Alex Lifeson featured in Guitar Techniques magazine

Posted on Wednesday, January 29, 2014 at 10:29AM

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#19 - Posted 1/29/14 @10:40PM by jupeguy [contact]

This is one off topic thread!LOL
#18 - Posted 1/29/14 @10:18PM by Sunriseinthemirror

To #17 - Limelight
You want to seize him.
#17 - Posted 1/29/14 @7:44PM by limelighter [contact]

no black quarterback has won the super bowl since 1987 (doug Williams)
I have come to think that the trend will continue.
I have already put lots of $$$$$$ on Denver since the line came out.
I love rush forever and the day.
#16 - Posted 1/29/14 @6:40PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Hi KJ. You are hurting my feelings. :>) Nah, I know there are lots of Bronco fans out there and if we weren't playing them I would be rooting as well.
#15 - Posted 1/29/14 @6:26PM by kjbird [contact]

Hi Jim!!!!!
#14 - Posted 1/29/14 @6:25PM by kjbird [contact]

#11--yeah, cool site, eh? It's like Rush Facebook without the faces--love how you can just post your opinions! LOL !!! Manning, Manning.....oh, and of course, Ruuussshhh Onnn!
#13 - Posted 1/29/14 @5:37PM by jiminseattle [contact]

I still contend that Clockwork followed by the Anarchist and Carnies are three blow your mind tunes in a row. I would put them up against anything other than maybe Zep 2.
#12 - Posted 1/29/14 @5:11PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Thanks Jupe. It is a game of field position, time of possession and turnovers. Whoever wins those battles wins the game. Go Rush, listening and watching the DVD right now. I can't stop thinking huge!
#11 - Posted 1/29/14 @3:35PM by jupeguy [contact]

#8- hey welcome aboard newbie! Nice to see new faces on the blog.
I'm with Jim. Go Seahawks!!
#10 - Posted 1/29/14 @3:35PM by CraigJ [contact]

Oh. It must be Super Bowl. I was born without the sports gene. I like Super Bowl because it means that the things I like to do are less crowded...
#9 - Posted 1/29/14 @3:31PM by jiminseattle [contact]

KJ, ouch!!!
#8 - Posted 1/29/14 @3:04PM by kjbird [contact]

Swoooooooooossssssshhhhhhhh - - - - Go Broncos!!
#7 - Posted 1/29/14 @1:58PM by Alexfan [contact]

Perhaps it meant to read "someday".
#6 - Posted 1/29/14 @1:29PM by jupeguy [contact]

What do you mean by "Sunday"?
#5 - Posted 1/29/14 @12:23PM by CraigJ [contact]

What happens Sunday?
#4 - Posted 1/29/14 @11:55AM by jiminseattle [contact]

Right on Simon, go Hawks! Just want to see a good competitive game.
#3 - Posted 1/29/14 @11:38AM by zybraman [contact]

#2 - Posted 1/29/14 @11:29AM by jaeger [contact]

Just saw Charlie Countryman [the movie] yesterday. The ambulance driver looks like a young Alex with a short haircut. Perhaps the Omega Concern {for the ??? on the OC see link ] has a fountain of youth in development?
#1 - Posted 1/29/14 @11:17AM by simon r

First-way to go Alex-lets hope those Seakhawks triumph Sunday
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