John Wesley on Rush, Porcupine Tree, and working with Alex Lifeson in new interview

Posted on Tuesday, March 11, 2014 at 8:39AM

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#16 - Posted 3/13/14 @6:21PM by ITheJury [contact]

I wondered if "I hate to say it" was very much a compliment.

I.e., Wesley is confessing it wasn't PT who came up with the sound. WIthout realizing it they owe it to a major influence, Alex.
#15 - Posted 3/13/14 @4:02PM by random_sample [contact]

#3- I took it the same way you took it , with him saying "I hate to say it..." But I have no idea. I haven't listened to the interview and I know barely anything about Porcupine Tree. Have only heard a few of their songs.
#14 - Posted 3/12/14 @10:20AM by Rubinowits [contact]

The crunchy Paul is sometimes just too muddy. Sometimes I like the mud and they really deliver some good chunkiness and meat but his since his playing isn't as tight as it was, I think the thick humbucking Pauls kinda cloud up many notes. I hope he adds in the Strats, Teles and PRS, ALONG with the Pauls.
Speaking of PRS, jiminseattle, PRS himself is coming to Seattle later this month to some of the local guitar stores.
#13 - Posted 3/11/14 @8:19PM by jiminseattle [contact]

I guess I may be in the minority but I love the new crunchy, muddy sound. It isn't muddy to me.
#12 - Posted 3/11/14 @7:06PM by joerock213 [contact]

"Heavy guitar element coming out"? wtf does that mean? You know, I was listening to A Show of Hands today as I was flying in and out of traffic, and I have to say I miss that crispness and clarity the band had in that recording. Enough of this mushy system of a distortion sound.
#11 - Posted 3/11/14 @3:54PM by hazlnut [contact]

Bon Jovi?!!!
Jeez... Who knew?
#10 - Posted 3/11/14 @3:34PM by Ian Harris

Here's a video of the new Hentor Sportscasters being made last year: link from
#9 - Posted 3/11/14 @1:53PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Love the Les Pauls, they are crunchy.
#8 - Posted 3/11/14 @1:12PM by Rubinowits [contact]

Alexfan: That's amazing. The Hentor sounds much better than his new Pauls and I would love to hear that guitar again live or on record. Looking forward to the song with his solo on it. Thanks for the info.
#7 - Posted 3/11/14 @11:59AM by Alexfan [contact]

Freddy Gabrzek, the luthier who is building and selling authentic replicas of the Hentor Sportscaster, backwards engineered from the original does some guitar work for me, and he has an email from Alex thanking him for getting the original Sportscaster back to (better than) original form, and that he used it to record this solo. He says in the email that he forgot how amazing that guitar is/was, and that he absolutely has fallen back in love with it.
#6 - Posted 3/11/14 @11:29AM by CraigJ [contact]

#3 sounds more like a "we should have been doing this all along" admission to me. Hard to say without listening to the entire thing in context, but I can't imagine any kind of disrespect coming form this guy.
#5 - Posted 3/11/14 @10:16AM by Rubinowits [contact]

@1: How do you know this? I'm happy if it's true as I miss that guitar.
#4 - Posted 3/11/14 @9:45AM by squintyt4e [contact]

I've been listening to Wes' new album for the last month and it's brilliant from stem to stern. The Lifeson solo is inspired and recognizably Alex, but very fresh. But the whole record is full of intense guitar work from Wes (as a long time Wes fan it's nice to hear him let loose). This will definitely be one of my favorite albums of the year - I've pre-ordered and can't wait for the hard copy. Definitely worth checking out!
#3 - Posted 3/11/14 @9:30AM by Denny Crane [contact]

Why does he "hate to say it" about the Alex influence?? -- sounds like a slam almost.

#2 - Posted 3/11/14 @8:53AM by jaeger [contact]

So great!
#1 - Posted 3/11/14 @8:50AM by Alexfan [contact]

Lifeson used his freshly restored Hentor Sportscaster for that solo!
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