Keram Malicki-Sanchez unveils new track featuring Alex Lifeson from upcoming Come to Life album

Posted on Friday, May 9, 2014 at 4:36PM

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#10 - Posted 5/12/14 @3:43PM by BrianSez [contact]

Ooops! Wrong thread! Ignore my previous post :-)
#9 - Posted 5/12/14 @3:43PM by BrianSez [contact]

Ok - so it wasn't the best quality documentary, and it was definitely annoying hearing the sound-alike background music, but in the end - I didn't hate it. They had recycled old interviews from the guys, but the critic/GM interviews were very interesting to me. I liked the fact that they focused on the musical influences and what was going on at the time the different albums were written, and snippets of old concerts were decently placed. Hard core fans won't learn anything new and may possibly get annoyed, but I'd say for the rest of us, this CD is of a 'wait for it to stream on Netflix' caliber.
#8 - Posted 5/12/14 @1:48PM by Tom [contact]

Really enjoyed that track! And yes, definitely hear Alex letting rip in the middle of all that!
#7 - Posted 5/11/14 @1:04PM by drmike [contact]

Rush is barely ahead of Judas Priest in the Classic Rock Hall of Fame voting in round 1. If you have the inclination, you can vote once per hour until tonight (Sunday)at midnight Eastern Time.

#6 - Posted 5/11/14 @12:19PM by cpb [contact]


That's FANTASTIC, Liver! I'm always envious of my Engloidian friends as Wakeman doesn't seem to do much of the United States (or Texas, anyway). Such a great album! Glad you enjoyed it, mate!
#5 - Posted 5/11/14 @3:58AM by Liverpool 78

#4 - Saw your avatar and thought you might like to know that on Friday night I went to the Philharmonic Hall in Liverpool UK to see Mr Rick Wakeman perform Journey to the Centre of The Earth with a full orchestra, the English Chamber Choir and his band, including original drummer Tony Fernandez and original singer Ashley Holt.

A very enjoyable night and a real treat for someone who bought the album when it first came out in 1974.

#4 - Posted 5/9/14 @5:32PM by cpb [contact]

#3 - a salient point, though I'm sure the answer as always is "a little of both...but the music is not to blame".

As Frank Zappa said, "disturbed people can be set off on a disturbed course of action by any stimulus - whether it's your hair, or my tie, or that chair over there." This was in the context of those ridiculous "satanic rock lyric" hearings, so he said that to governing bodies.

Can't blame Hitler on Nietzsche. However, when it comes to POSITIVE achievement, I shall reverse my position and say that Rush has inspired people in ALL walks of life to, in Neil's words, "take care". God IS in the details, and if listening to Rush causes one to strive to master their craft, be they a day laborer or polymath, that's a good thing.

Not if they're a serial killer though. Those people are a-holes.
#3 - Posted 5/9/14 @5:11PM by 1-2-bucklemyshoe [contact]


"...thus some of the most important people responsible for making Rush records sound like they do."

Question: is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Let the (loudness/mixing) fray begin!!!
#2 - Posted 5/9/14 @5:07PM by Denny Crane [contact]

Twice the bridesmaid today...

#1 - Posted 5/9/14 @5:01PM by cpb [contact]


Looks like insulting the Greeks ad hominem got me somewhere after all.
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