New Walmart commercial features Rush's Working Man

Posted on Sunday, February 9, 2014 at 10:34AM

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#172 - Posted 2/21/14 @8:57PM by What-A-Rush

#6, great comment Donna. I couldn't agree more. Great comments everybody PRO AND CON! Dialogue is what it's all about when all is said and done. Thanks RIAB!
#171 - Posted 2/18/14 @6:56PM by Nomadog [contact]

I am disappointed to hear a Rush tune used in a commercial that promotes Walmart. Honestly, I have not been able to listen to Rush since I've experienced this commercial. So sad, so disappointed. The image I held of Rush was one of integrity. This has challenged that. It would please me to learn of a reasonable explanation for this usage of "Working Man" in a Walmart commercial. My imagination cannot come up with one. With all due respect.
#170 - Posted 2/17/14 @11:40AM by WerkinMan [contact]

Respect... So hard to earn... So easily burned.
Art as expression, not as market campaigns.

Just hoping Mercury records did this, and not the members of RUSH.
#169 - Posted 2/16/14 @11:43PM by AlanCB1971 [contact]

I am seeing a number of comments from individuals seemingly unaware of the caustic scourge which is WalMart. I would sooner accept our favorite trio licensing China, or Pakistan, or maybe even the Tea Party before WalMart. Yes, it is indeed a biz and yes, they are legally allowed to do whatever is legal to further their bottom line. "Legal" leaves a lot of room for things like 'immoral' 'dishonest', 'homophobic', 'anti-free-speech'..... I will not be burning my collection of Rush music or memorabilia, I just am surprised that whatever monetary boost was realized from this agreement was substantial enough to make people as liberal and logical as Peart/Lee/Lifeson lean toward the ugly, ultra-conservative, bigoted, homophobic conglomerate of Wally World as a 'supporter'. Still a huge, life-long fan, but (just like with one's kids) I can be concurrently supportive, while deeply disappointed. C'mon boys!!!
#168 - Posted 2/13/14 @12:11PM by omegabrain [contact]

I'm not sure why there's such dissent.

Wal-Mart is a business that happens to be very successful. Good for them. Workers are never forced to work there.

There is no such thing as a level playing field.

This is business.

The song fits and complements the ad.

Get over it.
#167 - Posted 2/11/14 @9:33PM by geddybugz [contact]

It is weird, and very ironical, that after watching the spot I don't entirely hate it -- even despite the fact that I absolutely despise Walmart, I guess the whole point of it is this "initiative" for bettering their workers (or at least the workers who manufacture their products). But you can tell whoever made put some thought into it, hitting parts of the song with interesting bits of action. I feel oddly betwixt about this.

Is that the *real* Donna Halper on the first page of comments, btw? If so, interesting to see her take on this...
#166 - Posted 2/11/14 @9:05PM by CraigJ [contact]

Maybe he works in Belleville?
#165 - Posted 2/11/14 @5:35PM by RushInHawaii [contact]

Random thought: I've long wondered why it takes Geddy 2 hours to get ready for work. He wakes up at 7:00 and goes to work at 9:00. I'm out the door in the morning in less than an hour. Maybe it takes longer to wash his hair?
#164 - Posted 2/11/14 @4:23PM by jupeguy [contact]

#163 - Posted 2/11/14 @4:21PM by Homey M Holmes

Hey, is this the version of "Fly By Night" they used in that VW commercial?


#162 - Posted 2/11/14 @4:04PM by e2 [contact]

Commercial just aired, but with different music (not Rush). My guess: Walmart never got the clearance to use the band's music.
#161 - Posted 2/11/14 @2:12PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Well that is worthy of a debate Craig in this day and age in this country.
#160 - Posted 2/11/14 @1:26PM by CraigJ [contact]

you can't get something for nothing...
#159 - Posted 2/11/14 @11:08AM by simon r

No 97 mentioned Genesis selling out-selling England by the pound!
Art for Art`s sake-10 cc now 1 cc!!Good thread this.lets get some YES fans on here-just got ticket for May in UK-be interesting to see what the new singer is like.
#158 - Posted 2/11/14 @9:32AM by ptaylor2112 [contact]

"Art as expression
Not as WAL-MART campaigns
Will still capture our imaginations"

Ironic, as Rush omitted this line from Natural Science during the Test for Echo tour.
#157 - Posted 2/11/14 @8:45AM by limelighter [contact]

sometimes i laugh at the united states of america and the state they are in. sometimes i cry as well. go canada go!!
#156 - Posted 2/11/14 @8:20AM by LanceTheShred [contact]

#153-Denny! You had to throw good ole "Mr. Sam" in there didn't ya?? LMAO
#155 - Posted 2/11/14 @8:19AM by Denny Crane [contact]

It's early and I'm pretending to work from home today. Going to start out with some Jeff Buckley and by lunch time I'll be ready for the Boys.

We need a contest... the first person to photograph something in Wal-Mart that costs exactly $21.12 wins.

I don't know what you win, but you win. Perhaps the Rat Pellets cost $21.12 - how ironic would that be?

#154 - Posted 2/11/14 @8:14AM by Denny Crane [contact]


How can I keep forgetting my name??

#153 - Posted 2/11/14 @8:13AM by Denny Crane [contact]

"Art as expression
Not as WAL-MART campaigns
Will still capture our imaginations"

"Fools and thieves are well disguised
In the temple and WAL-MART place"

All is for the best
Believe in what we're told
Blind men in the WAL-MARTS
Buying what we're sold
Believe in what we're told
Until our final breath
While our loving SAM WALTON
Loves us all to death"

Lance, the local Wal-Mart here has replaced their little yellow smiley face stickers with the StarMan emblem. The customers don't even seem to know the difference.
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