You Can't Have Freedom for Free: On Rush, Ayn Rand, and Not Compromising

Posted on Tuesday, April 22, 2014 at 9:54AM

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#20 - Posted 4/27/14 @7:41AM by jaeger [contact]

It looks like someone misses the days when companies could call in the police to defend private property at the drop of the hat. Those good old days make Alex´s Florida experience look like a day in Paradise.
#19 - Posted 4/25/14 @11:42AM by CraigJ [contact]

You can't have freedom for free...
#18 - Posted 4/24/14 @12:06PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Well put Snowdog. I doubt seriously that they even know these stories exist. They are cool cats not about to alienate anyone.
#17 - Posted 4/24/14 @11:46AM by Snowdog2112 [contact]

#13--I suspect Rush would be more inclinced to cringe if they thought their music was the inspiration for the Occupy crowd, but there's no doubt the boys play it down the middle these days as to not alienate themselves from the leftist crowd that burned them in their early days (Rolling Stone). And as Canadians, they don't have to pander to the Democrat/Republican mentality that so divides the US. Let's face it, both parties are terrible examples for free will. The hard core right and left will disagree, but Libertarian philosophy is the closest thing out there to true freedom. Unfortunately, not everyone wants to be free.
#16 - Posted 4/24/14 @11:38AM by joerock213 [contact]

Personally, I practice Rushism which holds that Rush is the greatest band in the history of the world and everything they do is beyond wonderful. At one point in time Ayn Rand had an influence on Rush's music, therefore I hold her philosophy in high regard, but you don't have to love everything about a person or be completely for or against someone. I agree with a lot of what she says. A lot of knee-jerk idiots like to bash her.
#15 - Posted 4/24/14 @10:42AM by rushevents [contact]

@anandrajan: It's not surprising to me that many conservatives dislike Ayn Rand as well as the liberals.

Her ideas irritate both the right and the left - The right dislikes her militant atheism and the left hate her stance on punishing the strong to prop up the weak.

Rand was not a Libertarian she was, as her movement is still called, an "objectivist". Objectivism states that the mind is the end-all be-all. The goal of human kind is to pursue personal happiness through a complete laissez-faire system of capitalism. Libertarians tend to like her more than most as well as most of what she wrote as it all leads to government out of our lives. But Libertarians are also self styled Conservative compassionists which flies in the face of much of what she wrote.
#14 - Posted 4/24/14 @1:04AM by joerock213 [contact]

Go back and listen to "Something for Nothing". Now, as they sit in the lap of luxury sipping the Macallan everyday being worshiped, I'm sure their ideas about reality have been warped and thus moved to the left. Nevertheless, I'm sure they enjoy the fruits of their labor.
#13 - Posted 4/24/14 @12:38AM by Pat R [contact]

I'm sure Geddy, Alex and Neil would cringe if they were told someone from the Tea Party was holding RUSH up as an inspiration!
#12 - Posted 4/23/14 @6:35PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Good call Craig but we have escalated just a bit. :)
#11 - Posted 4/23/14 @6:11PM by CraigJ [contact]

#9, I'd say since the 1920's personally.
#10 - Posted 4/23/14 @4:45PM by anandrajan [contact]

Here's an interesting link (and very negative) take on Ayn Rand by well known science fiction author David Brin who's both a supporter of libertarianism and a huge critic. (BTW, I believe Neil refers to himself nowadays as a "bleeding heart libertarian".)

#9 - Posted 4/23/14 @4:17PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Just to clarify my comment about big government; that would extend over the past 10 plus years in my opinion. I am an independant.
#8 - Posted 4/23/14 @3:28PM by CraigJ [contact]

Well, we're not enlightened liberals, so there can be no discussions because we are too dumb.
#7 - Posted 4/23/14 @10:02AM by joerock213 [contact]

It seems those who disagree with libertarians, Rand followers, limited government folks, etc., can only resort to name-calling/personal attacks rather than real debate of issues.
#6 - Posted 4/23/14 @7:45AM by jiminseattle [contact]

Agreed Craig. Matt is just a citizen of the U.S. who wants the freedom we used to have and a smaller government. Big govt. is working so well.
#5 - Posted 4/22/14 @6:07PM by CraigJ [contact]

Did you read the article? Doesn't seem like a mindless randroid to me...
#4 - Posted 4/22/14 @4:41PM by hazlnut [contact]

#3 - Posted 4/22/14 @12:40PM by CraigJ [contact]

referring to this: link
#2 - Posted 4/22/14 @11:17AM by jaeger [contact]

Worth thinking about as you watch the Steve Jobs biopics, too.
#1 - Posted 4/22/14 @10:03AM by Rushian Roulette [contact]

Fifth! er, I mean, FIRST!

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