Former Styx frontman Dennis DeYoung addresses similarities between 2112 and Kilroy Was Here

Posted on Thursday, February 27, 2014 at 8:39AM

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#46 - Posted 3/3/14 @1:06PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Yeah Jackson, saw Kansas a couple years ago in the front row with my son. They only played for an hour plus and Steve Walsh's voice was horrific. Not good compared to those 70's shows where they just kicked ass.
#45 - Posted 3/2/14 @3:43PM by palidrummer11 [contact]

Jim, yeah I guess at this point I only would go see Styx to see Todd Sucherman. The first time I saw them was when I was 15, and that was my second concert ever (KISS was my first lol), so ANY live performance by a "big famous rock band" was completely new to me. And I saw Styx at Interlochen because tickets were like $30 or something for students/campers... and cuz I got those backstage passes :)
But at this point, I'm totally with you. Band like Styx, REO, Journey, Ted Nugent, Foreigner (their keyboardist's brother was my Spanish teacher last year haha), Kansas... they're all "concert in the park" bands now. They play all their OLD stuff (their only stuff) in somewhat lame markets, as triple bills now.
#44 - Posted 3/1/14 @6:37PM by What-A-Rush

Interesting comments. I can't say I'm a big Styx fan but they certainly have their fair share of good songs. Over the past 10 years or so I really grew to like 'Mr. Roboto'. I remember it was all over radio in 1983. Some "older" fans were appalled, however, the younger kids embraced it. Perhaps it was Styx's response to the new wave era. In any event, as maligned as the song is by some purists, it remains one of the biggest hits of their career. Go figure.
#43 - Posted 2/28/14 @4:16PM by limelighter [contact]

musically, it is.
#42 - Posted 2/28/14 @12:31PM by jupeguy [contact]

#28 limelighter. With all due respect, the Sistein Chapel is a masterpiece. The Mona Lisa is a masterpiece. Sofia Vergara is a masterpiece. LaVilla Strangiato is a masterpiece. A Criminal Mind is not a masterpiece. imho
#41 - Posted 2/28/14 @12:03PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Mother Dear is a great tune Jupe. There are so many bands I saw in the day that I would not see now but Rush is just heads and tails above them all.
#40 - Posted 2/28/14 @12:02PM by jupeguy [contact]

All this talk of Styx reminded of a time when my cousin was all hammered up and was singing to himself(or everyone)-

"Montego Bay, Montego Bay, come Montego Bay with me" over and over. I finally realized he was singing these lyrics to the tune of "Come Sail Away".LOL
#39 - Posted 2/28/14 @11:57AM by jupeguy [contact]

Jim- if you can listen to that song "Mother Dear" from Equinox on headphones, it's pretty cool! They were truly "progressive" at this point I would think, before Dennis(I want to sing sappy ballads shitily)DeYoung ruined them.
#38 - Posted 2/28/14 @11:38AM by jiminseattle [contact]

Pali: that is great that you enjoyed Styx but as I mentioned before I would not go see them. They have not had a solid release as Craig said since 1981 with Paradise Theater. In the 70's is when I think they were at their creative peak and I was fortunate to see them with all original members on the Grand Illusion tour. It would be like going to see Rush if the last release was Moving Pictures and the rest going forward was weak. We know that not to be the case. Just my humble opinion.
#37 - Posted 2/28/14 @8:59AM by Ant [contact]

With Kilroy, that album was basically pushed on the band by DeYoung. "Kilroy Was Here" is a great name for an album and the concept was good, however, without the entire band behind Dennis, the album falls flat. Arguably, "Mr. Roboto" and "Don't Let It End" are the best songs on the album with the rest being fairly awful. I'm sure you've seen the interviews with Tommy Shaw where he says "I just couldn't think of any songs about robots".

For "2112", Rush were defiant, unified and making a statement against their record label at the time who was on the verge of dropping them. So what does Rush do? They do what Rush do! They basically took the same formula they used on the album that got them into trouble, turned it around, made it BETTER and put their necks on the line. The result is, arguably, the best hard rock concept piece every recorded. Instead of having a sidelong epic on side 2 like they did on "Caress", they opened "2112" with a sidelong epic and because it was so good, it did so well. There was no radio playing "2112" in those days. They didn't have MTV to promote any videos. "2112" got where it is by word of mouth because fans were going in their pants about it and telling their friends. That's how good music works.

