Rush: The Rise Of Kings (1968-1981) documentary released today

Posted on Tuesday, May 6, 2014 at 8:09AM

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#17 - Posted 5/17/14 @5:46PM by lerxst68 [contact]

#16 - Posted 5/15/14 @6:35PM by jaeger [contact]

mstmompj - someone had to do it!
#15 - Posted 5/12/14 @3:44PM by BrianSez [contact]

Ok - so it wasn't the best quality documentary, and it was definitely annoying hearing the sound-alike background music, but in the end - I didn't hate it. They had recycled old interviews from the guys, but the critic/GM interviews were very interesting to me. I liked the fact that they focused on the musical influences and what was going on at the time the different albums were written, and snippets of old concerts were decently placed. Hard core fans won't learn anything new and may possibly get annoyed, but I'd say for the rest of us, this CD is of a 'wait for it to stream on Netflix' caliber.
#14 - Posted 5/11/14 @10:24AM by mstmompj [contact]

Thanks, Jaeger, for taking one for the team.
#13 - Posted 5/8/14 @10:27AM by Rubinowits [contact]

Watch it on youtube and scope whatever else via
#12 - Posted 5/7/14 @7:53PM by brokenstoned [contact]

Ridiculous, save your money.
#11 - Posted 5/7/14 @10:37AM by dinoman [contact]

Completely loses credibility when they can't even play the music of Rush as the background for the documentary. No interest whatsoever.
#10 - Posted 5/7/14 @2:15AM by cakes and sparrows [contact]

A big thumbs down to the Rush sound-alike music.
#9 - Posted 5/6/14 @10:06PM by liquidmuse3 [contact]

The real find in perusing that clip was seeing a Favourite Headache preview doc I hadn't seen before in the suggestions.
#8 - Posted 5/6/14 @4:23PM by jaeger [contact]

OK. Tried to watch it. Quality control on the disks is awful. Video plays jerkily and so goes in and out of synch with the audio. See most of the video before on RIAB and much of the video is only zooming in on still photos that you've seen before. Not worth a third of the asking price.
#7 - Posted 5/6/14 @2:39PM by jaeger [contact]

I have seen a good one talking about David Bowie during the Low and Heroes album. I have watched it a number of times. Some of the critics are actually worth listening to.
#6 - Posted 5/6/14 @1:57PM by Scott_PA [contact]

There are a lot of these types of programs out there by the same studio and others. In my experience, they range from bad to awful, and usually consist of 'critics and writers,' with the occasional roadie or early member mixed in. Very rarely if ever will they have interviews with the band/artist. Just search the studio name in That being said, I have not seen this one so I cannot comment specifically about it, but I also won't be buying it!
#5 - Posted 5/6/14 @1:29PM by jaeger [contact]

Drag that they didn't get the Rush rights, but I do like the segments with Popoff! "Progressive, difficult, crazy, grandfather mad scientists of metal"
#4 - Posted 5/6/14 @10:28AM by michinman [contact]

#1 - You don't hear any Rush music simply because the producers didn't acquire the rights to use it seems the logical explanation. I'm going to reserve judgment on this doc. until I actually see it. It's probably true that cash motivated this production, but ultimately the success of it depends on how many of us actually have any interest in buying it. I know I probably will. We probably won't learn anything new, but we may get a different perspective on things. Hell, I get excited talking to a stranger about Rush. Perhaps my standards are too low. lol
#3 - Posted 5/6/14 @9:39AM by Micky [contact]

The Magic Trio !
#2 - Posted 5/6/14 @8:54AM by 1-2-bucklemyshoe [contact]

If it's not official, I would not trust it.

I suspect there are no actual interviews with any of the boys. If they found some "friends, colleagues and those who worked with the group over the years" to talk to, that could be interesting, but I doubt that they will hold anything major revelations.

And, unless this is the first in a planned trilogy documenting the history of the band, I don't care for the implication that 1981 marks the end of their "royal" career. Yes, it says "the rise of Kings" but my sense is that the conversation that led to this DVD went something like this:

Stan: "Hey, Bob, Rush is really big now, so let's make a documentary about them"

Bob: "Yeah! That's a great idea. We can cash in on all their popularity"

Stan: "Do you know anyone in the band or their management?"

Bob: "Nah. But my cousin's brother was a stage hand at one of the venues they played at in 1978. He has a bunch of great stories. We could highlight him thoughout the doc and throw in a bunch of old interviews from YouTube as filler"

Stan: "Yeah, that will work. But we can't seem like we are duplicating "Beyond the Lighted Stage" so we should limit our doc to the period before Moving Pictures. Besides, I never listened to much of their stuff after that."

Bob: "You're so right, dude! Tom Sawyer is such a cool song. Ba-ba-ba-BAAAA, Ba-ba-ba-BAAAA, Ba-ba-ba-BWIIING, no his life is not rent, don't put down his government, hissazaa around the fence..."

Stan: "Great, let's do it!"
#1 - Posted 5/6/14 @8:31AM by druphis [contact]

Should I be concerned that trailer doesn't actually have Rush music? It's one thing to here the history from other peoples perspective but it'd be nice to hear some actual Rush material throughout.
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