Rush making plans for a 2015 41st anniversary tour

Posted on Thursday, March 20, 2014 at 3:21PM

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#72 - Posted 3/28/14 @11:56AM by jchardern [contact]

Just to hear No One at the Bridge would be sublime...

I'll tell you, just picking one song from each album is painful and almost fills up an entire show. It is just an amazing catalog of songs they've put together over the years. I've tipped my cap to the band so many times that my arm is in a permanent cast!
#71 - Posted 3/27/14 @8:33PM by EEEBEE [contact]

Ha ha... In my own defense for the (abbreviated) songs in my own "farewell" set list - I was just trying to keep it to 150 minutes or so of song time (to fit on two CDs).

If we're just fantasizing here, they could play in my backyard and perform their entire catalog, start-to-finish. I'd make BBQ and buy the beer.

I threw in a few songs I'd love to hear them perform if they do a "b-sides" tour, but here are a list of a few other (realistic?) requests (in chronological order and all NON-abbreviated!) :)

Here Again; Beneath, Between And Behind; In The End; Jacob's Ladder; Analog Kid; The Enemy Within; Prime Mover; Scars; Cut To The Chase; Time And Motion; Peaceable Kingdom; Sweet Miracle; and Nocturne.

There is one track I would rather hear abbreviated than non-abbreviated and that is The Fountain of Lamneth (omit Panacea...gag!), but I don't think Geddy could sing this anymore. I'd love it if they would pull a recording of this out of the vault from the "down the tubes" tour. They've got to have it somewhere.

Lastly, there are a couple of songs that I'm not sure would play well live, but I'd love to hear them: Available Light and Totem.
#70 - Posted 3/27/14 @7:08PM by jonnysnow

Tai Shan all night long
#69 - Posted 3/27/14 @1:39PM by Denny Crane [contact]

@ #68

Count me in for that tour set list. Looks great.

#68 - Posted 3/27/14 @11:13AM by jchardern [contact]

Cool, imaginary setlists! I love this game. Ok, so I am thinking in retrospective terms. Working from present to past, one song from each album. But need to keep it real; you know songs they are likely to play, haven't overplayed on recent tours, etc. So here goes

1st set:
1. Headlong Flight -- would be a stellar opener
2. Armor and Sword -- Far Cry has been done last three tours
3. Vapor Trail -- total dream here, would expect One Little Victory
4. Test for Echo
5. Leave That Thing Alone
** Peart jam time
6. Bravado (w/ Alex outro solo) -- tough selection, this and Dreamline have had
alot of tour time; Where's My Thing just done, RTB? Can't see it.
7. The Pass -- or Presto, love both
8. Mission
9. Marathon -- a must have
10.Between the Wheels -- I'd love Afterimage as well, but just don't see it. Can't
do Red Sector A again


1. Subdivisions
2. Tom Sawyer
3. Natural Science -- or Jacob's Ladder?
4. The Trees
5. Xanadu -- would love full version, expect abbreviated
6. 2112 Overture/Temple
7. Bastille Day -- one of those rare ones?
** Peart jam time, part II
8. Anthem
9. Working Man
10.Closer to the Heart
12.The Garden -- seems like a great finale song, brings it back full


1. La Villa Strangiato
2. The Spirit of Radio
3. Limelight

Whew! So much left out. No time for Hemispheres, The Necromancer, Fear... bummer. Perhaps they could do two nights at each stop. Your one ticket is for both evenings. Neither show has to be three hours, but two hours each night would get you an extra hour overall. Ticks might be a bit expensive, but I need solutions here people!
#67 - Posted 3/24/14 @12:04PM by simon r

Great news indeed-something to look forward to and start planning where to go and when. Hope its not their last one.
#66 - Posted 3/22/14 @9:38PM by What-A-Rush

GREAT NEWS! I agree with some who stated that if new material is somehow in the cards they'll probably just release a song or two digitally in lieu of an album. Also, I can understand them wanting to do that as well. Rush have always prided themselves in presenting at least "something new" when it comes to touring. This would probably be no exception.

