John Wesley's Disconnect featuring Alex Lifeson released

Posted on Monday, March 31, 2014 at 10:51AM

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#9 - Posted 4/2/14 @7:12AM by flimbo

Pretty terrible album really. And Al's solo is a nothing great. Too random.
#8 - Posted 4/1/14 @6:46AM by jupeguy [contact]

Alex, please go even heavier on the next album. Neil, double bass, quadruple time through every song, and Geddy get your low,unintelligble, growl ready...extreme death metal all the way!!
#7 - Posted 3/31/14 @9:59PM by cakes and sparrows [contact]

it's spelled 'Once a Warior' on Spotify. Not sure if that's a typo.
#6 - Posted 3/31/14 @8:57PM by joerock213 [contact]

Alex, get all the heavy stuff out of your system with these little projects and come back to Rush with clarity.
#5 - Posted 3/31/14 @6:47PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Alex, put all your heavy chops into the next Rush album!
#4 - Posted 3/31/14 @3:50PM by gornhay [contact]

He needs to lay more of those mothers down on Rush albums.
#3 - Posted 3/31/14 @3:40PM by vaporsdad. [contact]

And its frickin AWESOME!!!
#2 - Posted 3/31/14 @3:35PM by vaporsdad. [contact]

It's available on Spotify
#1 - Posted 3/31/14 @11:47AM by Runkerry

1st. Look forward to hearing Big Al on this one.
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