12 Days of RUSH: Daily Prizes Through December 24th!

Posted on Thursday, December 12, 2013 at 6:25PM

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#22 - Posted 12/13/13 @3:02PM by Agent Rush [contact]

What #15 said......thanks
#21 - Posted 12/13/13 @1:51PM by kjbird [contact]

21 apologies (i had to, i'm not that mean of a person - seriously) Rush on all - ditto Mr. Shred. Take a chill, down a drink, get laid, whatever the heck you have to do. Peace!!
#20 - Posted 12/13/13 @1:50PM by kjbird [contact]

20 men getting bitch slapped!!! DOH!!!! (did i just say that?)
#19 - Posted 12/13/13 @11:33AM by jiminseattle [contact]

Nineteen Rush Chicks dancing.
#18 - Posted 12/13/13 @10:37AM by CraigJ [contact]

Someone hasen't read Neils writings on the subject very closely. link
#17 - Posted 12/13/13 @9:43AM by Alexfan [contact]

Well said Jupe. I'm not religious, but seeing people waging wars over religion angers me. I don't go to church, but I try my best to do good, and right. I celebrate Christmas because it is a time for giving, and a time for family and loved ones to spend time together. Doesn't make me a hypocrite.

I love to have fun at Halloween too, doesn't make me evil.

Haters are gonna hate. Lovers are gonna love. Rockers are gonna rock.

Go Rush. I think it's great that they do things like this for the holidays.
#16 - Posted 12/13/13 @9:17AM by joerock213 [contact]

Back in 1995 during the Test For Echo tour there was video taken of the show that would become the different stages CD. Where is that video now? Who knows about it, and when did they know it? This is what we want for Christmas not bobbleheads and strange talismans carved on fear forgotten through our septic tank thoughts. 2112 in it's entirety!!!!!!!
#15 - Posted 12/13/13 @9:02AM by LanceTheShred [contact]

Jupe! All is well man and quite busy. I share the same sentiments many have displayed on this fine site. A lot is lost in the sound production indeed. Spending a little time making the proper adjustments on your system will surely help but there is the obvious drowning of percussion and some overpowering instrumentals that could have been thought out way better.

With that being said, the overall package is still killer and this tour was one of my all time favorites. What really pisses me off is the negativity towards so many things this band does, believes in or produces. I am POSITIVE that the majority of the fan base doesn't feel the way that some of these lovely posters feel. The band isn't going back to the Broon days and they'll do what they want and how they want to as always. Period. I'll personally take every freakin pellet I can get and celebrate it with the some of the greatest people, friends, Carnies and gypsy queens I have ever been associated with these past 5 years.

Take it all in now because sooner or later you'll have nothing to bitch about except for the fact that these geniuses have decided to retire. Most of us will have 40 years of sweet memories while others will still be constipated with the "if only they had done this" bullshit.

#14 - Posted 12/13/13 @7:02AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

scipling!!LOL. hey where you been hiding Lance? What are your thoughts on the CA blue ray/DVD's?
#13 - Posted 12/13/13 @7:01AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

#10- hey before we organize a "witch hunt" to have Neil burned at the stake about this lets look at it from another angle. At this point I'm pretty sure Ray and the marketing team wouldn't bother Neil over decisions to put out stuff like this, he probably doesn't care, (I mean they convinced Neil to dress up like a gnome for Christ's sake, so obviously he DOESN'T care at this point.) Seems to me that it says they are giving these sets away also. Geddy has said he isn't religious also so why center out Neil here. "Vehemently despises" is over the top imho.
#12 - Posted 12/13/13 @6:53AM by LanceTheShred [contact]

#4 That would have been clutch chuteski.

Twelve disciples scipling!!!!

Oh well not a word but...it is what it is - and whatever.

#11 - Posted 12/12/13 @11:51PM by chuteski [contact]

I think the Maids a milkin' should be in there.
Perhaps they could be inducted by the Swans a layin'.
The Drummers drumming are in already.
#10 - Posted 12/12/13 @11:48PM by Geddimus Prime

Ok, here we go again. Elephant in the room time here at RIAB. Mr. "Shove your silly religion up your arse" Peart is apparently willing to capitalize off the very time of year inspired by the religion he so vehemently despises? The utter hypocrisy here is simply in-your-face preposterous.
#9 - Posted 12/12/13 @11:20PM by Enigmaticus [contact]

Sorry to change the subject.

I think that the best gift that I could possibly receive this year, would be the inductions of Yes, Deep Purple and Peter Gabriel into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. Of course, this is but the tip of the iceberg.

Progressive and/or art rock bands who had influenced the "holy triumvirate", who are currently in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame:


Those who might be inducted in 2014:


Those prog and/ or art rock artists who have yet to be inducted:


Have I forgotten anyone?

In my honest opinion, if you had influenced, arguably progressive rock's greatest band, then you should be enshrined within the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.
#8 - Posted 12/12/13 @10:01PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Eight geese a laying? Shoot I don't know.
#7 - Posted 12/12/13 @9:27PM by CraigJ [contact]

And a beer.
#6 - Posted 12/12/13 @9:23PM by chuteski [contact]

Back bacon anyone?
#5 - Posted 12/12/13 @9:20PM by chuteski [contact]

D'oh, four packs of smokes
#4 - Posted 12/12/13 @9:18PM by chuteski [contact]

This is actually a thread where the "first, second, third" thing would have been clever. O.K here goes.

Five golden toques!
#3 - Posted 12/12/13 @8:11PM by CheeseCorn [contact]

I've wanted those bobble heads ever since Darn That Dragon! Cross your fingers for me!
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