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Posted on Wednesday, February 12, 2014 at 7:37AM

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#61 - Posted 2/15/14 @11:15AM by MGRushFan

Nod, were you trying to say something? When writing, it is actually preferable to refer to reality rather than some strange notion you have in your head. Then I could respond in a real way. Thanks in advance bro!
#60 - Posted 2/14/14 @5:53PM by nodrush [contact]

Not at all jealous MG, finally admit you aren't interested in Rush.... great, so piss off already, you'll never really understand this band anyway.
#59 - Posted 2/14/14 @1:10PM by clockworkingman [contact]

I'm not a huge fan of Neils writing, though it certainly doesn't make me cringe.

I actually enjoyed this edition of News Weather and Sports and don't really see anything wrong with some of the comments he's made. I think it's great that he's so unguarded in his blog and man, if I'm enjoying life at 61 the way he is, then I will consider my garden having been well tended! I really appreciate reading examples of people, not necessarily celebrities, who are still vibrant into their senior years. It's very inspiring. So Neil is a bit eccentric and what? He always has been.

Just my opinion, anyway.
#58 - Posted 2/14/14 @10:22AM by MGRushFan

Thanks for the kind words Random.
#57 - Posted 2/14/14 @12:01AM by random_sample [contact]

I do still enjoy some of his writing , though. And I do obviously still check it out (Facebook lets me know) when there's a new Neil News weather and sports update....but I'd have to say I enjoy his writing less and less.
#56 - Posted 2/13/14 @11:58PM by random_sample [contact]

#45- Never would have thought the day would come (if someone asked me, back in say pre-2000) , but I agree with you there. Obviously it's nice that Neil's spending time with his daughter and that's very special- but --ahh ,nevermind. Will just reference MG again, and say "Private Peart" was preferable to "Public Peart".
#55 - Posted 2/13/14 @11:50PM by random_sample [contact]

#24- You don't speak for "all of us". I happen to agree ,pretty often with MG's comments. Probably not 100% of the time, but quite a bit. Grow up, buddy.
#54 - Posted 2/13/14 @10:54PM by CraigJ [contact]

can't be as bad as Rivertucky
#53 - Posted 2/13/14 @6:58PM by 4syrinx [contact]

Born in Oxnard, and as many places it has gone to shit thanks to the gangs, however Oxnard Shores where I live now works for me. Beach is right off the patio. It may not be as fancy as Huntington, Newport, Manhattan, but if you like the ocean nothing wrong with it.

#52 - Posted 2/13/14 @2:49PM by bmccollum [contact]

Those of you discussing where Neil lives... he continues to reside in Santa Monica as one or two of you have posted. I was in front of his house on 06/15/2012 for about 3 minutes, had my wife take a pic. of me as I stood in front of the house (on the public sidewalk), and we went on our way. I've been a fan of Rush since about 1990 and have been to more of their shows that I can remember over the years. We were in California on vacation and I absolutely had to make a stop in front of his house to mark that off my "bucket list". And no, I've never released his home address to anyone nor will I release it to anyone here. Latah.
#51 - Posted 2/13/14 @2:06PM by CraigJ [contact]

If you live in Oxnard... You might be a redneck. Here's your sign.
#50 - Posted 2/13/14 @12:06PM by jiminseattle [contact]

50. This has been fun but not as much as the Walmart segment. Stir it up folks!
#49 - Posted 2/13/14 @11:43AM by CraigJ [contact]

I wouldn't live in Oxnard...
#48 - Posted 2/13/14 @11:01AM by musicofthespheres [contact]

he likes driving up the pch to dw, but there's no way in h--- he lives in oxnard.
#47 - Posted 2/13/14 @10:31AM by CraigJ [contact]

"He's a guy who pursues excellence in everything in his life."

Mostly. If that were true he'd upgrade his bike to a BMW S1000RR HP4

#46 - Posted 2/13/14 @9:56AM by omegabrain [contact]

I really enjoyed his update.

It's amazing he shares what he does. We should appreciate--and even be inspired by--it.

As far as being smug or stereotypical or anything else, I don't see it all.

Remember, he's a high school dropout who's at the pinnacle. He's a guy who pursues excellence in everything in his life.
#45 - Posted 2/13/14 @9:09AM by Denny Crane [contact]

Things have a weird way of unfolding...

I always wanted to know more about them, what they do, what they believe, what their opinions are, etc...

Now that we know (in the case of Neil, EVERYTHING) I think I liked it better in the old days when all we got was a small article towards the back of some Circus Magazine. Remember those old days???

Funny how Neil so badly yearns for the private life and how everyone calls him so "mysterious and secret" yet we know more about him than the other two fellas combined and multiplied x 10.

Neil, here's the thing about being cool... if you have to tell people you're cool, you're not. You are certainly entitled to your own opinions and viewpoints, you just don't have to be so smug about it.

#44 - Posted 2/13/14 @9:08AM by Runkerry

Actually I haven't read the whole update but I think his piece on writing lyrics with his daughter is great; the warmer side of NEP. And now that he is writing lyrics again........!
#43 - Posted 2/13/14 @9:01AM by Runkerry

Far out Geddimus. No sitting on the fence with that view. LOL!
#42 - Posted 2/13/14 @8:55AM by Geddimus Prime

Neil Peart sadly confirms once again he is a pompous, arrogant, pedantic prig.
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