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Posted on Friday, May 23, 2014 at 11:38AM

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#51 - Posted 5/28/14 @10:38AM by cpb [contact]

Well, that was a subtle bump!
#50 - Posted 5/28/14 @8:24AM by bucklemyshoe [contact]

The latest great song out there for me right now is Ghosts by Big Wreck. Check it out.... Very cool. The best song to come out in a very long time.
#49 - Posted 5/28/14 @2:55AM by Enigmaticus [contact]

I have never thought of Rush as being a "heavy metal" band. I am not sure exactly what constitutes "heavy metal" (opinions vary widely on this subject), however I am certain that Rush did not fit that description.

In any event, as far as I am concerned, Rush has always been a "progressive rock" band. When I had started creating my website 17 years ago, I was very interested in burying those old stereotypes. I was hoping that "Uncle Joe's Record Guide: Progressive Rock" would have included Rush amongst their list of artists. That did not happen unfortunately. For the first 22 years of Rush's recording history, the metal monicker had seemed to follow them. I had considered this to be an affront to the band (even though i do not detest heavy metal now) and I had sought to correct this error.

A few years ago, when the voters of Rolling Stone magazine had voted Rush as the greatest progressive rock band of all time, I was extremely encouraged, this to me was an omen of Rush's pending induction into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. Even earlier reviews by the All Music Guide had been kinder to Rush, especially "Exit... Stage Left." Then critic Greg Prato had written a review which had made me absolutely furious. Nevertheless, most critics have started to embrace Rush over the past few decades. One in particular at VH1 Classic, has even listed the greatest progressive rock bands, of all time:

#48 - Posted 5/27/14 @9:42AM by bucklemyshoe [contact]

The latest great song out there for me right now is Ghosts by Big Wreck. Check it out.... Very cool. The best song to come out in a very long time.
#47 - Posted 5/27/14 @4:08AM by Enigmaticus [contact]


I do not like reviewers calling Rush a "metal" band either. As far as i am concerned, Rush is the epitome of progressive rock bands.
#46 - Posted 5/26/14 @11:28PM by CraigJ [contact]

#44, by hard I meant too difficult to understand - just a clarification.

"Not a big fan of country music, hip hop" Then you like it better than I do - I hate that stuff for the most part. Not particularly fond of "speed metal" either. I just love it when people refer to Rush as "metal", which I suppose means anything with a loud guitar, bass and drums....
#45 - Posted 5/26/14 @3:27PM by cpb [contact]

I'd like to take this moment to say the new Tori Amos album, Unrepentant Geraldines, is fantastic (as is so often the case) and people who like musical weirdness and complexity will enjoy "Giant's Rolling Pin", though for me "Oysters" is the pearl of the album. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
#44 - Posted 5/26/14 @2:35PM by jiminseattle [contact]

I am a big Beatles fan as well as The Arctic Monkeys as you all know which is fairly simple music. Rush is my favorite however and always will be. I love prog rock but love it all more importantly. Not a big fan of country music, hip hop or speed metal however. Just me.
#43 - Posted 5/26/14 @2:07PM by CraigJ [contact]

#41 - No. I don't particularly like them, but I think that as it's fairly obvious that people prefer simple, mindless, over-produced, packaged crap to actual good stuff. Rush is "too hard" for most people to get other than the "more accessible" songs like Tom Sawyer. And I'd wager that most people don't really get that song either.
#42 - Posted 5/26/14 @1:07PM by Enigmaticus [contact]


Since you had mentioned Yes, I thought that I would offer my opinion on their recordings:

As far as the 2014 nominees are concerned, Yes is my favorite nominee. For the past 32 years, Yes has been my co-favorite album musically.

Let's talk about Yes, shall we? I have been an aficionado of most of their music for the past 32 years. Here are my ratings of their studio and live albums:

Let's look at their studio albums first, shall we?

Yes ***
Time And A Word ***

The Yes Album *****
Fragile *****
Close To The Edge *****

Tales From Topographic Oceans *****
Relayer ****
Going For The One *****
Tormato ***
Drama ****

90125 *****
Big Generator ***
Union **1/2
Talk *

Keys To Ascension *****
Keys To Ascension 2 *****
Keystudio *****
Open Your Eyes **
The Ladder ****

Magnification *****
Fly From Here ***1/2

Posted by Enigmaticus on Wednesday, 08.7.13 @ 10:02am

Now, as far as the ratings on the Yes live recordings are concerned:

Yessongs *****

Yesshows **** 1/2

Union Live *** 1/2

House Of Yes: Live From The House Of Blues *****

Yes: Live At Montreaux **** 1/2

Yes Symphonic: *****

In The Present: Live From Lyon ***1/2

Although Rush has many epics, Yes have even more:

When it comes to great "progressive rock" epics, Yes has a plethora of them:

"Yours Is No Disgrace," "Perpetual Change" and "Starship Trooper," from the YES ALBUM.

"Roundabout," "Heart Of The Sunrise" and "The South Side Of The Sky" from FRAGILE.

"Siberian Khatru," "And You And I" and "Close To The Edge" from CLOSE TO THE EDGE.

"The Revealing Science Of God," "The Remembering," "The Ancient" and "Ritual" from TALES FROM TOPOGRAPHIC OCEANS.

"The Gates Of Delirium" from RELAYER.

"Awaken" from GOING FOR THE ONE.

"Be The One" and "That, That Is" from KEYS TO ASCENSION.

"Mind Drive" from KEYS TO ASCENSION 2.

