Rush Walmart Working Man commercial reaction and backlash

Posted on Tuesday, February 18, 2014 at 12:06PM

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#167 - Posted 2/28/14 @4:22PM by afght19 [contact]

Look at all these sellouts to Walmart link
#166 - Posted 2/25/14 @6:46AM by thedudeabidz [contact]

Big Money got no soul.
#165 - Posted 2/24/14 @12:56PM by CraigJ [contact]

You don't have to go to college. This isn't Russia. Is this Russia? This isn't Russia.
#164 - Posted 2/23/14 @10:00AM by jupeguy [contact]

big hitter, the Lama- long
#163 - Posted 2/22/14 @11:47PM by CraigJ [contact]

#161 - I didn't say they don't deserve "decent" wages. But decent must be in the context of the job being performed. I don't understand why people think that they deserve high wages for a job that literally ANY one can do. I generally use the self checkout for this reason. So I will amend my point. Too many people want "A lot for not much".

#162 - Cool. More for the rest of us.
#162 - Posted 2/22/14 @10:28PM by amylovesrush [contact]

Rush as artists are free to use their music as they wish. However, I would like a statement on the band's position and whether they okayed the use of "Working Man" - and why. Either this is an epic joke on WalMart, or Rush is at minimum partnering with one of the worst companies in the US. Just let me know, Rush - if it's the latter I'll have to end my 30+ year support of your music because I boycott all things WalMart. If the former, I raise my five o'clock beer to you. No hard feelings either way.
#161 - Posted 2/21/14 @8:46PM by What-A-Rush

#25, I respectfully disagree with your assertion that employees "dragging items over a scanner" aren't deserving of decent wages. There's dignity in EVERY form of work. Do you really think that Walmart's stockholders don't have retirement benefits? Why shouldn't the people who actually WORK in the store receive quality benefits as well? I'd hardly call that "something for nothing".

#44, 'MGRushFan', very well said. I wholeheartedly agree with you, and yes, it is disheartening to see a great song bastardized by a corporation who otherwise couldn't care less about Rush, let alone the 'Working Man' ( pun intended) OR woman.

Sure, at the end of the day we all have our OPINION on this, however, it goes without saying ( but I'll say it anyway ) that if 'Working Man' was "sold" for use in a LABOR UNION commercial, trust me, there would be PLENTY of "outrage" from some Rush fans over that as well. Hypocrisy speaks volumes! Enough said.
#160 - Posted 2/21/14 @6:03PM by CraigJ [contact]

If you need the government to survive and you don't have a true disability (not having an XBox and a PS3 when you were 15 doesn't count) then do us all a favor and remove yourself from the gene pool. Just my opinion.
#159 - Posted 2/21/14 @5:07PM by pverna [contact]

Apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere in this post and I missed it, but where I live (New England) NBC has repeatedly aired a version of this spot with different (non-Rush) music. I've seen it a bunch of times in prime time during the Winter Olympics. Anyone else hear the "alternate" version, and does anyone know how much of the inventory features Working Man?
#158 - Posted 2/21/14 @1:40PM by Homey M Holmes

"Now, what's the next topic?"

The way libertarians state the obvious as though it were somehow insightful.
#157 - Posted 2/20/14 @8:25PM by tnhldr

I'm surprised this is getting so much attention. Selling the rights to use a song in a commercial is part of the business. And don't forget for one second that "Rush" is a very successful business...not just a band. Now, what's the next topic?
#156 - Posted 2/20/14 @1:00AM by cakes and sparrows [contact]

I hope never to see the commercial so I don't think about it when I hear the song, like I sometimes do with Fly By Night.
#155 - Posted 2/20/14 @12:16AM by kevinF [contact]

The VW ad with Fly By Night was cool. What's the difference??
#154 - Posted 2/19/14 @10:22PM by drummerboy2112

I Don't Get it either. Sam Walton started out pretty poor, his stock was worth 8 cents when it was issued

They had to struggle, sell their first store, it's that original work ethic from top management that created this juggernaut, so I bought stock, and whoever can, should as it's projected long this year

If there ever a working man, sam was the man, trying to feed his family. They did and are providing a service and products To a select cross section of the American public, to me it's lower to middle class, and if these "Americans" had a problem with their ethics they would stop, no? Uh no, bc there can be mass murders at these places and if the prices were still low, people would still shop there.

I dont get what's so wrong their process? And yes, bc Chinese labor cost has risen, wal mart pre empts all others Including the market, to invest in American jobs bc as someone said in this blog
American labor is hurting. Their is nothing altruistic about this. It's pure Business. Purely an American ideal as i see it? To me, rush stopped being Canadian when Neil moved here, and coincidentally, their sound became less Canadian too, much to my chagrin. So Neil has firmly been adopted. Nearly all his professional peers live in la, and as Olivia becomes older and older, and Neil falls more in love with the west more and more, well, yippee Kaye mother truckers.

Still havent watched the commercial and I don't have cable and rarely watch tv
#153 - Posted 2/19/14 @9:35PM by Homey M Holmes


#152 - Posted 2/19/14 @6:35PM by djc2112 [contact]

Why don't we grow mangoes in South Dakota?
Why don't we grow sugarcane in Maine?

We could put up greenhouses and create lots of American jobs! Of course, one mango would cost $10, but you'd buy it to support America, right?

Sorry, but the beloved cheap laptop or tablet that you are reading this on is due to the cheap labor and manufacturing expertise in China.

Walmart doesn't have the highest retail sales in the world because everybody hates them. The vocal minority hates them. Walmart just figured out how to get the cheap stuff you love to retail outlets at the lowest possible cost.

I am so happy I have a large screen TV for well under a grand. Or, that a decent sweater made in Swaziland was under $20...thank goodness for globalism!

If everything was made in America, you would bitch and moan because the quality sucked and the product was way too expensive. (i.e 1970s American cars before the Japanese gave us decent competition and raised quality standards.)

The only reason American manufacturing is coming back is because costs in China are finally high enough that manufacturing here makes sense again. Walmart and Apple, etc aren't bringing jobs "back" for love of country. They are bring jobs back because it is a good financial move!

So, go ahead and boycott Walmart and shop at Target or will be buying the same crap anyways and supporting globalism.

On a less cynical note, do people in Canada get horny at 7:45pm? Hey baby, it's a quarter to 8, I feel I'm in the mood...I usually get randy around 10:30PM, but I am American...
#151 - Posted 2/19/14 @6:18PM by jupeguy [contact]


#150 - Posted 2/19/14 @6:00PM by LaVillaRules [contact]


But do you go any less.
#149 - Posted 2/19/14 @5:40PM by jupeguy [contact]

I said this a few years back and didn't get into too much trouble

Leave That Thing Alone- Theme music for the "Chronic Masturbators Support Group" down at the clinic.

And no I don't go there....anymore.
#148 - Posted 2/19/14 @5:13PM by Runkerry

All of Moving Pictures for any art dealership.

The Trees for any tree surgeon.

The Camera Eye for any camera shop.

All faintly ridiculous suggestions....... but quite funny in my narrow world : )
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