Rush drumheads now available at the Rush Backstage Club

Posted on Thursday, January 9, 2014 at 10:42AM

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#11 - Posted 1/13/14 @8:10PM by lisah [contact]

I think these are great. I bought a set for collectors items.Might even mount them on a board and frame them to go in my Rush collection room. Would look great next to my framed concert photos from the CA tour. I can't wait until the graphic novel comes out.Finding plenty of Rush stuff to buy during the"off" seasons.
#10 - Posted 1/13/14 @8:03PM by lisah [contact]

#1 Driven, I think shred puts "rocket sauce"in everything.You know how those rats are! Always working hard for every last pellet! Rush is worth every "crumbley morsel" my friend! Rush On!
#9 - Posted 1/10/14 @2:02PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

I just did a search on youtube and found rather quickly 3 different guys doing Neil Peart covers wearing the african hats. Look out mg's on the warpath!Too funny.
#8 - Posted 1/10/14 @11:48AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

MG- Ya I don't think the african hat style is for me! If you youtube these guys who post video's of themselves drumming along to Rush there is a guy who has the kit set-up like Neil's AND the african hat. If I find it I'll link it because I know you would just LOVE to see that. lol
#7 - Posted 1/10/14 @9:10AM by MGRushFan

#5, wow man. you must really be passionate there. For the record, I have never once said Moving Pics was the best and they never did anything else. Quite the opposite in fact. Go back to not reading my posts. I think your heart will get the rest it needs if you do that.

#6. Ok, buy the heads. But the minute I see a damn African cap on anyone's head, that's it, war is declared.
#6 - Posted 1/10/14 @8:34AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

#2 Mr.MG As I am in need of a new snare head when i saw the CA drumhead I thought "wow that looks pretty cool, maybe I'll order one." Why shouldn't I? It's my choice. There are 2 people who see my drumkit, myself,and my youngest son who also plays the kit.In our music room there are also various Rush posters and Neil Peart posters. Does this make you laugh?Am I a pathetic nerd for doing this? Do I have my kit set up exactly like Neil? No I don't, but I know that there are some folks out there who do. Is Astrotama a pathetic nerd for emulating Pearts kit? No he's not. It's no different than many golfers switching over to Nike because Tiger switched, or teenagers who buy a certain shoe because LeBron wears them. Neil Peart as a drummer was/is someone who I wanted to be able to play like since the first time I heard him when i was 14. That was 33 years ago and Neil being 60 now I still believe he is an awesome drummer, and I look up to him as a drummer who is waaaay better than me the same way that 14 year old me did so long ago. If you want to beg your fellow North Americans NOT to purchase something ask them not to buy Chinese/Foreign anymore. Buy American/Canadian whenever you can, get jobs back HERE, and get the economy going again!
#5 - Posted 1/10/14 @2:30AM by rush is best f... the rest [contact]

You call yourself a fan but you can't say anything good about them and you resent the fans. Most of the time I do skip over your posts because I already know what it's going to say- RUSH got it right once with Moving Pictures but otherwise negative comments about the band and how great you are. You're just looking for attention and I fell for it. I'm sure you will continue to pore all your attention into this blog instead of starting one of your own where all the narcissists like you can gather and talk about how RUSH should do it your way. Your right about taking all this so seriously but I tend to get a little protective of the band and don't understand why someone would put time into a band that they criticize 90% of the time. I know a lot of people who talk plenty about how they respect RUSH but it's just not there band and they would not even bother to make an effort to go out to fan blogs and tell everybody how they feel when they could be enjoying whatever music they are in to instead. Un American and anti-RUSH, that's pretty harsh man, must have hurt your feelings with the stay off this one comment. I apologize for that one but if RUSH makes you so unhappy why do follow them?
#4 - Posted 1/9/14 @5:04PM by MGRushFan

@#3. Why would I do that? I love Rush. It's the fans I sometimes enjoy laughing at, which includes myself at times as well. Lighten up man, life's too short to take all this so seriously. You don't like my posts? Skip them. I would never tell someone to leave a forum because I don't agree with their posts. Very unamerican, as well as anti-rush.
#3 - Posted 1/9/14 @4:07PM by rush is best f... the rest [contact]

#2 Did you ever stop to think that these are collector items, things people like to collect cause there fans of the band. You should go make your own blog and stay off this one. You could call it "rush is a band I hate". All you do is spill negative comments on here to get attention.
#2 - Posted 1/9/14 @3:39PM by MGRushFan

Before anybody buys these, i would like to beg that you don't. Nothing is more lame than grown men behind their drumkits sporting specialty drumheads like this. The only thing that i can think is worse is grown men setting up their drums exactly like Peart does, as if his body mechanics and placements will actually work for them. Stop the insanity!! Grown men do not need toys like this.
#1 - Posted 1/9/14 @11:24AM by mrdriven [contact]

FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i guess Shred is too busy sipping Rush wine...

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