signature). AND???? Nothing. It was never returned to me, signed or unsigned. Just gone. I had signature confirmation that it made it to the venue and was clearly marked that it was for Rush and the date they would be there. Extremely disappointing. Don't think I'll be trying that again.....
#16 - Posted 5/30/14 @10:33AM by Wide Angle Watcher [contact]

sb2112 - never thought of sending my poster to the concert venue. I sent it to the SRO office in Toronto care of Ray Danniels. Perhaps that was my error.
#15 - Posted 5/28/14 @9:11PM by sb2112 [contact]

@Wide Angle Watcher -- Sorry to hear about your experience with not getting an autograph. It's kind of surprising to hear since a lot of people, myself included, have gotten autographs from the band by request. I just sent an item to be autographed to the local venue ahead of the concert on the Clockwork Angels tour, and it came back signed by all three. I wonder why your request wasn't met. Seems odd and out of character.
#14 - Posted 5/28/14 @1:14PM by Wide Angle Watcher [contact]

Correction - @Stuartm - not Jaybird (although Jaybird is probably correct also...)
#13 - Posted 5/28/14 @1:12PM by Wide Angle Watcher [contact]

@Jaybird - you are absolutely correct. The philanthropy of the band is beyond question. My frustration was merely that I was a fan seeking autographs and Geddy is a fan seeking autographs. He got his, but I didn't get mine. I'm still a huge fan of the band - nothing has changed, but that story just brought home the similarity in what we were seeking and the stark difference in the results. Nothing more and nothing less.
#12 - Posted 5/28/14 @9:53AM by jaeger [contact]

Remember when Neil wrote "Be cool or be cast out?" Hmmm
#11 - Posted 5/28/14 @9:18AM by conniemack99 [contact]

As I said he is tantalizingly close, but I just don't think he's going to get there. He is 40 years old right now and needs about 240 more hits but will be lucky to get 100 hits this year. While I would love to see him get to 3K, I just don't see it happening.
#10 - Posted 5/28/14 @9:05AM by Jaybird [contact]

Remember when Neil wrote -- Can't really feel what international means?

Ichiro collected 1,278 hits in the Nippon League. a high quality league.
#9 - Posted 5/27/14 @9:12PM by stuartm [contact]

In response to Wide Angle Watcher, you may remember that Mr. Lee donated a number of baseballs as follows:

"On June 5, 2008, Geddy Lee (of the Canadian band Rush), himself an avid baseball fan, donated nearly 200 autographed baseballs to the NLBM. The signatures on these baseballs include names such as Hank Aaron, Cool Papa Bell, and Lionel Hampton. At the time, Geddy Lee's gift was one of the largest single donations the NLBM had ever received."
#8 - Posted 5/27/14 @6:55PM by pete

I agree with getting the Ichiro signature now would be a mistake, but I think he will tough it out and keep going until he gets the 3k in MLB. He's at over 2700 now and would need just a few more seasons to get there. Just an exceptional all around player.
#7 - Posted 5/27/14 @5:51PM by OotS [contact]

I have a baseball signed by the 11 people who claim their favorite Rush song is Anagram For Mongo.
#6 - Posted 5/27/14 @12:39PM by conniemack99 [contact]

I think it is a mistake to get Ichiro to sign. Not a ding against him; he is clearly a hall of famer, but the ball should contain members of the MLB 3000 hit club. While tantalzingly close, it doesn't look like Ichiro is going to get there. I think that will only detract from the value and prestige of the ball.
#5 - Posted 5/27/14 @11:28AM by Wide Angle Watcher [contact]

This is indeed a special piece of memorabilia and I am happy for Mr. Lee that he has such a personally important treasure.

However, I am disappointed by the hypocrisy of this story. As a Rush fan since 1976, I wrote a very polite and complimentary letter to the band and included a request for signatures on a single, promotional poster for my own personal collection and to be passed down to my son (included were the return postage and the silver Sharpie). While I can be certain that Mr. Lee never saw my letter, the band's representation sent back my poster with an explanation that they will only sign for charity.

It would be nice if Mr. Lee could see the similarity in our pursuits.

Rush on...
#4 - Posted 5/27/14 @10:57AM by dougu [contact]

Excellent! What a great piece of history~
#3 - Posted 5/26/14 @10:55PM by HighFidelityRob [contact]

Wow, that is awesome! I hope Geddy gets the autographs! Thanks for posting Ed!
#2 - Posted 5/26/14 @10:43PM by rushfan1968 [contact]

That is Sweet.
#1 - Posted 5/26/14 @8:40PM by Denny Crane [contact]

Numero Uno

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day and a moments pause to reflect... and not just "another" day off.

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