Rush reference in Marvel Comics Deadpool #22

Posted on Monday, January 20, 2014 at 10:49AM

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#12 - Posted 1/22/14 @2:41PM by rg1 [contact]

I saw the tour in Miami about a month in, and Candlebox came out on stage and apologized saying I know you are all here to see RUSH, so please bear with us for a few songs. FWIW, they sounded really good and rocked out. I remember being pleasantly surprised...too bad they didn't do much after that, that was memorable..
#11 - Posted 1/22/14 @12:31PM by Will Collier [contact]

Opening show of the Counterparts Tour was today (Jan. 22), twenty years ago, in Pensacola.

Sad to say, the show had a lot of glitches. Sound quality was notably bad, which was really odd considering they'd had a week of rehearsals in the hall to get it right (and Rush had played Pensacola many times before when that wasn't the case). The back-of-stage video for "Double Agent" wasn't synced with the recording/sequencer for the spoken-word verses. And the opening act (Candlebox) were completely shellshocked, I believe that was their first show outside of the bar circuit. A sellout arena (where not one person was there to see them) obviously freaked that band out.

But hey, it still rocked, and I got to say hello to Ged and Al for the first time before the show...
#10 - Posted 1/21/14 @5:13PM by joerock213 [contact]

I can relate to those who mark events in their life with Rush albums/tours. The period between 1998-2002 was a somewhat dark time in my life although not as bad as what Neil was going through, however I had just graduated high school and had no direction. It looked like my favorite band in the world that I so identitied with would never play again. Right about 2002 I got my act together and got into a good university. It happened to coincide with the return of Rush, so I've always felt a kind of connection with them in this sense. Like I had returned to life.
#9 - Posted 1/21/14 @2:47PM by Denny Crane [contact]

In Nov 1989 was in the first year of my military career. I was stationed in Okinawa, Japan and was just getting off duty and pulling into my dorm barracks. A new song was just starting to play on AFN Radio as I was turning off the engine. I swear to sweet baby Jesus in heaven within a few seconds I absolutely knew it was a brand new RUSH song. It was "Show Don't Tell"

That was 25 years ago. I remember it vividly.

P.S. I saw Earth, Wind, and Fire while there on a USO Tour. What a fantastic concert. I had no clue.
#8 - Posted 1/21/14 @2:15PM by Alexfan [contact]

Not pathetic. I remember exactly where I was when I heard the first song from every album released since Grace Under Pressure.

Big Money - I know that McDonald's still served their McDLT burgers in 1985 because I was in a friend's car in the McDonald's drive thru ordering one when it came on the radio. I knew instantly it was new Rush. I was in high school at the time.

Even better memory - making out with my girlfriend in my bedroom while Mystic Rhythms played on my cassette player.
They packaged McDLT in a double kind of box - hot stays hot - cold stays cold.

I've been lucky. I usually found women in my life who would put up with my Rush obsession - except for my first wife - no wonder that didn't work out....LOL.
#7 - Posted 1/21/14 @1:00PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

I use some really vague Rush references as passwords, nothing as predictable as 2112 etc. I do keep track of past timelines corresponding with Rush events/releases.For example a couple of weeks ago I was talking to a customer about a job we had done and she said "I think you guys did this job around '99 or 2000" so I thought back and said "no, it was longer than that, I remember I had just bought Rush Test for Echo and we were listening to it on this jobsite, so it was the fall of '96 when we did your job." Pathetic huh?
#6 - Posted 1/21/14 @10:53AM by LovinDaRush [contact]

Guilty! I have developed my own Rush password system...some would call me "Loser." ;)
#5 - Posted 1/21/14 @10:36AM by joerock213 [contact]

Ok everybody, how many of us use 2112 as our pin number and other Rush lyrics for passwords?
#4 - Posted 1/20/14 @3:26PM by 21racecar12 [contact]

Very funny Marvel!

*quickly changes bank password*
#3 - Posted 1/20/14 @2:22PM by Fear [contact]

'Think Gorman, What is this nerd's password?'

#2 - Posted 1/20/14 @2:20PM by CraigJ [contact]

Favorite references are still Kreiger's creepy van from Archer, and his reference to YYZ.
#1 - Posted 1/20/14 @11:18AM by zybraman [contact]

Love em!
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