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Posted on Monday, February 17, 2014 at 9:44AM

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#12 - Posted 2/19/14 @2:00PM by CraigJ [contact]

#11 - Posted 2/19/14 @6:26AM by ru2112sh

What an incredible gift. Thank you John and thank you Ed for sharing. You are both appreciated more than you know.
#10 - Posted 2/18/14 @5:10PM by hannuFIN [contact]

Tnx to Mega Rush connoisseur John, what a work u've achieved with nice twists all around. I was born in 28th of Sept 1966 (25kms from the border of USSR, we had some RUSH time back then..far away from USA, Canada where RUSH toured), time when Neil and Alex received their first drum kits (as parts manager ;) and guitar for nice report card. Sorry Ged, you were a pro when u were born ! That time when they arrive to stage is MAGIC, the feeling the history the charisma. And remember no no seats ever in the arena floor level ;) RUSH !
#9 - Posted 2/18/14 @9:59AM by chutch15 [contact]

It doesn't seem to load.
#8 - Posted 2/18/14 @7:02AM by GrahamW [contact]

Great little feature John, very clean and informative. I spent ages reading through it and learned some stuff that I didn't know before, thank you :)

btw, for those who cannot see it, you need to enable javascript!
#7 - Posted 2/17/14 @4:20PM by Alexfan [contact]

It just loads forever for me. Can't see it.
#6 - Posted 2/17/14 @12:42PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Joh, you do great work over there on Cygnus. I especially enjoy the tour and tour setlists which chronicle all past tours with opening acts etc.
#5 - Posted 2/17/14 @11:36AM by jaeger [contact]

Very nice!
#4 - Posted 2/17/14 @10:59AM by Jag2112 [contact]

Thanks guys...
#3 - Posted 2/17/14 @10:52AM by LanceTheShred [contact]

I was typing when this popped up otherwise I would have had you jupe!!

I've said this to you personally and I don't know how you do it John. Thanks for the countless time and effort you spend doing what you do brother!
#2 - Posted 2/17/14 @9:51AM by jupeguy [contact]

This timeline thing is really cool and must have taken a lot of time. Thanks for doing it John and sharing it with everyone.
#1 - Posted 2/17/14 @9:46AM by jupeguy [contact]

first! sorry Lance you've been hogging them lately.
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