Yes also has several great songs from MAGNIFICATION.

And let's not forget, ANDERSON, BRUFORD, WAKEMAN & HOWE.

Posted by Enigmaticus on Wednesday, 11.13.13 @ 06:38am
#41 - Posted 5/26/14 @12:55PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Craig, do you mean the Beatles put out crap?
#40 - Posted 5/26/14 @12:49PM by CraigJ [contact]

"I think that History will eventually realize that after The Beatles, Rush was the most influential band of the Rock era. What do you think?"

Honestly? I doubt it - most people seem to like crap.
#39 - Posted 5/26/14 @12:46PM by Enigmaticus [contact]

Yes, #36.

When Kansas was still philosophical and searching for the meaning of life, as it were, they were a much better band, in my honest opinion. The one Kansas studio album which I do not own is "Drastic Measures." I was somewhat put off by 'Fight Fire With Fire.'

On the other hand, Rush has a multitude of great songs throughout their nearly 46 year long history:

As far as greatest Rush songs are concerned, they have a plethora of them:

'Working Man,' 'Fly By Night,' 'Bastille Day,' 'Tears,' 'A Passage To Bangkok,' 'The Twilight Zone,' 'Xanadu,' 'Closer To The Heart,' 'Cinderella Man,' 'The Trees,' 'La Villa Strangiato,' 'Freewill,' 'Different Strings,' 'The Spirit Of Radio,' 'Jacob's Ladder,' 'Natural Science,' 'Tom Sawyer,'. 'Red Barchetta,' 'YYZ,' 'Limelight,' 'The Camera Eye,' 'Vital Signs,' 'Digital Man,' 'Subdivisions,' 'Chemistry,' 'Losing It,' 'Countdown,' 'New World Man,' 'Afterimage,' 'Between The Wheels,' 'Red Lenses,' 'Red Sector A,' 'Manhattan Project,' 'Grand Designs,' 'Marathon,' 'Territories,' 'Middletown Dreams,' 'Mystic Rhythms,' 'Time Stand Still,' 'Open Secrets,' 'Second Nature,' 'Prime Mover,' 'High Water,' 'The Pass,' 'Scars,' 'Presto,' 'Anagram (for Mongo),' 'Red Tide,' 'Available Light,' 'Dreamline,' 'Bravado,' 'Roll The Bones,' 'Where's My Thing,' 'The Big Wheel,' 'Heresy,' 'Ghost Of A Chance,' 'You Bet Your Life,' 'Animate,' 'Nobody's Hero,' 'Leave That Thing Alone,' 'Double Agent,' 'Cold Fire,' 'Everyday Glory,' 'Test For Echo,' 'Time & Motion,' 'The Color Of Right,' 'Totem,' 'Half The World,' 'Carve Away The Stone,' 'Resist,' 'Vapor Trail,' 'Ghost Rider,' 'Peaceable Kingdom,' 'How It Is,' 'Ceiling Unlimited,' 'Earthshine,' 'Sweet Miracle,' 'Out Of The Cradle,' 'Far Cry,' 'Snakes & Arrows,' 'Workin Them Angels,' 'The Larger Bowl,' 'The Main Monkey Business,' 'The Way The Wind Blows,' 'Faithless,' 'Bravest Face,' 'Good News First,' 'Caravan,' 'BU2B,' 'Clockwork Angels,' 'The Anarchist,' 'Carnies,' 'Halo Effect,' 'Seven Cities Of Gold,' 'The Wreckers,' 'Headlong Flight,' 'BU2B2,' & 'The Garden.'

Posted by Enigmaticus on Saturday, 06.1.13 @ 14:25pm

I think that History will eventually realize that after The Beatles, Rush was the most influential band of the Rock era. What do you think?
#38 - Posted 5/26/14 @12:26PM by CraigJ [contact]

#37 - that plus lots of alcohol... Lightning's Hand and Sparks of the Tempest are two great songs....
#37 - Posted 5/26/14 @11:45AM by jiminseattle [contact]

Craig, the fact that you don't remember much of the show is telling. When Kerry Livgren left it all fell apart in my opinion. He was the creative genius in the band again in my opinion. In the early years though they put on a helluva show!
#36 - Posted 5/26/14 @11:24AM by CraigJ [contact]

I've always liked Kansas - I saw them in 1987, was a good show but the new lineup, and I don't remember much of it, lol. Kind of a tragedy how the lineup changed over creative and religious issues.
#35 - Posted 5/26/14 @10:38AM by jiminseattle [contact]

Love Kansas. I think I mentioned before that the first time I saw them I had never heard of them. They backed up Aerosmith and Nugent and blew them both away, it was right after Masque was released. Then I saw them at the Paramount Theater after Leftoverture came out and they were just fantastic. Saw them two years ago and it was tragic. Played vanilla tunes and Steve Walsh's voice was just awful.
#34 - Posted 5/26/14 @2:08AM by Enigmaticus [contact]

Here are my ratings on the first 5 Kansas studio albums.

1. Kansas *****
2. Song For America ****
3. Masque **** 1/2
4. Leftoverture *****
5. Point Of Know Return *****
#33 - Posted 5/26/14 @1:55AM by Enigmaticus [contact]


"Masque" is a great album by Kansas, although my favorite Kansas album is "Leftoverture." I also think that their debut album is magnificent, as well.
#32 - Posted 5/25/14 @12:58PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Oh and #29, I listened to Masque last night and it is killer.
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