Rush: The Rise Of Kings (1968-1981) documentary preview

Posted on Friday, April 11, 2014 at 9:21AM

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#3 - Posted 4/11/14 @11:47AM by Taurus Pedal Boy

Wow, check out the generic non-Rush music they have to use because they couldn't get the rights to use actual RUSH music. That says it all right there.

This is exactly what I thought it was going to be, a poor man's ALL THE WORLD's A STAGE using interviews with no-name talking heads with the same old footage and stills of the band we've seen a thousand times before.

#2 - Posted 4/11/14 @9:54AM by MGRushFan

This looks pretty low budget.
#1 - Posted 4/11/14 @9:39AM by LanceTheShred [contact]


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