Okay, I'm game! 'Something For Nothing', 'Chemistry', 'Cold Fire', 'In The End', 'Afterimage', 'Show Don't Tell', and all four parts of the 'Fear' trilogy would make my wish list for the '41th Anniversary Tour'! VERY Rush indeed! How's that?
#65 - Posted 3/22/14 @5:37PM by rushfan1968 [contact]

Afterimage is one of there better videos.
#64 - Posted 3/22/14 @3:18PM by MajorSkalle [contact]

#63, #34
Afterimage was played live on the Grace Under Pressure tour.

I'd love to see it back in the set. I also hope they can bring back Driven and Natural Science. And Earthshine. And Xanadu. And ByTor. And Turn the Page. Ok, I shall stop.
#63 - Posted 3/22/14 @2:18PM by damonhynes [contact]

#34, I can;t imagine Afterimage ever being done live. Too personal. I'm surprised that they made a video of it, actually.
#62 - Posted 3/22/14 @6:09AM by Enigmaticus [contact]

Unfortunately, the period at the end of the previous sentence had made this: link somewhat inaccessible.
#61 - Posted 3/22/14 @5:58AM by Enigmaticus [contact]


I concur. This certainly reminds me of something which I had written about nearly 17 years ago: link
#60 - Posted 3/22/14 @1:47AM by Rushian Roulette [contact]

$500 Craig? For that tour? Me thinks ye may be off by a factor of 5 or so.
#59 - Posted 3/22/14 @12:09AM by CraigJ [contact]

#58. I'd buy that for a dollar. Hell I'd buy that for $500. for frontish row seats.
#58 - Posted 3/21/14 @11:38PM by cygnusx1jg

My idea for 2015 is the "Hits Before Intermission Tour". Something like this:

Red Barchetta
The Spirit of Radio
The Trees
Drum Solo
2112, parts I and II
Tom Sawyer

Intermission---then an announcement thanking the audience and warning that you stay at your own risk, because if you're not a big fan of this band, you may be bored for the next hour or so.

Then the top ten requested songs that they have never played live from whatever that website is that keeps track of such things.

Encore---Hemispheres in it's entirety
#57 - Posted 3/21/14 @9:03PM by JohnnyTRacer [contact]

I am excited for the news, but want ALL the members of Rush to be well rested and healthy, both in mind and Spirit before embarking on another tour! These guys have already given us sooooo much and I feel the next tour really needs to be on THEIR own terms!!!

#56 - Posted 3/21/14 @7:53PM by NYX [contact]

It's probably been mentioned already but there are physical limits as to what Geddy can sing now. I was just today listening to a full live recording of Hemispheres over at and there is no way he can sing that the same way today. He's already publicly said he would rather not sing a song at all than adjust the key. However, they never fail to amaze. I remember the sheer horror upon hearing they were releasing a cover album. I also recall the relief and joy upon hearing it. I also doubt they can keep themselves from recording something new so we'll just have to wait and see I guess.
#55 - Posted 3/21/14 @1:36PM by Earthshine_sf [contact]

2015 is the 40th anniversary of Fly By Night...the first album recorded with Neil...
#54 - Posted 3/21/14 @12:40PM by Electric Brain Boogaloo [contact]

#53 - Posted 3/21/14 @12:10PM by ToadBrother [contact]

I'll wager the 2015 tour will go some distance to paying for carting around eight extra musicians in 2012 and 2013.

At any rate, from a hard business perspective, Rush's days as a touring band are certainly numbered. No one can say when they'll stop, but I think we all can be certain that ten more years is out. While the last tour seemed to founder a bit in Europe, it still shows there are lots of fans, at least in North America, who don't mind frequent Rush touring.

Touring is where the money is nowadays. They probably make more money off of t-shirts than they do records.

The timing of this does make me think that Clockwork Angels is probably the last full album they'll release. We'd be talking 2016 before they even began recording something, and considering how long records take to make, that pushes a another tour to late in 2016 or later.

I can see them doing what Fleetwood Mac seems keen to try, a few new songs here, enough to keep gigs interesting, but not all the expense and pain of full albums, which don't make any money anyways.

I listen to Clockwork Angels, particularly songs like Headlong Flight, Wish Them Well and The Garden, I'm hearing Neil saying "These are really great songs to end a songwriting career on."
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