So, in my opinion, the real difference between the two works is the band behind them. One had unity, the other dissension and it shows in both the quality and longevity of both projects.

#36 - Posted 2/27/14 @11:41PM by palidrummer11 [contact]

I have to admit, I actually like Styx. I've seen them twice in concert. Two summers ago they came to Interlochen (my summer camp) as a stop on their tour. I'm friends and have played with a lady who teaches at Interlochen, and who has also collaborated with Styx in the past. She got me backstage passes, so after the show I got to meet James Young and, of course, Todd Sucherman. I had met Todd very briefly at NAMM the year before, but this was my first time having a full on conversation with him. He's such an awesome drummer (HE is probably one of the best drummers right now. He's extremely versatile), and a really cool guy. He's humble, funny, and really chill. We talked about his cymbals and drumming in general for a bit. And btw, the next night we had our concert (the High School Rock Program), and I played on Blue Collar Man. Unfortunately, Styx had already left Interlochen by that time, so they had to miss our show.
#35 - Posted 2/27/14 @10:56PM by CraigJ [contact]

"You Can Tune a Piano, But You Can't Tuna Fish" - Not horrible, but very forgettable. Probably their best album. Rates a solid meh.
#34 - Posted 2/27/14 @10:28PM by jiminseattle [contact]

The early 80's were great Craig. I was in college and a yuppie embarassingly but man what a blast. I kind of lost track of Rush unfortunately but my old neighbor pulled me back in in '98 with T4E. Weird album to come back to the fold with but I was hooked and truly love it all. REO the best band ever, that is hilarious. I'm gonna keep on lovin you. Puke!!!!!
#33 - Posted 2/27/14 @10:09PM by CraigJ [contact]

I was told in 1981 but a friend's uncle that REO Speedwagon was in fact "the greatest band in the world, ever" That same friend received Boston "Don't Look Back" and Rush "Moving Pictures" and didn't like them and gave them to me. I tried really hard to like REO Speedwagon, Journey, etc and failed. Then I got Exit Stage Left and my head exploded, and that as they say, was that. I also had some Styx, AC/DC, Van Halen etc. But ESL was the record that locked me in permanently. I still have it in all it's double vinyl LP glory. I also still have Styx Paradise Theatre with the laser etching on the vinyl. The early 80's were good.
#32 - Posted 2/27/14 @10:01PM by mstmompj [contact]

Now if only DeYoung could post to solve the mystery of why he thinks the word "modern" is pronounced "modren" . . .
#31 - Posted 2/27/14 @10:00PM by cpb [contact]

Kind of an unnecessary pop at AOR though saying "In US AOR radio they must have called this as Heavy Metal back then". I mean I know Finland's black metal actually causes eyeballs to bleed or it's categorized pussrock but STILL


Totally valid points as far as the rest of #29 goes though!

And yeah, jupe, I can't believe I forgot the Lerxst connection! I can't get annoyed with the "haa-ah-ah-ee-ah-huh-huh-had" bit though as I'm a Radiohead fan and Thom Yorke can get a stanza out of what ends up being, when you read the lyrics, one letter.
#30 - Posted 2/27/14 @7:46PM by jiminseattle [contact]

hannu: tell us how you really feel? Funny you brought up REO, the consummate backup band back in the day. They were awful.
#29 - Posted 2/27/14 @7:11PM by hannuFIN [contact]

Mediocre, wimpy, cheesy sounding ("nice" covers though), like bad copy of The Cars album. In US AOR radio they must have called this as Heavy Metal back then. No words. The final track 'Don't let it end"..says it all. Please let it end. No wonder they toured with Reo and Foreigner..
#28 - Posted 2/27/14 @6:43PM by limelighter [contact]

criminal mind is a masterpiece. love the video.
#27 - Posted 2/27/14 @6:05PM by jupeguy [contact]

sorry, meant cpb.
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