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Posted on Friday, March 28, 2014 at 1:16PM

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#64 - Posted 4/7/14 @7:58PM by bravest_face [contact]


Sorry for the late post but I've been lazy as of lately. I think it's cool their going out again, for us the fan's. It would be nice to not hear too many complaint's when the set list spoiler's get here. I would love for them to do a 8 hour set, but it's not going to happen; I don't think. I think whenever they play it's a pretty special occasion.

I think it's cool, that they'll do a 41st year celebration of their music. Maybe they'll bust out Riven-dell, that song is a great April (Spring) song. I don't have any special request. I just hope they keep the ticket prices reasonable. I think if everyone of us buy's some gear from the fan site in the next year: like 8 track's, vinyl, cassette's, C.D.'s (drink coaster's) and MP3's and as for MP3's, I tried purchasing C.A. from that fancy web site and they didn't take my generic credit card, so when I went to the show, I haven't really heard any of the new tune's properly. It was a new thing, very cool. I liked the show better like that. Surprise's, since all the mystique is gone from the World Wide Web. I bet those old school internet user's, those military types are pissed at what the Web turned out to be. It's all good. I miss the Media Dark ages of the 80's and 90's.

This Show is going to be cool, maybe I can save some money to see them in another far state, like stoned off my ass.
#63 - Posted 4/1/14 @1:02AM by cpb [contact]

For those struggling with the acronyms, here is a key:

PW: Power Windows
PW: Permanent Wav...

#62 - Posted 3/31/14 @11:47AM by SpaceTrucker [contact]

First of all, I'm excited about the upcoming 2015 RUSH tour and can't wait to see what the boys come up with!

Someone mentioned re-recording the first record with Neil playing John's drum parts...NO!

I kind of get the 40th Anniversary being celebrated on year 41. Even though Neil officially joined on Geddy's birthday (July 29th, 1974) their first album together (Fly By Night) was released February 15th, 1975 making 2015 the 40th Anniversary for this line-up.

As far as a new record, who knows. Maybe a few new songs but I doubt there will be an entirely new record.

As far as the set-list I would hope it would cover their entire catalog but Geddy's voice is the big question mark here and I think that will weigh heavily on the songs they play. I thought the opening instrumental song medley they did on the R30 tour was cool but that's been done.

My two adult boys are RUSH fans and never got to see them play 2112 live in it's entirety so I'm hoping for that but again Geddy's voice and the length of the song may prevent that. So with that being said we will all find out together what one of the greatest rock bands in history has in store for us.
#61 - Posted 3/31/14 @1:22AM by musicofthespheres [contact]

And, that other Neil, deGrasse Tyson, gave a shout out to Cygnus X-1 tonight.
#60 - Posted 3/31/14 @12:09AM by musicofthespheres [contact]

didn't. and guess you'll have to copy/paste to hear Trevor.
#59 - Posted 3/31/14 @12:07AM by musicofthespheres [contact]

connecting some SCOG and Yes posts from below, randomly. was flipping through the channels waiting for Cosmos and National Treasure was on. I know Neil said he go the idea for SCOG from reading lots of books (entirely plausible, huh?). I'm just glad he did it get it from watching Nicolas Cage...

An what's better, SCOG or this: link
#58 - Posted 3/30/14 @11:08PM by CraigJ [contact]

Not to be "that guy" but I don't really care what they play as long as they play. They could play Tai Shan in a loop for three hours and I would be OK with that.
#57 - Posted 3/30/14 @10:00PM by kennyplay1 [contact]

Ok, here we GO!!!!!!!!!!! This is my song choices for RUSH 2015. In no particular order, as of right now. I will try that later. Holy crap, this is awesome.. I'm freaking out!

Natural Science
Double Agent
By-tor/Snow Dog
A Farewell to Kings
Between the Wheels
Super Conductor
The Weapon
Enemy Within
Brought up to Believe
Jacobs Ladder
The Trees
Lakeside Park
Spirit of Radio
Garden Road
Main Monkey Business
The Garden
Tom Sawyer
The way the Wind Blows
The Anarchist
Headlong Flight
#56 - Posted 3/30/14 @9:20PM by jiminseattle [contact]

I killed the thread! Man, come on. Join the fray all.
#55 - Posted 3/30/14 @6:51PM by jiminseattle [contact]

This has been a fun thread, so many diverse opinions. Just goes to show the many sides of Rush.
#54 - Posted 3/30/14 @6:04PM by Alexfan [contact]

Their newer rock may be glossy, but the older stuff sounds more polished, if that even makes sense...
#53 - Posted 3/30/14 @5:34PM by joerock213 [contact]

All riffs are not created equal. The 70's Rush sounds nothing like the current supposed return to a classic "rock" sound.
#52 - Posted 3/30/14 @5:17PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Jupe, totally agree. Tore the roof off is an understatement IMHO.
#51 - Posted 3/30/14 @5:13PM by jupeguy [contact]

#48 Joe- I loved Caravan and BU2B...BECAUSE of the heavy riffs! But if you think about it Alex and Ged (and even Neil) loved the heavy riffs when they were young (but were accused of being LED rip-offs) so maybe they were finally getting their own heavy shit out there 35 years later. When a band is trying something and it is pathetic, you just cringe and say WTF! But with CA, they are an older band who tried to go heavy and tore the roof off of the MotherF#ckER!!!!!IMHO.
#50 - Posted 3/30/14 @5:04PM by Denny Crane [contact]

The excitement of new songs is always a big treat and I would also love to hear some old songs brought back to life. The "wish list" us Rush Rats post are always wild and crazy. If the bad would only take note!!!!!

Anyways, I thought that I'd list some songs that I DO NOT want to hear played again live. This list is not a bash list, so don't go there, but rather just a few songs that I don't really care to hear live again.

One more time... .for the record.... I like these songs, I just don't necessarily care to hear them in concert again.

Roll The Bones
Red Sector A
Stick It Out
One Little Victory

#49 - Posted 3/30/14 @4:47PM by Liverpool 78


Oh hello there Lamb and greetings to you from over here on the other side of the Big Pond. It's over ten years since I first laughed at your very clever postings on RIAB and you have not lost your wonderful way with words in the intervening decade.

Yup, I get what you're saying about band lineups changing whilst the song remains the same however, Rush's lineup hasn't changed for forty years and I just think; how good would it be if perhaps they could do maybe a little EP as a tip of the hat to that year of changes and new beginnings.

A little EP that could become the centre piece of their celebratory tour?

Or they could just do anything they wanted to instead and of course I will be very happy to soak it up.

Thanks for your acknowledgement Lamb. :-)

#48 - Posted 3/30/14 @4:39PM by joerock213 [contact]

Jupe, Armor and Sword has a riff, but the song is not dependent on that riff, there is very good harmony and songwriting there also. Caravan and BU2B were two huge duds to me, can't listen to them.
#47 - Posted 3/30/14 @4:27PM by jupeguy [contact]

Jim-first off...you are not DOWN from me. I am down from you latitude-wise.lol. Second, I really didn't like The Wreckers or Wish Them Well UNTIL I saw them live. Now I like them! I disagree with Joe that the rest are heavy riff songs with no substance. I love those heavy tunes from CA.Caravan,BU2B,CA, The Anarchist,Carnies,Headlong Flight, etc... awesome! Armor & Sword from S&A is an ultra-mega-riff tune.Do you like that one Joe?
#46 - Posted 3/30/14 @3:52PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Jupe! Wish I was, it is a pretty boring day down here in Seattle. Okay, Snakes is weak. :>)
#45 - Posted 3/30/14 @3:32PM by jupeguy [contact]

#42- you're high.
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