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Posted on Friday, February 21, 2014 at 12:39PM

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#42 - Posted 2/24/14 @5:29PM by cpb [contact]

Oh no!
#41 - Posted 2/24/14 @3:45PM by jupeguy [contact]

That sucks! FUCK!
#40 - Posted 2/24/14 @1:06PM by CraigJ [contact]

#38 - Related. link Sigh.
#39 - Posted 2/24/14 @1:06PM by jiminseattle [contact]

The Anarchist, CA then the Carnies. Those are my top 3 and the rest are pretty damn good as well.
#38 - Posted 2/24/14 @7:41AM by jupeguy [contact]

#37- That may be true but in his defence refer to post #25. I stand by every word of it!

I name this here fork "Pittsburgh Nellie" a Welsh whore would could do things with her one good arm that would make you forget that *thing* on her neck.

With that being said I would have to say Clockwork Angels is my favorite song off of CA, but it changes often. I used to be indecisive but I'm not now. Or am I? I don't know...maybe.
#37 - Posted 2/23/14 @10:01PM by CraigJ [contact]

I like the trilogy of Clockwork Angels -> The Anarchist -> Carnies. If I was forced to pick a favorite song The Anarchist would edge out Clockwork Angels and The Garden. I really like the strings. It was different. But now they've been there and done that, and I don't expect them to do it again.

#33 All I have to say to you is your uncle molests collies.
#36 - Posted 2/23/14 @6:00PM by cagster [contact]

My favorite song on CA is Clockwork Angels just barely over The Anarchist and then Carnies. Least favorite is Seven Cities, which I feel they kind of blew it with, as it has some great parts and could have been near the top. I liked the CA set list more as well. I actually have Power Windows down on my list of favorite albums but Territories is my favorite there and wanted to see it live.
#35 - Posted 2/23/14 @5:20PM by cpb [contact]

See, whereas I'm committing Rush Treason by picking my least favorite song on CA as "Clockwork Angels" itself. I don't like lengthy songs just BECAUSE they're lengthy, I feel the tempo REALLY drags (especially in the choruses), the lyrics don't actually advance the story - they're just descriptive - and everything in that song just feels like it's happening in slow motion.

By contrast, I too have to vote for "The Anarchist" as my favorite song, though after seeing "Carnies" live, it became close!

Even though I mentioned I'm not as big a HYF fan earlier in this thread, I think I still enjoyed this tour's setlist more than the Time Machine Tour - but purely as a novelty. Power Windows is in my top 5 and it was great to hear and see so much of it done with extra power. But, as with the strings, I wouldn't want that EVERY tour!

I think what I'm saying, as usual, is "yeah I agree with most of you!"
#34 - Posted 2/23/14 @5:08PM by limelighter [contact]

anarchist==easily the best song on the album.
if i had to pick one that was my least favourite it would be halo effect cuz
it sounds a lot like working them angels, especially the guitar solo from alex.
the whole album is a 9-9.5 out of 10--close to moving pictures which is perfect. period.
#33 - Posted 2/23/14 @4:15PM by jupeguy [contact]

Same to you buddy!
#32 - Posted 2/23/14 @4:14PM by jiminseattle [contact]

CA does rock, the Wreckers is the only song on the album that is kinda weak to me at least. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Rush out!
#31 - Posted 2/23/14 @4:12PM by jupeguy [contact]

Jim, CA rocks! My least favorite songs would be Seven Cities of Gold and Wish Them Well. I still like them just not as much as the others, and for some reason I liked Wish Them Well more after I saw it performed live.
#30 - Posted 2/23/14 @2:39PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Although the album is so heavily laden with strings it would be interesting to hear the songs without. The Anarchist has lots of strings and sounds pretty killer.
#29 - Posted 2/23/14 @2:01PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Agreed Limelighter, the string ensemble was unique but I thought it really clouded a few songs.
#28 - Posted 2/23/14 @2:00PM by limelighter [contact]

i thought the time machine tour setlist was better than the clockwork angels setlist.
60% to 40% only because i didn't really prefer the string ensemble.
don't get me wrong, they were good, but rush should always be a 3 piece band.
wonder if the strings will be on the next tour. that is probably a 50-50 thing. flip a coin everybody.
#27 - Posted 2/23/14 @1:31PM by musicofthespheres [contact]

yeah, jim, the %s in Ed's poll probably reflect the tone of the thread somewhat accurately. the trick with contentious threads of course is always "to recognize the real thing" vs. "the drunken and the passionate cries". Love Set 1 of the CA Tour!
#26 - Posted 2/23/14 @1:04PM by jiminseattle [contact]

That Walmart thread just blew up. We are culturally, politically and epically (don't know if that is a word) divided.
#25 - Posted 2/23/14 @10:02AM by jupeguy [contact]

gunga galunga...gunga,gunga-lagunga.
#24 - Posted 2/23/14 @9:46AM by larryrushman [contact]

Canada ROCKS in every way!!!!!
#23 - Posted 2/23/14 @9:34AM by larryrushman [contact]

did anyone hear "Anthem" for 10 seconds or so played by the organ player in the gold medal hockey game? 3:20 left in the 3rd when I thought I heard it
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