Dearly Beloved's Rob Higgins on growing up with Uncle Geddy

Posted on Tuesday, April 22, 2014 at 1:35PM

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#36 - Posted 4/25/14 @4:41PM by random_sample [contact]

#33- Thanks...and....
"Yeah.....Oh yeah!!" (a la Finding My Way)
#35 - Posted 4/25/14 @1:40PM by jupeguy [contact]

So ya, Merry Christmas, joyous Halloween and Happy Friday to everyone! I just finished a 1500 sq.ft hardwood installation and my back & knees are fu#ked so I'm having a couple of beers and listening to the original recording of Vapor Trails. Cheers!
#34 - Posted 4/25/14 @1:36PM by CraigJ [contact]

#30 - that kinda makes me want to buy an HTC phone for some reason...
#33 - Posted 4/25/14 @1:34PM by jupeguy [contact]

This has gone waaaaay beyond stupid but I think because the first thing #9 said was "you're right #4,(me) you can really hear Geddy's influence", and then the first thing you said was "this is a joke right" was where everything got misinterpreted,but you explained it and cleared it up so ya it would be nice if we could all get along for sure! Until Neil's next update that is.LOL
And by the way random your last post was the most thoughtful, intelligent thing I think you've ever said on this blog!! LOL...just kidding.
#32 - Posted 4/25/14 @11:49AM by MGRushFan

Come on guys, let's all get along.

For the record, I will parse my original post for those who may have been confused by the intent.

I wrote...

"#9 this is a joke right? That track was horrendous. All I heard was a very bad attempt at being 1990 era Janes Addiction."

The first word "this" is referring to the website that #9 posted. It was not meant to be addressed to or refer to the intent of the poster of #9. Yes, it is a little confusing so I can understand why people misunderstood, but read in the context of my original meaning (with "this" referring to the website) should change your minds. I was saying the website with that song seemed like a joke because the song was so incredibly bad. I personally thought likening it to a bad Jane's was very appropriate since it clearly was influenced by Ritual de lo Habitual era Jane's.

Ok, hopefully this will suffice as an explanation.
#31 - Posted 4/25/14 @11:01AM by CraigJ [contact]

I like Turtles...
#30 - Posted 4/25/14 @10:34AM by random_sample [contact]

#28- blah,blah,blah....
#29 - Posted 4/25/14 @9:51AM by CraigJ [contact]

Love the new ads. I'm very interested in what that "Fun Way to Get the Best Butt of Your Life" is.
#28 - Posted 4/24/14 @10:20PM by jupeguy [contact]

Believe me mg I do not obsess over you, however I do remember conversations and interactions.It was you who mentioned you live in NYC and your various occupations and I happened to remember that you said you were now a landscaper and listened to Phideaux alot while you were working. I remember many things about many bloggers here so don't flatter yourself. I was just trying to get past the ridiculous direction the thread had taken and was trying to lighten it up a bit but...whatever.I really don't give 2 shits about you either really.
Random, Thanks for the freedom of speech, speech. Nobody was disputing what mg said,or his right to say it. It was the way he said it and 3 people in a row read it like that.
#27 - Posted 4/24/14 @6:44PM by MGRushFan

Then I agree with you 110%. It's so pointless to get so riled up over one persons post. Don't like or agree with my posts? Ignore them. I do it all the time here.
#26 - Posted 4/24/14 @5:19PM by jiminseattle [contact]

It was meant to be innocuous.
#25 - Posted 4/24/14 @4:47PM by MGRushFan

I will concur with Jim, even though I'm not entirely sure his post was meant to be innocuous. It's kinda sad how certain people obsess over my posts, even to the point of ignoring reality. All of my posts are hateful or full of negativity? That's news to me. I often write about how much I love certain aspects of the band.

Anyhow, believe me, to those who obsess over me to the point of even remembering my occupation.......I am not reciprocating. I do not care a whit about you, your occupation, or your opinions. I'll read them, yes, but then I turn off the computer and get on with life.
#24 - Posted 4/24/14 @3:29PM by jiminseattle [contact]

MG is MG, not worth getting riled about that is for certain.
#23 - Posted 4/24/14 @3:20PM by random_sample [contact]

Here's a quote for a few of you:

"They say there is strangeness too dangerous
In our theaters and bookstore shelves (and Rushisaband comments)
That those who know what's best for us
Must rise and save us from ourselves"

#22 - Posted 4/24/14 @3:11PM by random_sample [contact]

#20, 13, 15 - I don't take MG that way ,at all. Would you prefer someone be a "yes-man" and just agree with everything anyone else says? It's called....having an opinion...individualism, speech, etc..etc.... Notice a few of those words look familiar at all? Yeah, that band you love..Rush. Individualism (2112) , freewill (duhh) speech ( Witch Hunt?) Check out those songs sometime. Oh and the career of your favourite band. Then, give your heads a shake. (I'm sure this will just come across as "being grumpy" to you, though- haha)
#21 - Posted 4/24/14 @10:25AM by jupeguy [contact]

I think Ged finally showed up in his regular seats at the Blue Jays game last night. Looked like he was sporting a little mustache.
#20 - Posted 4/24/14 @8:27AM by Micky [contact]

MGRushFan is the usual Joker in here. He's always against all. I think there's something wrong with him. However he's free to express his nasty feelings.
#19 - Posted 4/23/14 @4:31PM by freewilly [contact]

(that is 'bad attempt')
#18 - Posted 4/23/14 @4:30PM by freewilly [contact]

While maybe being a little 'direct' I think MG was spot on with the 'bad Jane's Addiction' comment... too little too late.
#17 - Posted 4/23/14 @3:36PM by jupeguy [contact]

I don't know mg, 3 people in a row? How's the weather today in the Big Apple? Getting some landscaping done? Also, do you know the answers to my questions from the previous thread?Re:Japan/Australia.
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