Alex Lifeson guest appearance on John Wesley album Disconnect

Posted on Thursday, February 6, 2014 at 1:15PM

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#6 - Posted 2/9/14 @6:42PM by jaeger [contact]

Waiting until March 31? Torture...
#5 - Posted 2/7/14 @9:43AM by paul [contact]

I wish Alex would lay down a "mind-blowing" solo on a Rush album.
#4 - Posted 2/7/14 @5:58AM by Runkerry

Lance, I am jealous! Marco Minnemann is also a great talent. I doubt you'll get to hear anything new from PT for a while, if ever though. I reckon Steven Wilson is doing so well in his solo career, he is likely to call it a day on PT permanently. Really enjoying his solo work, especially The Raven.....
#3 - Posted 2/6/14 @5:20PM by LanceTheShred [contact]

Agreed Runkerry! Man I hope PT comes out with something in the next few years. Last time I saw John was in Baltimore when he played with SW at the beginning of his tour. Had a chance to talk to him and Marco Minnemann after the concert and bought them both a nice chilly Yuengling. Can't wait to hear this album!
#2 - Posted 2/6/14 @4:58PM by Runkerry

John Wesley is a fine guitarist. Always thought he was such an integral part of the Porcupine Tree sound. Look forward to hearing Lerxst 's solo on His new album. It was Lerxst's solo on PT's Anaesthetise that got me into the band.
#1 - Posted 2/6/14 @1:47PM by ghead [contact]

Saw John several years ago in Chicago when he was opening for Marillion. Was just him and his guitar on stage, really great stuff. Did a cover of Pink Floyd's "Run Like Hell" that was just amazing.
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